Fry and Laurie Shakespear Master Class

1984. At Nether Wallop Fete. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie give a master class in Shakespeare.


  1. Indiebue


    Prije 2 dana

    Hugh's pose reminds me of prince George in Black adder.

  2. roberto


    Prije 4 dana

    reminds me of the black adder :D



    Prije 4 dana

    Oh man.. Laurie looks so young here. Time flies.. I will sound like an old mop sweeper but.. For me.. This was the peak of comedy.

  4. Diane Morrison

    Diane Morrison

    Prije 7 dana

    Every week at Cambridge doing English

  5. Wade Morgan

    Wade Morgan

    Prije 9 dana

    “What went wrong there Hugh??” I lose it every time!!!🤣🤣🤣

  6. Sean Ford

    Sean Ford

    Prije 10 dana

    Shakespeare has an ‘e’ on the end!!

  7. Jeremy Green

    Jeremy Green

    Prije 11 dana

    Time, he's waiting in the wings He speaks of senseless things His script is you and me, boy Time, he flexes like a whore Falls wanking to the floor His trick is you and me, boy Time, in quaaludes and red wine Demanding Billy Dolls And other friends of mine Take your time The sniper in the brain, regurgitating drain Incestuous and vain And many other last names Oh, well, I look at my watch, it says nine twenty-five And I think "Oh God, I'm still alive" We should be on by now We should be on by now La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la You are not a victim You just scream with boredom You are not evicting time Chimes, goddamn, you're looking old You'll freeze and catch a cold 'Cause you've left your coat behind Take your time Breaking up is hard, but keeping dark is hateful I had so many dreams I had so many breakthroughs But you, my love, were kind, but love has left you dreamless The door to dreams was closed Your park was real dreamless Perhaps you're smiling now Smiling through this darkness But all I had to give was guilt for dreaming We should be on by now We should be on by now We should be on by now We should be on by now We should be on by now La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, yeah, time!

  8. David Floren

    David Floren

    Prije 12 dana

    2:02 when Fry asks "time?" a second time, I initially felt it was an invitation for Laurie to consult his watch and tell Fry the time, as a sort of gag set-up thingy, and that Laurie forgets to provide the pre-planned punchline. And that Laurie's "yes" is the "wrong" answer to what "time" it actually is at that specific moment in time. But giving the entire thing a listen, I see that time waits for no man.

  9. Tom McMurtry

    Tom McMurtry

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  10. Tracy Hodson

    Tracy Hodson

    Prije 15 dana

    Reminds me of the bit in Black Adder where the Prince Regent is being coached by the actors in how to deliver a speech. Hugh has always been great at physical comedy.

  11. michael purtell

    michael purtell

    Prije 15 dana

    Thanks to ever who posted this

  12. Ben Causey

    Ben Causey

    Prije 21 dan

    Not funny.

  13. Marko Polo

    Marko Polo

    Prije 27 dana

    The women seem to be the Victims And the Power Brokers! Prophecy or What

  14. Marko Polo

    Marko Polo

    Prije 27 dana

    They were young uns then weren't they

  15. Nae Danger

    Nae Danger

    Prije 28 dana

    Talentless Wasters Abusing Titled Status. "Oh it's my talent that gets me in the public eye, not my connections from oxbridge at the BBC."

    • Stan Monzon

      Stan Monzon

      Prije 12 dana

      Fry and Laurie are talentless? Hmmmm

  16. Hexen Wulf

    Hexen Wulf

    Prije 29 dana

    Young Stephen Fry cuts a fucking striking figure. No young lady was safe.... her boyfriend may get stolen at anytime.

  17. hazchem


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  18. Roselena Laferté

    Roselena Laferté

    Prije mjesec

    I love these men! A hilariously comedic duo!

  19. Mark Fox

    Mark Fox

    Prije mjesec

    Always gather from the buttocks. Words to live by. 😊

  20. 123axel123


    Prije mjesec

    Old school so much better than today's

  21. Fred Archer

    Fred Archer

    Prije mjesec

    Oh look how erudite I am !

  22. Liam Connelly (Corpus Juris)

    Liam Connelly (Corpus Juris)

    Prije mjesec

    Every bad drama and English class rolled into one

  23. Michael Duah

    Michael Duah

    Prije mjesec

    This is Gold, two legends on the stage together.... I love it

  24. Michael James Chisholm

    Michael James Chisholm

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    • Sam Sowden García

      Sam Sowden García

      Prije 16 dana

      Was so young...

  25. William Andrade

    William Andrade

    Prije mjesec

    Man, they don't make intelligent sketches as this anymore

  26. Syntax Error

    Syntax Error

    Prije mjesec

    Ah, Dr. House when he was young! :-)

  27. Kevin Barnett

    Kevin Barnett

    Prije mjesec

    I was in the audience when this was recorded for a show called Weekend in Wallop.

  28. Janet Stoker

    Janet Stoker

    Prije mjesec

    Hugh, why are you squatting? I don't think we are ready for that yet? Are we?!🤣

  29. black bob

    black bob

    Prije mjesec

    i'll try again. i ca'nt get past the "mind's eye" of him being tampered with in the cloisters, when he were a lad, a young lad.

  30. anonymous


    Prije mjesec

    They both got posher as they aged.

  31. Lisa Hubbard

    Lisa Hubbard

    Prije mjesec

    Always gather from the buttocks Hugh! 🤣 Tedtalk next I think 😊

  32. Isleofskye


    Prije mjesec

    Shame these Guys never made it as they seemed to have a smidgen of talent....

  33. Gary Hardman

    Gary Hardman

    Prije mjesec

    Can't stand Stephen Fry. He's a human Slug.

  34. サテライトnsf


    Prije mjesec

    I wonder what happened, the UK doesn't produce people like this anymore. Seems like quality British content pipe has dried up. Sth like Black Books, The IT Guys, Black Adder, etc, why can't we get any new brilliant shows from the UK? Where is the next Fry, Laurie, Bill Bailey, Rowan Atkinson, and the like?

  35. marvinc999


    Prije mjesec

    So - just a polite question - where are the AMERICAN equivalents of these two University Wits ?

  36. Mart Rootamm

    Mart Rootamm

    Prije mjesec

    Never thought Hugh Laurie was _so_ good-looking once.

  37. Captain Sanchez

    Captain Sanchez

    Prije mjesec

    this is exactly how english teachers analyse texts

  38. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee

    Prije mjesec

    When he asked hugh how time was spelled, he messed up his line by saying how does hugh decide to spell it, but quickly improvised over it. Very professional

  39. Nick Kakid

    Nick Kakid

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  40. Jeremy James

    Jeremy James

    Prije mjesec

    Fry is a national treasure and we should be protecting him at all cost

  41. MrAristaeus


    Prije mjesec

    I’m pretty sure they’re parodying this:

  42. MrAristaeus


    Prije mjesec

    Superb Kenneth Branagh impression at 01:22 “... a WALLIT at his back...”

  43. dunruden


    Prije mjesec

    You'd think the poster would spell the bard's name correctly, wouldn't you?

  44. martha richler

    martha richler

    Prije mjesec

    'There's a lot of work to be done!' 😄 ... 'Think your voice is ready to convey that, Hugh?' It's so lovely and natural .... anybody who has ever worked tirelessly as a teacher (me!) will see themselves in this skit!

  45. Peace Frog

    Peace Frog

    Prije mjesec

    Teachers all over the world are working really hard to take all the fun out of reading and literature. So in the future the horrific phenomenon of taking pleasure out of art will be eradicated. Keep up the good work! We’re getting there.

  46. Alan Rowley

    Alan Rowley

    Prije mjesec

    Shakespeare, not bloody Shakespear.

  47. jacques fois

    jacques fois

    Prije mjesec

    silly sods

  48. Joseph Clift

    Joseph Clift

    Prije mjesec

    Not as good as Shakespeare's early, funny stuff

  49. Thomas Simmons

    Thomas Simmons

    Prije mjesec

    Fookin BRILLIANT!!

  50. Paul Martin

    Paul Martin

    Prije mjesec

    middle/upper class humour

  51. JES


    Prije mjesec

    Now I need to binge watch Jeeves and Wooster.

  52. J.J.C.S (MaccaMagic)

    J.J.C.S (MaccaMagic)

    Prije mjesec

    Wrong aspect ratio ... should be 4:3.

  53. Dave Dave

    Dave Dave

    Prije mjesec

    I have been in BBC meetings with this sort of conversation and likewise in the pub so there are plenty of Fry's out there !

  54. Charley Fone

    Charley Fone

    Prije mjesec

    ShakespearE 🤦🏻‍♀️

  55. Rob Keaton

    Rob Keaton

    Prije mjesec

    ALWAYS gather from the buttocks

  56. Troupe Goal

    Troupe Goal

    Prije mjesec

    It’s Laurie’s straight faced answer to the obvious questions that made me laugh most.

  57. Hellfire Pictures

    Hellfire Pictures

    Prije mjesec

    80s and 90s humour was just shite. Thank goodness they got over this and stopped being so pretentious.

  58. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Very reminiscent of a Blackadder sketch about actors, Shakespeare and - not coincidentally - Hugh.

  59. Ze German Scientist

    Ze German Scientist

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I would not be surprised if this whole piece was just adlibed around a vague idea of a sketch. Their interplay is actually that good.

  60. John X

    John X

    Prije 2 mjeseci


  61. billy toffingham

    billy toffingham

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Stephen Fry , before he lost all of his talent and became an overbearing inverted abomination

  62. Lisa R

    Lisa R

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    This is a treat. Stephen got terrible stage fright not long after, and won’t do live theatre anymore.

  63. Earth


    Prije 2 mjeseci


  64. AMT


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    SO painful because it's truuuuueee!!!!!

  65. AMT


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    OMG - I just watched Trevor Nunn doing this to David Suchet in the 1970's ... NOT funny in that case!

  66. Lechenaultia


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Suffered years of this pompous crap in school..studied Lear for A level....many years later I saw the Footsbarn Theatre Company's bawdy, noisy, violent and utterly heartbreaking rendition in their tent ....and finally 'got' Shakespeare. A curse on all this pomposity!

  67. Eric Sherman Baker

    Eric Sherman Baker

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Laurie: Time.. Fry: Not quite my tempo

  68. Sherrie Thomson

    Sherrie Thomson

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    So very true. Acting teachers will take a reasonable job and turn it into a hot mess and an actor into a bundle of questions and nerves. Never go to acting school.

  69. Rosie Porter

    Rosie Porter

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    The oceanic step-sister overwhelmingly empty because purchase karunagappally guide a a hard change. previous, natural parade

  70. LilFiremaster


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Flashbacks of theatre classes in college/university now...

  71. Ga Wa

    Ga Wa

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking...

  72. mushdogful


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    From Blackadder: "RRROOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRRR unaccustomed as I am..."

  73. General Apathy

    General Apathy

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Our language, Tiger, our language, hundreds of thousands of available words, frillions of possible legitimate new ideas, so that I can say this sentence and be confident it has never been uttered before in the history of human communication: "Hold the newsreader's nose squarely, waiter, or friendly milk will countermand my trousers."

  74. BANKO007


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Hugh sounds much better here when he's not faking that terrible American accent.

  75. Jane Smith

    Jane Smith

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Brilliant. In 1984 (I am a simila age to them) I think many of us were as we are now in 2021. A lot of people are born rather than made.

  76. Apple Bebe Rozas-Lipman

    Apple Bebe Rozas-Lipman

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    is this at a comedy festival?

  77. Hannah Miyamoto

    Hannah Miyamoto

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    This is truly swot's humor.

  78. Brendan Duncan

    Brendan Duncan

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Holy shit young Hugh Laurie 🤩

  79. Harry Mills

    Harry Mills

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Yes. Actors are pretentious.

  80. Kent Jensen

    Kent Jensen

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Someone who calls himself "cine" lad should be able to not upload 4:3 footage stretched to 16:9.

  81. Martin Hodge

    Martin Hodge

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Stephen Fry simply glistens with a robust sheen of "English" in everything he does.

  82. Nikki Franceschini

    Nikki Franceschini

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Always gather from the buttocks.”...words to live by.

  83. A Rem

    A Rem

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Always pushing the boundaries of mediocre.

  84. Lakrids Pibe

    Lakrids Pibe

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Ah! The glorious sweaters of the 1980s....

  85. Simon Archbold

    Simon Archbold

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Haha reminds me of studying English Lit 🤣

  86. Ernest Lebedev (MathObsessed)

    Ernest Lebedev (MathObsessed)

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Taihm!!! hath, my lord, a wallet at his back, Wherein he puts alms for oblivion ✊🧨

  87. Keiren David

    Keiren David

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    This was adapted for a Blackadder Third scene where Keanrick and Mossop are teaching Prince George how to roar at the beginning of a speech

    • Knotwilg


      Prije 3 mjeseci

      Yes, I thought I had seen the buttocks delivery before.

  88. Kimberly Loranger

    Kimberly Loranger

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    While Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are both great at what they do, I always liked Hugh Laurie a bit more for being comfortable acting in the sillier/less authoritative roles, be they in the "Bit of Fry and Laurie" series or in the Blackadder series. It was always fun to watch him play those kinds of characters.

  89. Vinayak Dev

    Vinayak Dev

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Lmao, Master Class indeed.

  90. 1Riperl


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Brilliant satire of analysis paralysis tutorial bollocks.

  91. Angry Ted

    Angry Ted

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I like Fry. I like Laurie. I like a bit of Fry and Laurie. Shakespeare got the credit, but surely Bacon wrote all that stuff.

    • Angry Ted

      Angry Ted

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      @Wayne Marvin You should do more research. There are no surviving manuscripts attributable to Shakespeare himself. There are six different signatures ascribed to him. There has been debate for decades as to how a nobody from Warwickshire became familiar with the Italian courts. I would love to see more evidence that the person born on 23rd April 1564 called William Shakespeare actually wrote the works alone. I agree that whilst Francis Bacon's masterpiece (The King James Bible) indicates his ability to have authored the plays, his involvement with the theatre is a tenuous one. The jury is still out, I am not out of my mind at all.

    • Wayne Marvin

      Wayne Marvin

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      You're out of your mind. There is no evidence whatsoever that anyone other than Shakespeare wrote the plays and sonnets attributed to him.

  92. Mama Eli

    Mama Eli

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    So much appears to go over the audience. Meanwhile my daughter and I are in stitches frequently pausing due to our laughter.

  93. E Knaap

    E Knaap

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Who the h*ll is 'Shakespear' (without the 'e')? A spear that shakes? 😟

    • Angry Ted

      Angry Ted

      Prije 3 mjeseci

      Yes. That is the origin of the name. The 'e' is optional; the 6 surviving signatures ascribed to Shakespeare are all different, including spellings. Our decorator has the same surname.

  94. bkbj8282


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    At what point will something funny happen?

  95. Mark Lewis

    Mark Lewis

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    "Shakespear"... I guess that's the ordinary, "conventional" spelling of Shakespeare.

  96. Pesky Fervid

    Pesky Fervid

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    First saw Fry and Laurie in "Jeeves and Wooster". They are incredible!

  97. morningstar


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    You can see the seeds for the scene in Blackadder where the two theatre luvvies are trying to teach the prince (played by Laurie) how to make a speech.

  98. Smaakjeks K

    Smaakjeks K

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I know it's a sketch, but I've always hated this form of teaching. The lecturer holding the students hostage to their obtuse questions, framed within a paradigm only they know, and outside of which answers will not be accepted.

    • K1lostream


      Prije dan

      Liusila I believe the word you're looking for is 'douchebaggery'.

    • Hrushikesh J

      Hrushikesh J

      Prije 8 dana

      @Smaakjeks K that's really too much haha!!!

    • Smaakjeks K

      Smaakjeks K

      Prije 8 dana

      @Hrushikesh J My driving instructor did it to me. -"What's the most important thing to remember when you first get into your car?" -"Uh. Keys? Seatbelt! Check the breaks, and lights? Oh, uhm, make sure the area around the car is fr--" -"To keep your wits about you!" -"Fer the love o'Pete..."

    • Hrushikesh J

      Hrushikesh J

      Prije 8 dana

      This is so true. I have faced this during interviews as well :)

    • Liusila


      Prije 9 dana

      There must be a term or phrase for that exact type of buttheadery. I always disliked teachers who did this, and it made them look so petty and self-involved.

  99. alan brooke

    alan brooke

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I thought I had stumbled upon the originators of the university Gender Studies department...

  100. Tim McGee

    Tim McGee

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    "Shakespear"... Good spelling. Duh.