DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY? | Ep 4 | Don't Try This At Home

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Directed by NERF

Produced by Nev

Filmed by Oscar Alva \u0026 Kyle Carper

Edited by Eugene Weis \u0026 Oscar Alva


  1. A.J. Gallegos

    A.J. Gallegos

    Prije sat

    You arent learning your lesson, you continue to push when the lessons are clear. Slow down, embrace other things in life.



    Prije 5 sati

    Take over HRgreen, Jeff. Do it.

  3. stalin Garcia

    stalin Garcia

    Prije 16 sati

    I understand the feelings that maybe Jeff has about what happened and why he thinks that most of this it's David's fault. Eventhough alla of this, I don't think that what happened was truly David's. I mean, i don't David put a gun on Jeff's head and told him he must do what he did, and even if somebody is trying to convince you to do something, it's not yout obligation to do it. You're always going to have the last word, it depends on you. So, this is how I see the things from outside, maybe I am wrong in certain things. But, what is true is the last thing I wrote. You always have the last word, no matter what.

  4. Rafael Defrank

    Rafael Defrank

    Prije dan

    May God keep watching over him🙏🏻he’s a lucky one💪🏻💪🏻

  5. Jenny S

    Jenny S

    Prije dan

    Imagine almost losing your eye and still be this gorgeous talented funny successful strong and a role model 👏🏼

  6. Lany G.

    Lany G.

    Prije dan

    That voice crack at the end 💔😓

  7. Chupta Ok

    Chupta Ok

    Prije dan

    David didn't put a gun to your head to do it. Yes he gave the tools but you are your own man you make your own choices ya fucking kid.

  8. zgb Leads

    zgb Leads

    Prije dan

    Did hé l’ose his eye

  9. Section 9

    Section 9

    Prije 2 dana

    Sorry if I missed it But did David say sorry? Pretty sure he did but I would like the receipt

  10. courtney


    Prije 3 dana

    The fact you all guys risk your lives for David is insane to me. He's not a kid he needs to grow tf up and I'm kinda hoping this changes how he looks at things, he owes you his life tbh

  11. Ryan Nathen

    Ryan Nathen

    Prije 3 dana

    Bro Jeff is a goat for dis

  12. Lohani Hani

    Lohani Hani

    Prije 3 dana

    Sometimes all you need to say "I'm sorry" teach you lesson and Jeff show it well..I'm really disappointed with David, and I just want him to feel everything that he put to his friends. Sometimes, an angel with Satan mask will hurt you the most. Just be true to yourself David don't pretend you the top when you are not, your vlog are nothing without your friends back then.. I feel hurt because I watch all of David vlogs and I laugh watching it and assume everything is OK.,the truth is David is just narcissist 'hardworking' person without realizing it and manipulating others..sure you make your friends popular because of you but that doesn't make you have the right to 'using' them..David is no different than all people, he just 'that guy's.. I don't care if my opinion doesn't matter, it's just make me realize people like David exist..Jeff is always cool, im not gonna support David anymore but my respect to you Jeff💓

  13. Bilal Abukwaik

    Bilal Abukwaik

    Prije 3 dana

    Man I told u not to trust this guys he ruined his best friends back from a pine come fight 😂

  14. Jada P

    Jada P

    Prije 4 dana

    Your still so handsome

  15. Aaron Avila

    Aaron Avila

    Prije 4 dana

    David ain’t no friend to you man

  16. Evin Jijo

    Evin Jijo

    Prije 4 dana

    I’ve always loved Jeff, he’s so funny and caring, and even during this time he is not hating anyone, and he is still forgiving David for something he did that could ruin Jeff’s life

  17. S a s h i m i

    S a s h i m i

    Prije 5 dana

    David still doesn't get it. The jump doesn't matter...he needs to understand that he takes things too far and he doesn't value his friends as much as they need to be valued. Giving them cars, money all that shit is just so they'd think twice before they say no all the bullshit he decides for them to do. He didn't even apologize properly.

  18. Safire Lopez

    Safire Lopez

    Prije 5 dana

    Did David actually pay for his medical bill ?

  19. Arnie The Entertainer

    Arnie The Entertainer

    Prije 6 dana

    David made his friends jump out of a plane 25 times for content for his youtube channel while he sat at home and played video games and has never jumped himself? How tf does nobody see anything wrong with that? How does this guy still have friends?

  20. Cody Corum

    Cody Corum

    Prije 6 dana

    Ima new fan, and I’ve watched about 30 of your videos over the past 2 days bc I’m sick af. Glad to see you’re alright man. Keep being you

  21. Josefina Pontillo

    Josefina Pontillo

    Prije 7 dana

    Jeff please go on frenemies to talk about this, and make ethan and trisha your new besties because david is full of shit

  22. Josefina Pontillo

    Josefina Pontillo

    Prije 7 dana

    I just hate david every day more

  23. Thrasher Gold

    Thrasher Gold

    Prije 7 dana

    Dude it was an accident stop acting like a little bitch about it Jesus Christ u live attention

  24. I'm Ghost

    I'm Ghost

    Prije 7 dana

    Keep in mind David's already been sky diving with Liza.

  25. eren springer

    eren springer

    Prije 7 dana

    dude how do you still talk to him after what he did to you!! he's a bad person at first it was funny the jokes and pranks and stuff but now it"s a matter of life and death this is dangerous

  26. Jacob


    Prije 8 dana

    I’m curious if the Jeff punching towards David was real

  27. Sreejesh Shaji

    Sreejesh Shaji

    Prije 8 dana


  28. D O N O

    D O N O

    Prije 8 dana

    Dang chef hope you recover fast

  29. Cathren Riddler

    Cathren Riddler

    Prije 8 dana

    Wow.... I know that no one else will ever know how this felt... and the world is so cruel.... humans... well we suck. But you are still handsome and you will always be you. No matter what changes... you are always you!

  30. The aukos .The aukos

    The aukos .The aukos

    Prije 8 dana

    i got broken skull i know how you fell but i dont got money for surgery but i know how you fell 100% im whit broken skull 3 yers evry single day i rimeber it its disaster nobody helped my

  31. fred bagins

    fred bagins

    Prije 8 dana

    is david gay??

  32. CRazy DRIP

    CRazy DRIP

    Prije 8 dana


  33. CJ Sun

    CJ Sun

    Prije 8 dana

    the most fun part of surgery is the people. The surgeons are making jokes and making ya laugh before you even fall asleep.

  34. Tiffany Marzouq

    Tiffany Marzouq

    Prije 8 dana

    Jeff with 1 eye you’re still a stud muffin dw

  35. Tommie


    Prije 9 dana

    Jeff is a better more forgiving person than I'll ever be...

  36. Vita Leone

    Vita Leone

    Prije 9 dana

    Your so strong my dude and still HOT! Don’t be so hard on your self!!

  37. Google User

    Google User

    Prije 9 dana


  38. Jade Johnson

    Jade Johnson

    Prije 10 dana

    “David did this shit send him to prison”

    • Daniel


      Prije 8 dana

      Wtf is wrong with you

  39. FE Rebekah

    FE Rebekah

    Prije 10 dana

    Cuticle clippers woulda been a good option there I think. They are surprisingly versatile for things around the home..

  40. Mr Flixx

    Mr Flixx

    Prije 10 dana

    Love u Jeff ❤️, but u shouldn’t want ur friend to be that scared of death no matter how much he stupidly messed u up because friendship is loving people even when they wrong u

  41. Jane Vicen

    Jane Vicen

    Prije 10 dana

    Whole Squad will suffer from this. David pushed them all. Blame him for everything is just not fair. It was accident. Everybody would do anything for own profit, not Davids.



      Prije 8 dana

      Not everyone are dipshits to risk there friends life for some paper

  42. Mousa Saleh

    Mousa Saleh

    Prije 10 dana

    Jeff sounds stupid asf when he says that David did it in purpose. Jeff told him to stop then he stopped jeff is fucking weird he acts like a fucking baby

  43. paulbeno


    Prije 11 dana

    I love when the serious video ends with “i just wanna go to burning man...”😂😂

  44. goky02


    Prije 11 dana

    Jeff is changing David

  45. Clap


    Prije 11 dana

    Imagine David said i mean no but still I do cus I got RICH AS HELL JEFF

  46. Captain Zach Sparrow

    Captain Zach Sparrow

    Prije 11 dana

    What’s the point in all of this? David wasn’t paying attention when he made one of his videos and he made a mistake. Everyone does. And Jeff got seriously injured. I don’t understand.

  47. Kaleb Posing

    Kaleb Posing

    Prije 11 dana

    I miss the vlog squad back before all the drama

  48. Maddy Jodouin

    Maddy Jodouin

    Prije 11 dana

    Why does everyone make excuses for David instead of just admitting he’s a pos person

    • tanner


      Prije 6 sati

      u act like he intended on murdering his friend and causing permanent damage to his eye. it was a tragic accident that was caused by a horrible lapse in judgement and irresponsibility but i’m sure david feels guilty and wishes he could undo it, why he want to hurt his own friend intentionally?

    • Bleakie Boy

      Bleakie Boy

      Prije 9 dana

      He really is a pos person 🙄😒 No but for real tho....

  49. Pranjal Slathia

    Pranjal Slathia

    Prije 11 dana

    Dont worry jeff i have been with that one eye closedcondition for more than 3months

  50. Jay Lee

    Jay Lee

    Prije 11 dana

    When I was 22 I got into a vehicle with a friend who was driving and was drunk. I was drunk and so were the other two passengers (best friends of mine). I remember saying to myself, I probably shouldn't ride with a drunk driver... Long story short, we wrecked and it killed my best friend Brad. I was awake through the entire wreck and saw Brads head get smashed and his brain come out of his head. I'm 34 now and to hear Jeff's story is really strange to me. The idea that he has ANY negative emotions toward David strikes me as absurd and really immature. Definitely not very emotionally intelligent. NEVER once through my recovery and all the pain of losing Brad did I blame the driver. I blamed myself for making the decision to get in the car, and I blamed Brad death on Brads decision to get in the car as well. Eveyone is different obviously, but apparently Jeff is the type of person who likes to blame other people for things. I say that because I have ALWAYS looked at anything that's ever happened to me as "this was my fault".. Specifically when I was able to make the decision before hand. I don't know, I just don't like the theme of this video, which seems to be Jeff trying to "get over" what David "did to him". That narrative just doesn't sit well with me and or make much sense to me.

  51. The_Pukis


    Prije 11 dana

    I know that some people are really mad at david, but I completely disagree. David didn’t mean to injure jeff it was an accident and everything happens for a reason, this is just a sign for jeff to not do dangerous things and for david to also be more careful with video ideas



      Prije 8 dana

      Are you being sarcastic or just among the other donkeys living in dorbriks fan list

  52. Viktor Angelovski

    Viktor Angelovski

    Prije 12 dana

    Dam Jeff your life is a rollercoser! I think your very funny and your content is bomb. Best wishes on getting your eye the way it should be!!!!!

  53. Victor Moreno

    Victor Moreno

    Prije 12 dana

    Lol y’all really want to hate on David but this whole video is a bit. Y’all so gullible

  54. Noha Naciri

    Noha Naciri

    Prije 12 dana

    I just want to kill David dobrik just look at him look what he did to you is het valt when I watched your video and you who got hurt on your eye are you almost died I started crying so I hope you are Safe and Bill I love you

  55. Makiah C

    Makiah C

    Prije 12 dana

    David is so manipulative.

  56. RemuneratefundsWubbman


    Prije 12 dana

    All jeffs jokes about hurting David have a serious tone to them. You can tell he seriously resents David



    Prije 13 dana

    Honestly Jeff’s eye looked fine 8/9 months ago on his old shows. Seems like that doctor messed him up more then anything. Dont get crazy and try to fix every little imperfection and end up like Michael Jackson

    • tiffany God

      tiffany God

      Prije 10 dana

      That's not how it works he's getting surgery to get his eye back in correct position not to look better

  58. Henry Giles

    Henry Giles

    Prije 13 dana

    Hey, eye for an eye.

  59. THE WISE CAT ✔


    Prije 13 dana

    David is sorry but he did something very wrong so he should do something

  60. Domas vankevičius

    Domas vankevičius

    Prije 13 dana

    Just take out your eye

  61. Mighty Quester

    Mighty Quester

    Prije 14 dana

    David should not have operated that dangerous machinery in the first place. It doesn’t matter if it was for the sake of “content” the safety of people’s lives are at stake and you need to have someone experienced in the wheel. Jeff wouldn’t have gone through this if David wasn’t so irresponsible. This situation should’ve never gone the way it did or been initiated in the first place.

  62. IfyouknowwhatImean


    Prije 14 dana

    TO EVERYBODY WHO IS BLAMING JEFF BECAUSE HE CHOSE TO DO IT. Imagine sitting in a car while your friend drives and he ends up crashing because of over speeding. Before the crash you kept on telling him to slowdown but he didn’t listen. In the accident, you lose an eye and everybody is blaming YOU because you CHOSE to sit in the car. Yes, that’s how dumb y’all sound.

  63. taekook magicshop

    taekook magicshop

    Prije 14 dana

    he is the strongest person i know

  64. Erik David Miranda Zárate

    Erik David Miranda Zárate

    Prije 14 dana

    For all the people saying its Davids fault yo it was an accident cut it out dont be such a baby. Yes he might be mad but its not like David did with intention WTF he is no murder.

  65. George Stilwell

    George Stilwell

    Prije 14 dana

    Jeff, this is not healthy... you need to express your true hurt...

  66. Christopher Quinn

    Christopher Quinn

    Prije 15 dana

    David better have paid for those surgeries

  67. MVito


    Prije 15 dana

    Arm had to be extended outward. Spinning it while the arm was cradled in (bent) was stupid. Common sense is rare nowadays.

  68. paul hogge

    paul hogge

    Prije 15 dana

    I mean you agreed to do it. Kinda hard to blame someone else for a dumb decision on both parts. I completely agree with getting mad because he was the one in control. But you can't blame the other person completely. Peer pressure and internet clout will sway a decision. In the end you made that choice though.

  69. cc cc

    cc cc

    Prije 15 dana

    David's laugh pisses me off tbh he's so in love with himself it makes me vomit.. Jeff seriously David will probably end up really killing u and laugh about it and say its for views

    • W7N


      Prije 2 dana

      You realise when he laughs it’s just to cover up how he’s actually feeling, it probably tortures David inside when he thinks of what he did, he laughs because it’s easy and he doesn’t know how to respond, most people would be the same

  70. cc cc

    cc cc

    Prije 15 dana

    Honestly I think you should stay the fuxx away from David.. I knew someone was going to get hurt sooner or later.. and please take him to court!! He is not a good friend.. htf u hurt ur bro like that.. BRO HE DID DO IT ON PURPOSE HE WAS LAUGHING THE WHOLE FUXXED UP TIME

  71. Tanny Star

    Tanny Star

    Prije 15 dana

    This could all be a big prank

  72. Jack Black

    Jack Black

    Prije 15 dana

    Not cool Jeff not cool man

  73. Rizmi Ahmad

    Rizmi Ahmad

    Prije 15 dana

    I feel so sorry for jeff

  74. alacarteno


    Prije 16 dana

    i wish david was a bit more apologetic :( i think that's what he needed to do. not to baby jeff but to show remorse for what he did i would apologize non-stop if it were me

  75. Destiny White

    Destiny White

    Prije 16 dana

    This is so stupid. I'm really disappointed in David for his idea of good content... but at least he's really sorry.

  76. Nefi Saldivar

    Nefi Saldivar

    Prije 16 dana

    Stay positive Brother!

  77. Jen


    Prije 16 dana

    I don’t mean to get gruesome but if Jeff would’ve died would david have been convicted with murder ?

  78. Deanna Zuidema

    Deanna Zuidema

    Prije 16 dana

    It so great when you have the support there. My baby sister got hit with a firework on Victoria day weekend when she was young and even though seeing that, and having to help save her was so terrifying. The support that was there with friends and family was amazing and my family and I couldn't have done it with out the support of everyone around us. family and friends are a blessing!! even though I don't know you, I am glad things turned out for the better in the end!!

  79. Gia nettie

    Gia nettie

    Prije 16 dana

    I'm sorry but this video was awkward, it was basically Jeff showing his anger towards his life and David the whole video, getting satisfaction seeing David in Danger. He needs help. I hope that SPECT doctor helps him.

  80. Nick Black

    Nick Black

    Prije 17 dana

    I was born blind in my left eye shits not that bad. All I see is blurbs of color its not so bad you get used it.

  81. Emily Diehl

    Emily Diehl

    Prije 17 dana

    “I didn’t want him to think I was just checking on him because he was injured” Uhmm yeah, that’s exactly what you do. Check on him because he was injured that you caused AND because he’s your friend. Damn.

    • Gia nettie

      Gia nettie

      Prije 16 dana


  82. Madison Friant

    Madison Friant

    Prije 17 dana

    Crying is our way of healing that’s why when we go through things that hurt us we want to cry , if u don’t cry you can’t heal, it makes u stronger don’t think for a second ur a pu$$y for crying because your not . Ur just trying to heal love

  83. Arjun N

    Arjun N

    Prije 17 dana

    I hate David lmao

  84. joseph spatafora

    joseph spatafora

    Prije 18 dana

    I hope David gave Jeff’s literally millions of dollars. If he didn’t Jeff better fucking sue.

  85. William Westerheide

    William Westerheide

    Prije 18 dana

    An eye for eye makes the blog squad blind

  86. Zane Gib

    Zane Gib

    Prije 18 dana

    Praying for you Jeff. I don't know if you're a Believer but God loves you even if it feels like He doesn't at times. He loves you more than you'll ever know.

  87. Genoxide


    Prije 18 dana

    who’s all still friends with david, or is anyone more caught up with the situation and help me

  88. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    Prije 18 dana

    Wait so David And Jeff’s Friendship is over, I hope not

  89. Carcass Wife

    Carcass Wife

    Prije 18 dana

    Damn David almost killed Jeff and could have gone to prison OOF luckily he not dead

  90. emi


    Prije 18 dana

    unpopular opinion- david didnt mean to almost kill his friend and im sure he feels fucking guilty and jeff doesnt have to have an issue with him if he doesnt feel like it. it’s probably really awkward for both of them

    • emi


      Prije 3 dana

      @Stupid Cupid YES agreed! thank you for sharing!

    • Stupid Cupid

      Stupid Cupid

      Prije 17 dana

      People are just twisting this situation into something its not. David has made it clear he takes inspiration from people like Steve o. He just tried to do a fun stunt with a friend for entertainment. He seemed remorseful to me when he realized what jeff was going through but clearly that is not what is widely believed. The reason I think this is the case is because people have already made up there minds and semented their belief of David being the bad guy therefore they are unwilling to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his motives in any situation.

  91. Gé -

    Gé -

    Prije 18 dana

    All this time passed by and you chose to cut your stiches at the end? Well, i was and still gonna wish you a great recovery but i would have gone for sure and stayed in Utah. On the other hand, im nit in your shoe so good luck.

  92. Nothing New

    Nothing New

    Prije 18 dana

    What a pussy for blaming David for the entire thing. He did a stupid thing and got you hurt but still, he’s done a lot for you and it wasn’t on purpose

  93. cave man with a titan

    cave man with a titan

    Prije 18 dana

    This is whole situation is fucked Davis fucked up but he regrets everything he did you can tell he fucking hates what he did he hurt on of his friends and he looks like he wants to do what ever it takes to make up for it

  94. Maria Rincon

    Maria Rincon

    Prije 19 dana

    Guys, I don’t think he’s really okay with this tbh. He’s still really angry with him I think. David doesn’t seem remorseful at all honestly. We should paint this as Jeff being such a good person, I think it’s more of an acceptance of a bad thing (but not a good acceptance tbh)

  95. Dylan Merrick

    Dylan Merrick

    Prije 19 dana

    i can feel and relate to you because i have a condition that involves weaker elements of the body including the eye and i have to intensively check every part of my eye at a very proffesional hospital called baskin palmer miami and i am scared my whole life to lose my vision so i know how you feel man

  96. Johan de Beer

    Johan de Beer

    Prije 19 dana

    Love you Jeff ! You are an amazing inspiration for me and wish you speedy recovery 🙏 ❤

  97. Magdalena Deryng

    Magdalena Deryng

    Prije 19 dana

    Please go to therapy. You're feeding the anger still and that's ok, but you need professional help to heal

  98. Bobby Bustos

    Bobby Bustos

    Prije 19 dana

    Jeff is mad but him and David are actually boys so you can tell he forgives him. They were both doing something stupid. No matter who was driving they all agreed to do something they knew could’ve went bad and it did.

  99. chimean hav

    chimean hav

    Prije 19 dana

    I wish nothing but the best for you and hope everything will come back to normal soon. keep that in mind that the way you handle the whole thing only makes you hotter. I really appreciate your maturity, that's hot. I love you and wish you all the best.

  100. Kiley Sparks

    Kiley Sparks

    Prije 20 dana

    The clips of Jeff feeling like he’s not “attractive” anymore during the recovery was so sad because he was still such an attractive man. Before the surgery even so and even if he had no eye or an implant.

    • chiknosis


      Prije 19 dana

      I think that was his sarcasm talking