Dubai. Luxury life tour. Big Episode.

This Big Episode is dedicated to Dubai and a luxury side of it's life - private islands, villas for 200000000$ and other rich things.
We also will tell you about new and interesting things launched in this city for the last couple of years and of course some exclusive stories

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Contents :

0:17 - Dubai today
2:10 - Dubai in the past
4:08 - THE MOST things that are already in Dubai
6:18 - THE MOST thing that will soon be in Dubai
7:31 - Expensive cars.
9:27 - Expensive hotels.
10:41 - The Palm Island
12:05 - Dubai's luxury estate. Private islands and villas on the World archipelago.
13:57 - Underwater room in a floating villa.
15:48 - "Sweden" island and villa for 20000000$
18:40 - Burj Khalifa
21:38 - Night Dubai and fountain shows.
23:33 - The best terrace with a night view of Dubai.
25:57 - How rich people have fun in Dubai. Polo resort.
27:35 - Lakes in the desert and sunset over the dunes
29:00 - Dubai touristic. What's new in Dubai (Dubai Frame, Xline, Alsef, Lamar Beach, Dubai Marina)
32:27 - My Feedback.


  1. Anton somewhere

    Anton somewhere

    Prije 2 godina

    Hi guys. Here is some contents with timecodes. 0:17 - Dubai today 2:10 - Dubai in the past 4:08 - THE MOST things that are already in Dubai 6:18 - THE MOST thing that will soon be in Dubai 7:31 - Expensive cars. 9:27 - Expensive hotels. 10:41 - The Palm Island 12:05 - Dubai's luxury estate. Private islands and villas on the World archipelago. 13:57 - Underwater room in a floating villa. 15:48 - "Sweden" island and villa for 20000000$ 18:40 - Burj Khalifa 21:38 - Night Dubai and fountain shows. 23:33 - The best terrace with a night view of Dubai. 25:57 - How rich people have fun in Dubai. Polo resort. 27:35 - Lakes in the desert and sunset over the dunes 29:00 - Dubai touristic. What's new in Dubai (Dubai Frame, Xline, Alsef, Lamar Beach, Dubai Marina) 32:27 - My Feedback.

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      Loreto Murray

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      Prije 26 dana

      6:52 Oh you forgot the most famous WaTEr bOtTLe in Dubai.. LOL

    • Ricky Tenderkiss (Daniel R. Merchán)

      Ricky Tenderkiss (Daniel R. Merchán)

      Prije mjesec

      @Anton somewhere - I love your channel, and your videos… but I think when looking at someplace like Dubai (and here I mean both Dubai, one of the member states of the U.A.E., and Dubai, the capital city of that member state) you’d do your viewers a better service if you look beyond the image which the Dubai Chamber of Commerce wants to present, and show the complete reality instead. Human rights are terribly compromised in Dubai: most women are treated as cattle; homosexuals are persecuted; journalists and labor activists and civil society advocates and human rights lawyers are all jailed over nothing or else are “disappeared.” Free speech does not exist in Dubai. Most of Dubai’s pretty buildings were constructed using de facto slave labor: developers confiscate immigrant laborers’ passports, then keep those laborers imprisoned in unsanitary camps, denying those laborers food, water, and electricity if any of them object to working without guarantee of pay. And beyond the capital city’s pretty buildings, most of the nation’s residents live in extreme poverty and misery. There is a decidedly two-tiered legal system, with the rulers and the royal family allowed to break laws with impunity, which makes entering into any contract in Dubai a perilous thing, and makes living there quite hazardous for anyone not in the royal family. And in a state where royals can embark on any harebrained scheme by decree, unscrupulous contractors line up to execute those plans in exchange for limitless oil money, and then those plans of course fail: witness the crazy fake island complex, which owing to zero foresight, or planning, or feasibility and engineering studies, immediately ruined the coastline’s current flows, leading to silt-clouded interrupted tides and massive stretches of stagnant water, with the mostly uninhabited islands now already rapidly eroding. This area was once the cradle of world civilization, from about 800 to 1400 A.D., but the U.A.E. is currently an illiberal authoritarian theocratic state, benefiting the richest fraction of the 1%, and trampling everybody else. There are democratic reformers within the U.A.E., and that’s worth applauding… but those reformers need our support, in order to more quickly bring the U.A.E. up to the standards of a liberal secular democratic state. Otherwise, beneath the luxurious façade, the U.A.E. will fall further and further behind the rest of the world and become even more of a pariah state, especially once global fossil fuel independence is achieved. Those are all facts also worth sharing with your viewers. I do enjoy your videos immensely! Maybe someday you can revisit the U.A.E. and take a look at what democratic reformers are trying to achieve, with a focus on what an improved Dubai with equal human rights for all could look like! Also, I’m really sorry about Russia’s decline under Putin. I truly hope your country’s residents can peacefully get rid of him, regain control of your government, and then resolve that whole mess. Удачи!

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      Henry Smith

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    SR X

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    Amazing city............... what is needed is nature, parks to balance the concrete jungle.

  3. jennifer McDonald

    jennifer McDonald

    Prije 8 sati

    The airport at Dubai is the best I’ve ever experienced. There are people to help everywhere. They come up to you and point the way, explain anything you don’t understand, they have kind of golf karts to drive you from gate to gate, anything! Just wonderful! OMG, a snow room!!! It’s mind blowing!

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    Stephen Latimer

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    Sodom and Gomorrah Arab style. I'm going to enjoy watching this disgusting place be eaten back up by the desert and falling into decay in my lifetime. Nice shots of the city, but it is already a shithole built by slave labour. :)

  6. J J

    J J

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    lot of slave labor

  7. EX S

    EX S

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    Amazing development. What money can do. No wonder the city attracts so many visitors ............

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    Humans did that.

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    Wow !!!!

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    The JT will be exactly 1 km tall, actually

  14. Your awesome

    Your awesome

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    I have been to Dubai twice and I found it soulless. You do get to see some parts of Arab history and culture but I think the number of empty shopping malls I saw made a negative impression on me. Also, the wage gap seems insane. You have guys living in massive mansions driving Mustangs and then you see the poor construction workers literally living in Second world conditions. The architecture and beaches are stunning and I do think Dubai is worth a 1-week visit but I wouldn't say it's my favorite place to visit.

  15. Clover Lee

    Clover Lee

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    God should flood dubai

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    That good old oil money

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    I'm guessing no body wants to admit to or talk about the dark side of all this wealth its like describing your trips to the bathroom to do number 2 to your spouses family there are just somethings you don't go there ok so I'm weird i think about all the stuff no body wants to talk about but everyone does it and you know I'm right QUESTION where do they put there trash or land fill and how is it hauled away you know they have to deal with it some how

  20. Ann


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    Great works. Beautiful city

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    Haha I got it right

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    The most soulless city in the world. No history, just oil money used to build big malls and fancy buildings and fast cars

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    I would never ever spend my money in a country that has the Sharia Law as there fondation ......No NO No !!!

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    I miss dubai😍

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    Hot and Boring....Better not offend Muslims

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    Subscribe to Korey and Kim guys!

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    hi dubai can you compete with me to start replanting the largest forest in pemba zanzibar

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    Love from new york

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    holy...a kind of city I have never seen...I should visit Dubai one day.

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    Omg you can choose the fish!!!!!

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    Thank y'all so much dearest 🌹 Y'all such an inspiration 🥰 Appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart 💖 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏👼🌈

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    All the celebrities buying real estate in Dubai will never move there, it’s just another investment.

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    What language is he speakin? His mouth moves so weird

  41. Matias D.C

    Matias D.C

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    this is not sustainable watch dubai will be abandoned like Shernobyl

  42. Earl Eddie

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    It's all about investment and technology

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      You are absolutely correct broh

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    Inner happiness is not materialistic

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    I guess they don't have any middle class there. Either very, very rich, or very, very poor

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    Look like Resurrection very near .

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    My country have gold, diamonds,oil,cocoa , manganese, bauxite ,timber ,other natural resources, but yet still the country is still poor due to our poor leadership,, how I wish Dubai king is our president now 😣🤦

  62. Nooice Mate

    Nooice Mate

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    They say that if you go through the frame of Dubai you end up in the Nether.

  63. Helene Hansen

    Helene Hansen

    Prije 22 dana

    My most hilarious experience in Dubai was riding a dutch bicycle of my friend's, being followed by my son, riding a much too small pink girl's bike.

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  76. Loreto Murray

    Loreto Murray

    Prije 25 dana

    Just wondering there are poverty in Dubai?

    • AmarNathan


      Prije 19 dana

      Hell yea there is, Hidden poverty of migrant workers. You don't see how most people who work hard labor live in Dubai, most are from south asian countries. 12 people living in one bedroom apartment, sending money back home, struggling. Can't enjoy any amenities they work on.

  77. Shahid mehsood

    Shahid mehsood

    Prije 26 dana

    I think there was a time once my city was more developed than dubai and when now I think my city will take 1000 years to reach todays Dubai standard 😭😭

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    diamond comics

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    i dont like uae...too many hindis and rafiques there

  87. Ram M

    Ram M

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    Dubai looks like Disneyland only larger.



    Prije 29 dana

    I Love Dubai

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    *What-These-May-19-2021-Deaths-Tell-Us* about *Your-country-affected-by-neighbors?* Posted In *honor* of 3.3M-pandemic-war-victims. Posted In *honor* of 2,000-Yrs-defending-alone-Abraham-Cirrus--Helena-Constantine. ideas. Posted In *hope* of replacing religious wars by singing-dancing the world's greatest hit 'Jerusalema'. *Name[3]* *Deaths* *#/100k* *Fatality%* *Life-Expct-#* _____________________________________________________ *BRAZIL* 439,050 200 2.78% #6 v. Vnzula 2,428 8 1.10% #91 v. Urgwy 3,578 91 1.39% #52 v. Argentin 71,771 151 2.14% #56 v. Pragwy 7,802 102 2.36% #72 v. Colomb 82,291 53 2.59% #34 v. Peru 66,471 197 3.45% #52 v. Boliv 13,566 115 4.19% #109 v. Eqdor 19,877 111 4.81% #41 v. Chil 27,965 144 2.2% #31 v. Hondrs 6,019 #111 ______________________________________________ Virus Diffusion, e.g. No border controls for land travel between ElSlvdor, Hondrs, Nicrg, Gtmala. ______________________________________________ *INDIA* 283,248 18 1.09% #117 v. Pkstn 19,856 9 2.20% #144 v. Npl 5,411 13 0.95% #116 v. SrlLnk 1,015 4 0.61% #54 v. Bhutan 1 1 0.08% #99 v. Mdvs Islnds 101 16 0.2% #33 v. Bngldsh 12,211 73 1.54% #82 ______________________________________________ *GRMNY* 86,671 102 2.43% #20 v. Nrway 774 14 0.66% #3 v. Dnmrk 2,504 43 0.97% #26 v. NL 17,742 101 1.12% #19 v. Swzlnd 10,752 125 1.60% #2 v. Austr 10.499 111 1.65% #21 v. Czch 29,933 278 1.80% #36 v. Frnc 108,201 159 1.85% #11 v. Spn 79,502 168 2.2% #6 v. Blgm 24,749 214 2.43% #24 v. Hngry 29,277 394 3.94% #58 v. Itly 124,497 204 3.0 % #9 ________________________________________________ *US* 587,219 177 1.78% #4 ________________________________________________ Virus Diffusion, e.g. No border controls for land travel between El Slvdor, Hondrs, Nicrg, Gtmala. _______________________________________________ v. Mxco 220,746 171 9.25% #66 v. Eqdor 19,877 111 4.8% #41 v. Cand 24,999 66 1.94% #15 v. Gtml 7,913 47 3.3% #110 v. Elslvdr 2,195 33 3.1% #76 v. Prgwy 7,802 2.0% #72 v. Pnam 6,300 1.75% #35 v. Peru 66,471 197 3.5% #52 v. Cymn Ilnds 2 30 0.37% v. Iclnd 29 8 0.45% #14 v. Brtsh V Ilnds 1 33 0.46% v. Cuba 826 76 0.6% #46 v. SnMRTN 12 37 0.68% v. Hndrs 6,019 #111 ________________________________________________ Virus Diffusion, e.g. No control for travel between US States, Counties, Infected Cities ________________________________________________ Hwaii 492 35 1.45% Alska 358 49 0.54% Utah 2,259 70 0.56% PrtRic 2,438 76 0.94% NJ 25,975 292 2.57% MS 17,772 256 2.52% PA 26,985 210 2.26% NY 53,270 274 2.49% LA 24,030 Brnx 6,514 MiM-D 6,273 ____________________________________________ *CN* 4,846 1 4.7% #48 v. HK 210 28 1.78% v. Mngl 227 6 0.35% #132 v, Bhutn 1 1 0.08% #99 v. Npl 5,411 13 0.95% #116 v. Twn 12 1 1.02% v. Kzkhstn 3,403 207 1.14% #89 v. TJkstn 90 0.7% #124 v. Vtnm 37 #92 ____________________________________________ *RUS* 114,619 77 2.32% #113 v. Ukrn 50,425 109 2.18% #101 v. Hungry 29,277 294 3.60% #58 v. Plnd 71,920 184 2.46% #42 v. Kzkhstn 3,403 18 0.8% #89 v. Fnlnd 933 167 1.04% #22 v. Estn 1,229 91 0.96% #37 ___________________________________________ Russia also borders with 12 other countries __________________________________________ *ISRL* 6,392 70 0.76% #9 v. Jrdn 9,295 90 1.26% #45 v. Lbnon 7,641 109 1.4% #59 v. Egpt 14,441 14 5.85% #112 v. Syr 1,710 10 7.1% #105 v. Cyprs 348 #6 v. Tuns 11,971 #53 v. Trky 45,186 #39 __________________________________________________ *N*O BORDERS, *N*O VIRUS in 12 ISLANDS-ATOLLS cited out of PHL-7,100, EST-2,220, out of Africa, India, Europe, U.S, Australia, which, with peninsulas & Arid Areas, constitute Nature Refuge from virus. __________________________________________________ Sn Barth 1 140 0.10% Timor-Leste 10 1 0.13% Cayman Ilnds 2 30 0.37% Brtsh Vrgn Ilnds 1 33 0.46% Grenada 1 9 0.63% Sn Vincent 12 118 0.63% Sn Martin 12 369 0.68% Turks & Caicos 17 480 0.71% New Zealand 26 1 0.99% Taiwan 14 1 1.02% Caribbean NL 16 636 1.02% Mauritius 17 13 1.39% _____________________________________ SAF 55,340 94 3.4% Iran 77,532 91 2.8% Ymn 1,297 4 19.7% ____________________________________ *What-these-facts-tell-us?* #1: Virus-Free-Locations & Vaccines can *end* this Pandemic. #2: Pandemic leaders/Czars face the greatest in history life-or-death dilemma: #3: Campings in arid zones, beaches, river sides, forests, mountains, atolls. #4: Relocations via campers, tents, single floors, 100-ft Residential Distancing. #5: GOVS-RELOCATIONS start with homeless in donated good tents, food, etc. #6: Non-science-terms like immigration, refugees, travel bans, lockdown, revised. #7: Linked-Countries Affect Death Inside Each. A: Posted in *honor* of 3.3M-pandemic-war victims. B: Posted in *honor* of ~2,000-Yrs-defending alone Abraham-Cirrus-Helena-Constantine ideas. C: In hope of replacing *religious* wars by singing-dancing the world's greatest hit 'Jerusalema'. *REFERENCES* 1. Unlike One-Liners, NYT & POLITICO appear to first comprehend this Science.[2]. 2. Gal-Or, Benjamin, 'Modern Thermodynamics', 'Physics', 'Philosophy', 'Local-Climates' 'Gravitism' [Amazon, Wiley, Springer, Science, Nature, 'In', HRgreen, AIAA, ASME.]. 3. Thousands of dedicated MDs, Nurses, Health Care Workers in ~180 Countries daily reporting these data to US University JH and WHO, analyzed via countries-around-each or as islands, peninsulas, etc. and reordered herein in 5 or 7-Days Intervals. These data: May 12-19, 2021. Life Expectancy, Wikipedia List. *All* *Copyrights* apply and reserved to this author, David Galor & family members.....//

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    The sky tower and the one in Saudi Arabia have been abandoned though.