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Directed by NERF
Produced by Nev
Filmed by Oscar Alva & Kyle Carper
Edited by Eugene Weis & Oscar Alva


  1. Hi,ImMe


    Prije sat

    That whole “I make jokes to make me feel better” makes me feel like you got secrets

  2. Shyann Bruno

    Shyann Bruno

    Prije sat

    godddamn u grew up quick

  3. Zoe Seymour

    Zoe Seymour

    Prije 2 sati

    For 13 minutes this felt like 40

  4. Tati Baby

    Tati Baby

    Prije 3 sati

    “ I wouldn’t want ur fat eye in my head” 😭🤣🤣

  5. Danna Ol

    Danna Ol

    Prije 4 sati

    Mac omg my heart

  6. Brie Egenlauf

    Brie Egenlauf

    Prije 5 sati

    You guys act like David forced a 3 year old on this. Jeff’s a grown ass man making grown ass decisions.

  7. oh monica

    oh monica

    Prije 6 sati


  8. Valencia Hernandez

    Valencia Hernandez

    Prije 6 sati

    Love the goodfellas vibe

  9. Lauren Santora

    Lauren Santora

    Prije 6 sati

    Not Jeff sitting in a cell in the 120 lmaoooo

  10. Dianna Conde

    Dianna Conde

    Prije 7 sati

    He loose eye vision on the right side.

  11. Ato Koomson

    Ato Koomson

    Prije 7 sati

    10:00 bro is that the definition of white privilege or what!?! What in the hell?? Your so lucky Lool wtf 😂😂

  12. Marisela Inthavongsy

    Marisela Inthavongsy

    Prije 8 sati

    I love a bronx tale 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  13. Aisyah Ramadhan

    Aisyah Ramadhan

    Prije 10 sati

    It feels like i'm watching scorsese's film

  14. Darren Tupman

    Darren Tupman

    Prije 11 sati

    Never seen your videos but you seem cool never liked David anyway but him recording everything must be annoying

  15. Darren Tupman

    Darren Tupman

    Prije 11 sati

    1500 a week at 16 shittt

  16. Smriti Nepali

    Smriti Nepali

    Prije 13 sati

    Is he motivating his followers to sell drugs?

  17. Kingheil


    Prije 14 sati

    Wow Jeff really milking it

  18. Tabatha Mango

    Tabatha Mango

    Prije 15 sati

    Baby 🥺 omg when did this stuff happen Broo I litteraly don’t check socials for a while and I come and I see this my god

  19. Hellokitty2008 !!!!!

    Hellokitty2008 !!!!!

    Prije 16 sati

    Why dose it feel like he is bragging?

  20. margery benitez

    margery benitez

    Prije 16 sati

    mac miller:,(

  21. Shawna Scott

    Shawna Scott

    Prije 17 sati

    Not sure why,but Jeff reminds me of Vinny from Jersey Shore

  22. ClumsyBear


    Prije 17 sati

    lmao 4:07 "what u gonna do shoot me"

  23. Brittani Ford

    Brittani Ford

    Prije 17 sati

    You’re precious Jeff I pray you’re mentally a d physically doing better. This took so much courage babe! You’re testimony is one for many life lessons! Love you 😍

  24. tomas


    Prije 17 sati

    the way he casually told us his mom survived 9/11 is just breathtaking

  25. anthxnv


    Prije 18 sati

    you should have her tell the story about 911 for a video!!

  26. Paityn Alivia

    Paityn Alivia

    Prije 18 sati

    Love Jeff he going places

  27. Misfire Inc

    Misfire Inc

    Prije 19 sati

    This was filmed and edited really really well

  28. Benjamin Miranda

    Benjamin Miranda

    Prije 19 sati

    Is that Mac Miller at 8:26? Holy shit

  29. Destiney Davis

    Destiney Davis

    Prije 20 sati

    I wouldn’t want your fat eye 😂😂😂

  30. my life

    my life

    Prije 22 sati

    I hate david

  31. wolfslullaby


    Prije 23 sati

    4:05 people have a right to say they dont wanna be filmed you little prick

  32. Johnny Betar

    Johnny Betar

    Prije dan

    That part where you went to your old school was giving me second hand embarrassment.

  33. Mina Paulsen

    Mina Paulsen

    Prije dan

    "What you gonna do, shoot me?" sent me!!!

  34. Anabelle Carino

    Anabelle Carino

    Prije dan

    after seeing his parents you can really hear his new york accent

  35. paula johnson

    paula johnson

    Prije dan

    I feel for him soo much but not at any point in this video did he sound remorseful about his crimes? It almost sounded like ke was showing off or biggin it up. That's not good when you have a huge following of young people....I wish him good luck and I hope he recovers well

    • paula johnson

      paula johnson

      Prije dan

      I get that he's being open about it and I respect that but he's got to be responsible with what he says

  36. Plimex 2

    Plimex 2

    Prije dan

    you look fuckin badass with that scar man. look straight from the punisher

  37. Benny The RolliNstOner

    Benny The RolliNstOner

    Prije dan

    I'm a famous youtube star😂😂 dont talk yourself up bro let your actions show!!!

  38. Isaiah Sanchez

    Isaiah Sanchez

    Prije dan

    Why it feels like he copied the movie “BLOW”

  39. Inte Genevieve

    Inte Genevieve

    Prije dan

    jeff's life is straight out of a movie

  40. RoseyThe3rd


    Prije dan

    The cinematography on this documentary is incredible. Well done Jeff.

  41. Jose Solis

    Jose Solis

    Prije 2 dana

    God loves this man. That why he didn’t die

  42. ImPhares


    Prije 2 dana

    Bro I was literally in the same area as this barber shop yesterday at fun station store next door

  43. ImPhares


    Prije 2 dana


  44. ImPhares


    Prije 2 dana


  45. Erin 1

    Erin 1

    Prije 2 dana

    Is this cringey to anyone else or just me? I get it he has been through hell but ... this .... yikes....

  46. ImPhares


    Prije 2 dana


  47. Shannon Miles

    Shannon Miles

    Prije 2 dana

    Yoooo Jeff!!! Shout out from Staten Island, NY!!!! I am so proud to know that you are from here and have turned your life around so much and have really become someone amazing and resilient! I am so sorry about your eye, face, head- the entire accident. But I am so glad that you still have your Staten Island charm and swagger!!! Stay safe and keep making us proud ❤️❤️

  48. M M

    M M

    Prije 2 dana

    that was so cringe at the butcher shop literally no one cares

  49. lll l

    lll l

    Prije 2 dana

    Can everyone stop blaming David Jeff's not a kid he had a choice to get spun around

  50. Zoota Andrew Mahera

    Zoota Andrew Mahera

    Prije 2 dana

    Dr Todd Grande brought me here. Your friend who was a pussy but you were all in on it , good thing you didn't press charges .You got some balls 👍👍

  51. Sara Forney

    Sara Forney

    Prije 2 dana

    David fucking sucks

  52. Philip Johnson

    Philip Johnson

    Prije 2 dana

    you're just so uninteresting

  53. sandra guerrero

    sandra guerrero

    Prije 2 dana

    Gives me narco vibes

  54. JoshGraham


    Prije 2 dana

    david: “well i don’t sell drugs!” jeff: bro i swear to god stfu rn

  55. docinq


    Prije 2 dana

    2:03 a bronx tale is one of the best movies to exist

  56. briana nava

    briana nava

    Prije 2 dana

    not him using his eye as a traumatic thing he didn't wanna talk about (not that it wasn't, srry tht happened) to avoid conversation with people like ethan and now using as a youtube documentary to get views? and once again supporting david? how can y'all not see how disgusting and manipulative david is. ???

  57. Hussleman1


    Prije 2 dana

    He about to milk this story dry for the money n clout lol

  58. chi21city


    Prije 2 dana

    Jeff Is my favorite HRgreenr!!

  59. Christal Corona

    Christal Corona

    Prije 2 dana

    jeff’s life in itself is fucking insane. all the life lessons he’s learned. this dude is so fucking down to earth. the fact that he worked with mac miller and to think that he’s no longer on this earth fucking made my heart drop.

  60. Kisses -A

    Kisses -A

    Prije 2 dana

    I don't care what Jeff's face looks like after injury, he could literally get it in anytime he wants 🥵💦🤍

  61. Locker-Room Dwarf

    Locker-Room Dwarf

    Prije 3 dana


  62. Rey Villalobos

    Rey Villalobos

    Prije 3 dana

    Okay but why does Jeff's dad actually look like deniro when he was younger??!

  63. David OBrien

    David OBrien

    Prije 3 dana

    Jeff sounds exactly like his dad haha

  64. July Rivera

    July Rivera

    Prije 3 dana

    Oh shit, he sold DRUGS drugs.

  65. iambabysloth


    Prije 3 dana

    holy fucking crap, oliver treeeeee

  66. Notta Nuke

    Notta Nuke

    Prije 3 dana

    Ok this made me look at this dude in a different light. I know thats the point, but still.

  67. Lerciumino Lerciumina

    Lerciumino Lerciumina

    Prije 3 dana


    • Civek


      Prije 2 dana


  68. Gus bonani

    Gus bonani

    Prije 3 dana

    In this same video you opened a closet with a chainsaw with a person inside, it could have turned out just as bad or worse than the video with David. I mean, the fault lies with all those who, in order to generate engagement and plays and money, do whatever it takes.

  69. Urban Adrenaline

    Urban Adrenaline

    Prije 3 dana

    Is this for real or jokes? Fr someone

  70. Hailey Sampson

    Hailey Sampson

    Prije 3 dana

    I love you Jeff 💔❤️

  71. Malena M

    Malena M

    Prije 3 dana

    david is starting to seem more and more like a fucking sociopath

  72. Shane Broom

    Shane Broom

    Prije 3 dana

    Why did i sign up for patreon just for your account to charge me $5 7 or 8 times it ended up coming up to $35 in a little under 4 days like wtf i had to call my bank too patreon wouldnt do anything about it it was only supposed to be $5 a month

  73. Bibhuti Bhusan Jagat

    Bibhuti Bhusan Jagat

    Prije 3 dana

    The best fuckin' video i have seen in a veeeery long time

  74. Sasha Al

    Sasha Al

    Prije 3 dana

    🌿اللهم لا أشأم و انت حسبي،ولا افتقر وانت ربي،بك استعين و بك استجير و بك اكتفي،اللهم برحمتك استغيث اصلح لي شأني كله ولا تكلني إلى نفسي طرفة عين"🤍 🌿اللهم انك سلطت علينا عدواً بصيراً بعيوبنا مطلعاً على عوراتنا يرانا هو وقبيله من حيث لانراهم اللهم فأيْسهُ منا كما أيسته من رحمتك وقنطه منا كما قنطته من عفوك وباعد بيننا وبينه كما باعدت بينه وبين جنتك 🤲🏻 ❤️ 🌿اللهم اني اعوذ بك من الهم و الحزن و العجز و الكسل و البخل و الجبن و اعوذ بك من غلبة الدين و قهر الرجال🤲🏻❤️ 🌿سبحان الله و بحمده و الحمد لله ولا اله الا الله و الله اكبر تبارك الله و استغفر الله العظيم و اتوب اليه اللهم صلى وسلم على نبينا محمد❤️❤️❤️

  75. Manic-Minister


    Prije 3 dana

    "I wouldn't want your FAT eye 👁️ in my head!" 🗣️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣✝️

  76. Kate Morey

    Kate Morey

    Prije 3 dana

    seeing Mac Miller (8:29) had me rewinding the video for a good 5 minutes because... wow

  77. André Reichart

    André Reichart

    Prije 3 dana

    Movie blow

  78. Stevanie David

    Stevanie David

    Prije 3 dana

    Did he loose his eye?

  79. Scarlette Ivie

    Scarlette Ivie

    Prije 3 dana

    I feel so bad for you. Even as you’re sharing your story, there’s more attention on someone else than it is on you and your health. Therapy is definitely a good thing to get. I get it, tons of others get it, and I hope you’re considering it. It’s healthy and hopefully you’ll look into how it could possibly help you.

  80. Connor McLeod

    Connor McLeod

    Prije 3 dana

    Can you imagine it was just the haunted attic ladders that cracked him in the face?

  81. Massaakku


    Prije 4 dana

    Imagine if he was black💀

  82. Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts

    Prije 4 dana

    I like listening about Jeff’s life, not David not anybody else. That’s all hullshit, like they said, jeff wasn’t fake he wasn’t lying, he was doing what he had to do. David and the rest of them were doing shit for content, Jeff was doing SHIT to survuve

  83. Olivia Parker

    Olivia Parker

    Prije 4 dana

    Jeff, fuck your eye ! with or without the eye. you'r still fucking handsome asf ... You know why? Because you r a real ass genuine human being! That's why! U keep it real. Even after your friend crushed your face (a lot) and spirit a lil. you kept shit real. Much luv man!

  84. Canadian Guitarist

    Canadian Guitarist

    Prije 4 dana

    Changing impaulsive content audio pitch so avoid auto claim? Yikes

  85. Achraf Abbes

    Achraf Abbes

    Prije 4 dana

    His young dad looks kinda like Bryan Cranston

  86. Madi D

    Madi D

    Prije 4 dana

    My mouth literally opened in awe when he said his mom "worked in one of the NYC trade centers and survived 9/11". Bless her heart. She must feel so much guilt knowing she made it alive but tons of her coworkers didn't even stand a chance...

  87. Sara Lopes

    Sara Lopes

    Prije 4 dana

    Like I would actually watch a movie about your life up to Hollywood

  88. alias


    Prije 4 dana

    Your videos were in the millions cus they’re funny asf now cus of david

  89. kelli belle

    kelli belle

    Prije 4 dana

    I’m actually really glad I started watching Jeff’s channel from Trisha and then from H3. Jeff reminds me of my amazing husband .. driven, self-motivated, attractive wise guy, witty, ex-drug dealer < successful entrepreneur. Paraphrasing to relate to what he’s been striving to accomplish (minus the video reference because that’s where things can go wrong with publicly pushing limits) “You have that many people riding on you, you kind of get the sense that you have to one-up yourself every time.” “You come up with a new idea and that idea has to be better than your last idea. You put everything you have into that idea because it has to top that last idea.”

    • kelli belle

      kelli belle

      Prije 4 dana

      “You put every single thing you have into that last innovation and you gotta top that.” The pressure is real.

  90. paulina moreno

    paulina moreno

    Prije 4 dana

    Can’t believe how much of a cult David really created these people are so blinded by clout that even if David were to kill them they still wouldn’t sue his ass to deport him. This is why David is going to continue to do what he wants and be reckless because he knows his little minions are too brainwashed to think for themselves. This is disturbing to watch. Make better decisions Jeff you look dumb trying to defend David. Just let him use you as a puppet for his next video that’s what you’re good at

  91. Adrian Medina

    Adrian Medina

    Prije 4 dana

    Mans living in gta😂

  92. KHAN Vlogs

    KHAN Vlogs

    Prije 4 dana

    for the sake of views david exploited his friends and made their lives in danger several of times... which is totally inhuman... what a disgrace... i admired david a lot but now, he lost a FAN.

  93. EvilRonin


    Prije 4 dana

    lost me when he said "where do i begin?"

  94. Cecilia Costa

    Cecilia Costa

    Prije 4 dana

    David wasn’t infatuated with your past he was infatuated with shoving your past in your face for his pleasure constantly. With his whack jokes and literally turning your apartment into a jail cell. U were a joke to him. Now look what his dumbass did to you. David loves joking on ppl but when that shit happens to him he doesn’t like it. Remember that bit he didn’t like throwing a bottle on the ground and he cut hisself and the whole video was just about a little ass cut and him having to go to the hospital and get stitches and how dramatic he acted. Wasn’t funny then cuz it was David who got hurt but anyone else gets hurt it’s all that goofy laugh he does and that’s it the video goes on. Your being used by David all of the group is. Him giving away cars or not. Once he has no use for you. You’re cut from the group. Find better friends Jeff with peace and love dude.

  95. Diego Garcia

    Diego Garcia

    Prije 4 dana

    People need to stop blaming everything on David Jeff agreed to do it it both of their fault not just David blame both of them instead of just David

  96. Brandon Roque

    Brandon Roque

    Prije 4 dana

    0:29 who is she?

  97. Brittney Stegerman

    Brittney Stegerman

    Prije 4 dana

    You should have stayed with cierra bro she was the best thing to ever happen to you 😢 I still remember that video of her singing syrup and honey to ya

  98. CaLista Matta

    CaLista Matta

    Prije 4 dana

    you’re a real cool dude

  99. Eddienom


    Prije 4 dana

    Is that Mac Miller at 8:30 ?

  100. Mahika Jain

    Mahika Jain

    Prije 4 dana

    love how he's so transparent and just accepts whatever he did. It shows how far he's come.