Vikkstar Rages at a Water Bottle

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  1. Ben Gbaruko

    Ben Gbaruko

    Prije dan


  2. James Adams

    James Adams

    Prije 3 dana

    0:20 What's that thing flying up front the bottom right?

  3. Young dizz stomach

    Young dizz stomach

    Prije 10 dana

    Vikk doesn’t normally rage but when he does it’s at such random things

  4. malka algailani

    malka algailani

    Prije 12 dana

    poor water bottle

  5. Badddiee Taraaa!

    Badddiee Taraaa!

    Prije 14 dana

    hes so cute

  6. Edits of The Ottoman

    Edits of The Ottoman

    Prije 14 dana

    For some reason I read the title as Vikkstar rages at KSI water bottle flip

  7. Al Lt

    Al Lt

    Prije 15 dana

    Dude this was ez I had a competition and demolished everyone in my class

  8. Isaac Haworth

    Isaac Haworth

    Prije 15 dana

    Wat nerd made a vid about this

  9. Akshat Jalan

    Akshat Jalan

    Prije 15 dana

    Bottle - *not landed straight* Vikkstar - That's enough for me

  10. Vizion PSBO

    Vizion PSBO

    Prije 15 dana

    why has he started to act hard during lockdown like ffs, he is like them north face jacket boys who act tough.

  11. kmac nba

    kmac nba

    Prije 16 dana

    “Who dented my water battle.” Grrrrrr

  12. Samigator 9

    Samigator 9

    Prije 16 dana

    Why is minecraft steve so mad at a water bottle

  13. LowKeyMad _

    LowKeyMad _

    Prije 16 dana

    Vikkstar is the only unfunny sidemen hes also awkward and cringe

    • Call Me Bill

      Call Me Bill

      Prije 14 dana

      Agreed tbh

  14. Malin Patel

    Malin Patel

    Prije 16 dana

    i did the same thing where of i wouldn’t stop until i got like ten in a row like literally i could just stop but i didnt



    Prije 16 dana

    Man's rage is unique and weird

  16. Louis Lake

    Louis Lake

    Prije 16 dana

    “I’m a pretty chill guy”

  17. Joe Spencer

    Joe Spencer

    Prije 16 dana

    VIKK went curry mide

  18. Clorox


    Prije 16 dana

    Vikkstar is the funniest person In The sidemen in my opinion

  19. Varoz


    Prije 16 dana

    When the ad is longer than the video

  20. Shadow Killer1711

    Shadow Killer1711

    Prije 16 dana

    What a mong

  21. Youngbosss GAMING

    Youngbosss GAMING

    Prije 17 dana

    "You can move on with your life, " 🤣🤣😭😭

  22. Sir 49

    Sir 49

    Prije 17 dana

    He’s got more times then I ever have

  23. An1medere


    Prije 17 dana

    Worst is when you make 4 but miss the 5th one

  24. GamerPro Singapore

    GamerPro Singapore

    Prije 17 dana

    i was the 7000 person to watch it

  25. Muzzammil Hoosain

    Muzzammil Hoosain

    Prije 17 dana

    *Ksi flashbacks*

  26. _THONG_BANDIT_CLIPS on Insta


    Prije 17 dana

    Is everything ok at home my guy👀👀👀

  27. Shaheer Siddiqui

    Shaheer Siddiqui

    Prije 17 dana

    AAAND… Ladies and Gentlemen, That is ✨ Dedication ✨

  28. Shaezer Hockey16

    Shaezer Hockey16

    Prije 17 dana

    Fun fact you didn’t look this up it was on your recommended

  29. Jaro de jong

    Jaro de jong

    Prije 17 dana

    No chair so i dont want to see it.

  30. British Dud

    British Dud

    Prije 17 dana


  31. distrust gaming

    distrust gaming

    Prije 17 dana

    He needs to grow up like bro

  32. xd lilmanhaider

    xd lilmanhaider

    Prije 17 dana

    Access denied

  33. XMac


    Prije 17 dana

    Vik Raging

  34. Mud Pro

    Mud Pro

    Prije 17 dana

    Bro imagine bottle flipping that isn’t even interesting lol 😂

  35. Adesport GT

    Adesport GT

    Prije 17 dana

    I swear this guy rages like a toddler 🤓🤓😂

  36. cameron Rowe

    cameron Rowe

    Prije 17 dana

    that piano chair got lucky this time



    Prije 17 dana


  38. Nebulai


    Prije 17 dana

    HRgreen: you wanna watch eyebrow man spin a water bottle for 47 seconds Me: 🤨

  39. FlySkyer987


    Prije 17 dana

    Looks like Salah in the thumbnail lol

  40. ICE KING


    Prije 17 dana

  41. Mustafha Asefi

    Mustafha Asefi

    Prije 17 dana

    why he rage is because he play call of duty warzone yesterday and he raged there, and have no more than 2 hour sleep

  42. Nicky Butcher

    Nicky Butcher

    Prije 17 dana

    What a manly rage

  43. tanmay Karde

    tanmay Karde

    Prije 17 dana

    Vikkstar more like wants to Always WinStar

  44. SideA


    Prije 17 dana

    You guys aren’t gonna believe me but the most bottle flips I’ve go in a row is 61.

  45. MLG green

    MLG green

    Prije 17 dana

    I mean.... He does have a bad gaming chair

  46. Vassy VG

    Vassy VG

    Prije 17 dana

    Listen to 0:16 ,,Oh noo" and close your eyes.I imagine Harry's voice

  47. Beep Beep Gamer

    Beep Beep Gamer

    Prije 17 dana

    imagine how the water would have tasted like after all the flips

  48. Haywan Kabir

    Haywan Kabir

    Prije 18 dana

    Poor water bottle. I think it needs some love and affection😂

  49. sharad shelar

    sharad shelar

    Prije 18 dana

    I think he needs help...

  50. ShiftyBeast


    Prije 18 dana

    Vikk rage is a different breed

  51. lewbrad 75

    lewbrad 75

    Prije 18 dana

    Why do I see a ghost go past the right of the screen at this time. 0:19

  52. Dexyy


    Prije 18 dana


  53. yousef diaa

    yousef diaa

    Prije 18 dana




    Prije 18 dana

    Hes a special human being

  55. 24kLuchini


    Prije 18 dana

    i dont knowww mann this title is so stupidly funny

  56. Ares


    Prije 18 dana

    my man looks like a punjabi

  57. James Target

    James Target

    Prije 18 dana

    He turned into dababy at the end

  58. brandon kelly

    brandon kelly

    Prije 18 dana

    Normal people are weird



    Prije 18 dana

    Because that’s the only thing he can remove his anger not on his girlfriend nor on July

  60. Joev Quezon

    Joev Quezon

    Prije 18 dana

    Kid, grow up 😂 Yes I'm talking to myself 😂

  61. Chiranjan Sahu

    Chiranjan Sahu

    Prije 18 dana


  62. Ollie


    Prije 18 dana

    You see that flick of the fingers on impact, now an advanced manoeuvre! 😎

  63. PokeMrStark


    Prije 18 dana

    0:43 when the pizza is cooked.

  64. ThornlessPig


    Prije 18 dana

    Mmmmh Let's GO! Outside?

  65. 5ANA


    Prije 18 dana

    Piano stool: *profusely sweating*

  66. 5ANA


    Prije 18 dana

    Piano stool: *profusely sweating*



    Prije 18 dana

    This is why I stopped gaming.... My phone would being in the same situation as that bottle

  68. GBN


    Prije 18 dana

    almost got the piano chair

  69. brett stabler

    brett stabler

    Prije 18 dana

    That was the weakest rage ever from the least entertain sidemen

  70. S Y

    S Y

    Prije 18 dana

    This is like a struggle between the hulk and Bruce banner of who will take over the body

  71. Heil David

    Heil David

    Prije 18 dana

    Indian man hatea water

  72. Bruh It’s will

    Bruh It’s will

    Prije 18 dana


  73. 4pak productions

    4pak productions

    Prije 18 dana

  74. Dilexro


    Prije 18 dana

    Got an ad of 49 seconds watching a 47 second long video, thx HRgreen

  75. Daniel Ludkin

    Daniel Ludkin

    Prije 18 dana

    How old is this man? Still flipping bottle huh?

  76. manik gupta

    manik gupta

    Prije 18 dana

    Well I can see the Indian Kid coming out somewhere

  77. Henry Vard

    Henry Vard

    Prije 18 dana

    Reminds me of faze Jev

  78. Jarjo


    Prije 18 dana

    Mmmmmmm let’s gooooo

  79. AniFanatic


    Prije 18 dana

    0:15 i didnt know vik had it in him

  80. Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson

    Prije 18 dana

    hate him

  81. Piet Power

    Piet Power

    Prije 18 dana

    Never seen a man so happy in my life

  82. Jordan Brown

    Jordan Brown

    Prije 18 dana

    fully grown man btw

  83. Danielfoxo99


    Prije 18 dana


  84. SMusic


    Prije 18 dana

    Fortnite czizzors death run rages were the best😂

  85. Cyberbully


    Prije 18 dana

    KSI Bullies him so much that he acts like that

  86. Kennu


    Prije 18 dana

    I remember when bottle flip was trending and i landed like 33-34 times in a row and after that i didnt even get 15times in a row🤣😂

  87. Kacper Zaremski

    Kacper Zaremski

    Prije 18 dana


  88. Lee


    Prije 18 dana

    I wish life was this easy where you can do shit like this and get rich

  89. Danny Heatley

    Danny Heatley

    Prije 18 dana

    Wtf did I just watch 😂

  90. RottenHopper


    Prije 19 dana

    ay yo vik should box that bottle

  91. Rajvansh Singh Chauhan

    Rajvansh Singh Chauhan

    Prije 19 dana

    That's the Punjabi coming out innit?

  92. Ben Antony

    Ben Antony

    Prije 19 dana

    Vikk throws a party after he succeded in bottle flipping

  93. Wisezard


    Prije 19 dana


  94. Bhuvanesh27


    Prije 19 dana

    This is what 1 year of lockdown does to you

  95. Angelica Louise

    Angelica Louise

    Prije 19 dana

    I can feel his rage

  96. SUB if u hate BRYCE HALL

    SUB if u hate BRYCE HALL

    Prije 19 dana

    He such a nerd

  97. DrunkenWombat


    Prije 19 dana

    Lets goo vic!

  98. ShaunyBWFC 0

    ShaunyBWFC 0

    Prije 19 dana

    0:43 me when my mum says we’re having takeaway for tea

  99. The Football Insiders

    The Football Insiders

    Prije 19 dana


  100. Owen Cradduck

    Owen Cradduck

    Prije 19 dana

    Does anyone actually like this weird man