Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  1. Brian Ring

    Brian Ring

    Prije 25 dana

    The stereotyped wax aesthetically interrupt because crime suddenly return between a dashing cousin. two, equable nerve

  2. Arembo Tate

    Arembo Tate

    Prije mjesec

    In every Mavs game, i enjoy seeing the opponent bench especially their coaching staff react to every well executed Doncic play. Nice sideshow. Sorry, yes candid. Ha ha ha.

  3. JiveAt5


    Prije mjesec

    Luka running circles around these so called NBA "superstars" 💯 😂😂

  4. Khamadi


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    8:52 One of the best blocks i've ever seen.

  5. Εντούστιτς


    Prije mjesec

    Luka is already a top 5 player! Imagine if he is about to work a lil bit more out on his body! MVP!

  6. Jennifer Cornett

    Jennifer Cornett

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  7. Casey Jones

    Casey Jones

    Prije mjesec


  8. Juhan Voolaid

    Juhan Voolaid

    Prije mjesec

    Fantastic game! Russ was taking it very seriously. What a duel Russ vs Luka. Raw power and speed vs brains and size. None can stop each other XD. WIZ comeback was huge.

  9. bigmazou


    Prije mjesec

    0:56 ok that was a no-look alley oop pass.

  10. Ni Ño

    Ni Ño

    Prije mjesec

    halimaw ka Luka

  11. Ticls


    Prije mjesec

    Beal is the most un-clutch star in the league.

  12. Cian Gallagher

    Cian Gallagher

    Prije mjesec

    The Mavs are actually terrible

  13. jgsk78


    Prije mjesec

    Wizards 19 assists, Luka 20. How?!

  14. Mary Huen_Fx

    Mary Huen_Fx

    Prije mjesec

    Trading has been a lot more easier invested $1000 and got a return of $10,500 in 5 days his transparency and accountability has always been the best Mr Winston Churchill

  15. Stephortless


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    Luka already surpassed Jordan in terms of greatness

  16. Andrew Mendoza

    Andrew Mendoza

    Prije mjesec

    Bruh beal is the opposite of clutch

  17. cesar pires

    cesar pires

    Prije mjesec

    Russ was balling 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Stixinator1


    Prije mjesec

    20 assists

  19. don kingoftheworld

    don kingoftheworld

    Prije mjesec

    Westbrook is the messiah Beal is the disciple go wizards

  20. Iloveeducation Canada

    Iloveeducation Canada

    Prije mjesec

    WB 42 ppt, should take the last shot as Beal just almost turned over.

  21. Eilmier Umbiens Vlog

    Eilmier Umbiens Vlog

    Prije mjesec

    wowow gogogo utah jazz

  22. Paap Narf ZK

    Paap Narf ZK

    Prije mjesec

    lol doncic 31p on 20as on 12rb...

  23. menace last

    menace last

    Prije mjesec

    Good game by both teams.

  24. Riccardo Martini

    Riccardo Martini

    Prije mjesec

    Luka made more assist than all washington

  25. Lior


    Prije mjesec

    Everybody is attacking Luka

  26. DwadeFL4SHMV3


    Prije mjesec

    Westbrook is insane bro

  27. Mondo Shredder

    Mondo Shredder

    Prije mjesec

    A genuine thriller.

  28. Hanif Choudhury

    Hanif Choudhury

    Prije mjesec

    Can't state enough how much better Luka has become in the clutch simply by adding a deadly mid-range game to his arsenal this season. These are the games we would struggle to score late in last year.

  29. PG trojka

    PG trojka

    Prije mjesec

    Without KP vs 2 stars Mavs win, and Westbrook played great too.

  30. NTUST Chao

    NTUST Chao

    Prije mjesec

    LuKa mAke iT peRfect !! 5 ast in first 5 min OMG~~~~

  31. Lee Sin Zueiro

    Lee Sin Zueiro

    Prije mjesec

    Whyyy neto why u dont shot the last ball

  32. Kevin Edward

    Kevin Edward

    Prije mjesec

    the way russ was playing, he deserved that last shot



    Prije mjesec

    Bradly beal so selfish bruh

  34. 之后夏天


    Prije mjesec

    The three team trade , washington won it . Gafford really a good talent to groom ... Hopefully he can be starter next season

  35. Jake Artese

    Jake Artese

    Prije mjesec

    Luka leading all the stats but blocking in this game he’s just built different I tell ya

  36. Lions Light777

    Lions Light777

    Prije mjesec

    Good Game.

  37. dany de la cruz

    dany de la cruz

    Prije mjesec

    Luka mvp ...good!!!

  38. Zoe Harried

    Zoe Harried

    Prije mjesec

    Luka On Another Level Right Now

  39. David Ogundepo

    David Ogundepo

    Prije mjesec

    West sometimes needs to let Beal know.....10:19 haha

  40. Mc Kylle Melendez

    Mc Kylle Melendez

    Prije mjesec

    Luka just over assisted all the Wizards 20-19. Insane. Talk about the modern age prime Larry Bird

  41. Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue

    Prije mjesec

    20 assists ok

  42. Kay Fizzle

    Kay Fizzle

    Prije mjesec

    Bro all we needed was a 2 to win we had 3 seconds left that wasn’t a good 3 with a wide open Russ who could pull up from mid range

  43. Eddynamite


    Prije mjesec

    Dude...what a game! Russ was one assist away from a triple double. I love watching this man play! Luka ended with 20 assists! Let's hope the team keeps hitting the clean looks Luka give'em.

  44. Jerry Kwok

    Jerry Kwok

    Prije mjesec

    finney smith jr is a beast! luka need to learn from him!

  45. Dicky Frans

    Dicky Frans

    Prije mjesec

    Westbrook really change so much

  46. Jader Piura

    Jader Piura

    Prije mjesec

    Wizards won’t play any defense, they don’t even challenge them shots

  47. Lalnun112 Puia

    Lalnun112 Puia

    Prije mjesec

    go home westbrook you are drunk

  48. Harshey Bulala

    Harshey Bulala

    Prije mjesec

    Luka you should improve your free throw shooting. This should be a blowout game.

  49. Igor Barsowski

    Igor Barsowski

    Prije mjesec

    Wow. Wizards lost but still is Amazing game. During playing the game, seeing the passion and that is what it is about basketball. Wizards team is good. I ❤ this game.

  50. SNOW - CODM YT


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    The commentary⚡

  51. Gregory Emeagwara

    Gregory Emeagwara

    Prije mjesec

    Wizards vs Nets I want to see in first round. Wes vs Durant. Can KD actually win against his hometown team? I'm sure he can. Not looking good for Wizards though. 💯

  52. CiCLoDoL


    Prije mjesec

    How good is Josh Richardson's use of Chinese? He might need it soon.



    Prije mjesec

    If you could pick Luka or Russ who would you add to your team?

    • Il Rosso

      Il Rosso

      Prije mjesec

      Is it a real question?

  54. Sibuza Mapate

    Sibuza Mapate

    Prije mjesec

    What a Game!! That's why we watch. Wizards are playing like a complete team now. Just some minor lapses on D. Any team playing this Wizards teams in the Playoffs gotta watch out. My man RUSS what a game, carried his team. Man is a Monster!!

  55. Maraden Siregar

    Maraden Siregar

    Prije mjesec

    Luka is ridiculous. Damn!

  56. Gab Fernando

    Gab Fernando

    Prije mjesec

    just another day at the office by Luca

  57. SaKuL


    Prije mjesec

    Kleber out there sniping from 3pt land

  58. samuel ifeanyi

    samuel ifeanyi

    Prije mjesec

    I wanna see the wizards in the playoffs

  59. Pamplona Pamplona

    Pamplona Pamplona

    Prije mjesec

    Know KP, Know Problem

    • H2 D2

      H2 D2

      Prije mjesec

      Knee Problem-KP

  60. Buddha Boy

    Buddha Boy

    Prije mjesec

    Great game.

  61. Thomass Ryann

    Thomass Ryann

    Prije mjesec

    Give Russell that shot he had 42..smh

  62. Gerald Sadya

    Gerald Sadya

    Prije mjesec

    7:08 mean

  63. Ricardo Nefasto

    Ricardo Nefasto

    Prije mjesec

    Westbrook took Wizards to a whole another level, they are giving a hard time for every team in the league

    • D M

      D M

      Prije mjesec

      Don't sleep on Gafford he's a beast too

  64. Nekys Acherontios

    Nekys Acherontios

    Prije mjesec

    is that 31-12-20? talk about big numbers

  65. ahlan


    Prije mjesec

    1:35 traveling

  66. madmax7304


    Prije mjesec

    6:40 double dribble?

  67. Bayern Boys

    Bayern Boys

    Prije mjesec

    Magic Luka!🔝👊👍💪💪💪

  68. Maza


    Prije mjesec

    Stats Padding Westbrook :)

  69. Badaruddin Ansharie

    Badaruddin Ansharie

    Prije mjesec

    Thts so fking good game btw.. Keep make my eyes on phone until the end 😅

  70. Just a random dude

    Just a random dude

    Prije mjesec

    I swear the Clippers are chasing us 😂, regardless of our position in the standings, they are always the ones we meet 🤦🏻‍♂️.

  71. Dead Giveaway

    Dead Giveaway

    Prije mjesec

    31 pts 12 rebounds 20 assists against a team in form.. Without another superstar. Luka is the best player in the NBA right now

  72. Νικολας Αδαμοπουλος

    Νικολας Αδαμοπουλος

    Prije mjesec

    Wizards have a HORIBBLE defense...my gawd

  73. mr lotto

    mr lotto

    Prije mjesec

    31 pts, 12 rebs and 20 asts....tf

  74. Dkouts57


    Prije mjesec

    Anything is an assist these days

    • H2 D2

      H2 D2

      Prije mjesec

      Then how come nobody else can make 20 assists? If someone can make even 10 it is considered great.

  75. Aaron Gui

    Aaron Gui

    Prije mjesec

    Luka Magic last rebound is simply brilliant

  76. Lance Redpath

    Lance Redpath

    Prije mjesec

    Westbrook is an incredible athlete however from 0.15 to 0.40 Luka manoeuvred so that Westbrook was completely behind him. When Westbrook attacked Luka, Luka stayed in front. Makes you admire the Lebrons and Jordans who can use athleticism to get by but can also outmanoeuvre with changes of pace, hesitations etc.

  77. Valerio Piccini

    Valerio Piccini

    Prije mjesec

    If it stays this way it's Mavs vs Clippers again... oh my

    • Valerio Piccini

      Valerio Piccini

      Prije mjesec

      @Mike J yeah the whole experiment just doesn't work. I'm not mad at KP it's just not a good fit

    • Mike J

      Mike J

      Prije mjesec

      @Valerio Piccini If I'm Dallas like I'd definitely trade Porzingis for KAT or someone like that because Porzingis questionable like every other game or 2 and that fuck up Luka and Company up for sure.

    • Valerio Piccini

      Valerio Piccini

      Prije mjesec

      @Mike J I wish, but without KP fully integrated into the team plays, I see it very very hard

    • Mike J

      Mike J

      Prije mjesec

      Are you suggesting that they'll be an upset on the horizon?



    Prije mjesec

    doe doe > jrich

  79. The Kurk Gaming

    The Kurk Gaming

    Prije mjesec

    All mavs fans are trash talking Porzingis but mavericks are so trash without him

  80. mob19001


    Prije mjesec

    That was a playoff game alright

  81. Rest Function

    Rest Function

    Prije mjesec

    luka is so special



    Prije mjesec

    The Mavs should trade away Porzingis as long as he still is of any trade worth. He is of no use if he inconsistenly performs in the low number of games he plays

  83. Marcelo Munhoz da Rocha

    Marcelo Munhoz da Rocha

    Prije mjesec

    31-20-12 GEEZ what the hell luka

  84. abafucla


    Prije mjesec

    luka with 31/20/12 and the game winning rebound

  85. leebert phillip

    leebert phillip

    Prije mjesec

    Wes' perimeter shot was on fire.

  86. Çağrı Karamanoğlu

    Çağrı Karamanoğlu

    Prije mjesec


  87. juan bannister

    juan bannister

    Prije mjesec

    shout out to westbrook for getting 42 and almost trib dub

  88. Ken Jones

    Ken Jones

    Prije mjesec

    Impressed with both teams!!!

  89. Atay Taygaraev

    Atay Taygaraev

    Prije mjesec

    8:52 oh my... what a block by Daniel Gafford

  90. Mr. Stranathan

    Mr. Stranathan

    Prije mjesec

    Game of the year

  91. BMO ‘-‘

    BMO ‘-‘

    Prije mjesec

    Aren’t we gonna about Luka throwing that ball the moment he got the rebound. Smart af

    • Εντούστιτς


      Prije mjesec

      That's why he is a top 5! he steps many steps ahead of the other players! Body and mind all in top condition!

    • Chad Flexington

      Chad Flexington

      Prije mjesec

      Its called Euroleague basketball

  92. Simon Lainé

    Simon Lainé

    Prije mjesec

    Let us remember that we are 7 to 9 years of seeing prime Luka 🤯

  93. Bs Nader

    Bs Nader

    Prije mjesec

    Why isn't Luka in MVP conversation?

  94. Kali


    Prije mjesec

    That was a game!

  95. Al Mell

    Al Mell

    Prije mjesec

    Nobody beats the Wiz.

  96. Peinado Berlines

    Peinado Berlines

    Prije mjesec

    man! this mav team is soooo fun to watch. thanks luka for bringing joy to the league

  97. Rain Man

    Rain Man

    Prije mjesec

    31 pts 12 rebounds 20 Assists

  98. Susan Magar

    Susan Magar

    Prije mjesec

    Chooookkkkkkeeeeeeeee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    Prije mjesec

    beal could just drive that in the basket there is still plenty of time he could have get a foul by driving through instead of 3 ball and they only behind 2 points,,,, i didnt get what beal did im shock of beals desicion

  100. Kevin Hau

    Kevin Hau

    Prije mjesec

    Sad, westbrook is 1 away from triple double.