Unforgettable and Thrilling 2020 Football Matches

The most incredible and dramatic matches of 2019/20 football season, while we wait for it to start again...
The best football matches from 2020.

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    Vincent Pang

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    เหมือน เดิม

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  4. Bobby Jamabo

    Bobby Jamabo

    Prije 6 dana

    Pure goosebumps

  5. @CFCMoi11


    Prije 12 dana

    What a game that Ajax game was. Full of drama, goals, incidents. Easily the best game at the Bridge

  6. Tan Boon Hua

    Tan Boon Hua

    Prije 13 dana

    This video is all about NEVER GIVE UP

  7. Geron Ibrahimi

    Geron Ibrahimi

    Prije 16 dana

    Super go aspilicueta

  8. Sulav Dahal

    Sulav Dahal

    Prije 18 dana

    not just goals, u included important moments in between . Great video

  9. Harish Venkat

    Harish Venkat

    Prije 18 dana

    Masterpiece 💯

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    Kevin Ng

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  20. Albert Janet

    Albert Janet

    Prije 23 dana

    Football without fans is like drinking water with a spoon Can't wait to have a full stadium again

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    klever avila

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    Leadership Ace

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    2:05 bro look at the celebration 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥶🥶🥶🥶❤️❤️

  24. Vanye S. Wada

    Vanye S. Wada

    Prije 25 dana

    Salah was annoying cos he was and still too selfish

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    John Doe

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  26. Nii


    Prije 25 dana

    what a film wow

  27. dmortalimmortal


    Prije 26 dana

    Liverpool vs atletico Madrid was really a thriller... From nowhere the latter won

  28. Aman Sihag

    Aman Sihag

    Prije 26 dana

    First time i hv seen in a video where CL is in english but league football clips are in some other language..

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    Annetta Reding

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    Farhan Farhan

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    Roger Scheeren

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    Sarthak Sinha

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  40. Luca McNeil

    Luca McNeil

    Prije 29 dana

    great editing!

  41. Karthik Sujith

    Karthik Sujith

    Prije mjesec

    God.. I miss the crowd these days..

  42. Roodbi Tr

    Roodbi Tr

    Prije mjesec

    The music made it more thrilling

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    Poul Maudlin

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    Aditya Sajan

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    Aditya Sajan

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  46. Aditya Sajan

    Aditya Sajan

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  47. Aditya Sajan

    Aditya Sajan

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    What a editing the first chelsea vs ajax part was full of goosebumps

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    Gladys Wood

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  55. Rahul Nair

    Rahul Nair

    Prije mjesec

    Song name please

  56. Ka Ka

    Ka Ka

    Prije mjesec

    Caution this video isn't for weak heart persons

  57. Football Forever HD

    Football Forever HD

    Prije mjesec

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    Chris George

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  59. Random Game

    Random Game

    Prije mjesec

    8:49 that goal costed Inter Milan serie a

  60. PhanTom


    Prije mjesec

    Its always nice to see liverpool get thrashed😌

  61. Humaira Habib

    Humaira Habib

    Prije mjesec

    Why does pep always drink water after conceding a goal😂🤣😂

  62. Humaira Habib

    Humaira Habib

    Prije mjesec

    Patricio saving the penalty 2 times...but got unlucky

  63. lil dmq

    lil dmq

    Prije mjesec

    This is d most satisfying football video ever

  64. Surampalli Rakesh

    Surampalli Rakesh

    Prije mjesec

    Our magician destroyed total chelsea team at that time. Now he is destroying every other team with more powerful from chelsea!!!!

  65. x nowimblessed

    x nowimblessed

    Prije mjesec

    This video is amazingly put together!

  66. Massirito Qokaj

    Massirito Qokaj

    Prije mjesec

    Non c'è milan juve

  67. AtomiX Rock

    AtomiX Rock

    Prije mjesec

    Missing those fans

  68. sanjog ghimire

    sanjog ghimire

    Prije mjesec

    Azpi passion for chelsea is something else. 💙



    Prije mjesec

    the music makes it even more intense



    Prije mjesec

    10:22 I thought this is Jake Paul

  71. Magic


    Prije mjesec

    I will upload your content on Fagacy website in its series. I will add links to your videos there. Thank you.

  72. Mns Arjun

    Mns Arjun

    Prije mjesec

    That Willian used to send chills through the spine of Barca But now he has become....



    Prije mjesec

    Only real football fans know juventus vs napoli match was of 2019

  74. Nagesh Lotoo

    Nagesh Lotoo

    Prije mjesec

    Putain quelle vidéo!

  75. Aldi Hamzaraj

    Aldi Hamzaraj

    Prije mjesec

    “Juve vs Napoli” Me: Which one?

  76. Shem


    Prije mjesec

    i vote chelsea for the ucl final win

  77. ana lusimbadio

    ana lusimbadio

    Prije mjesec

    Good playing

  78. Revyza YT

    Revyza YT

    Prije mjesec

    Who’s here when Chelsea are in the ucl final?

  79. Ivaan B

    Ivaan B

    Prije mjesec

    മലയാളീസ് 🔥❤️

    • Max


      Prije mjesec

      Ah kidu kidu



      Prije mjesec

      Poli video

    • Rasin cr7

      Rasin cr7

      Prije mjesec

      പൊളി അല്ല 🔥

  80. Melosivitch24


    Prije mjesec

    god I miss fans so much

  81. Pluralisme IND

    Pluralisme IND

    Prije mjesec

    Dude , this is AMAZING

  82. Pri nce

    Pri nce

    Prije mjesec

    Chelsea best comeback Ath mad 2nd best comebacks



    Prije mjesec

    Tbh Liverpool vs ATM was not thrilling more like Adrian made a name for himself. JOKER HAHAHAHAHA...... Then Pandemic happened.

  84. Ose Oaikhenan

    Ose Oaikhenan

    Prije mjesec

    Now I see why Chelsea wanted Ziyech

  85. Vi Lô

    Vi Lô

    Prije mjesec


  86. A54 vaibhav chandrakude

    A54 vaibhav chandrakude

    Prije mjesec

    Nice video never seen such a content .Thanks ...

  87. Adidev Singh

    Adidev Singh

    Prije mjesec

    How the hell is Bayern vs Barca 8-2 not in this video?! that is surely the most memorable match of the last decade!!

    • GAD


      Prije mjesec


    • Rohin


      Prije mjesec

      psg vs barcelona waa better

  88. Oshea Hines

    Oshea Hines

    Prije mjesec

    VAR is foolishness

  89. Ansari Affan

    Ansari Affan

    Prije mjesec


  90. Harikumar Hari

    Harikumar Hari

    Prije mjesec

    Best thrilling match is atm vs Liverpool

  91. Brayan Lino

    Brayan Lino

    Prije mjesec

    Ajax should’ve won that they were robbed

    • Kyron Greenidge

      Kyron Greenidge

      Prije mjesec

      Chelsea were robbed in 2009

  92. Erasmo Reyes

    Erasmo Reyes

    Prije mjesec

    Llorente is straight up trash 🤣. Don’t understand how he scored those easy goals against Liverpool

  93. Erasmo Reyes

    Erasmo Reyes

    Prije mjesec

    How did Paris let those 3 trash people score

  94. Ryan Claddingboel

    Ryan Claddingboel

    Prije mjesec

    My guy

  95. Ted Joseph

    Ted Joseph

    Prije mjesec

    See you tomorrow chelsea

  96. Yajna007


    Prije mjesec

    Adama Traoré.

  97. Muaaz Khalid

    Muaaz Khalid

    Prije mjesec

    It is amazing how well you have edited the video. Definitely worth subscribing. Please consider uploading old matches, matches from the 80's 90's 00's

  98. Cahinho


    Prije mjesec

    P A S S I O N

  99. Cahinho


    Prije mjesec


  100. Roger Aguilar

    Roger Aguilar

    Prije mjesec

    After all those red cards... Chelsea still tied 🤦‍♂️