7 Times BARCA and Messi Destroyed a Big Team - With Commentaries

7 Times BARCA and Messi Destroyed a Big Team - With commentaries
7 Times BARCA and Messi Destroyed a Big Team - With commentaries



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  1. SherAli EDITS

    SherAli EDITS

    Prije 7 mjeseci

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    • AK25


      Prije 5 mjeseci

      Just saying your intro is very long dude... I like it though 0:48

  2. @CFCMoi11


    Prije dan

    I want to see Pep and Messi unite again and see Messi score beautiful goals in Pep football

  3. mango melon

    mango melon

    Prije 8 dana

    Y so many goal at 69 minutes

    • SherAli EDITS

      SherAli EDITS

      Prije 8 dana


  4. Peter Tran

    Peter Tran

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  6. Cinematic Nostalgia

    Cinematic Nostalgia

    Prije 14 dana

    Where is 5-0 barca ???

  7. Steve Bosman

    Steve Bosman

    Prije 19 dana

    Best team in the history.of football, and getting better.

  8. Amit Rana

    Amit Rana

    Prije 21 dan

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    Hannah Logarski

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  10. Yon Slash

    Yon Slash

    Prije 22 dana

    Feat Leonel Messi 😂

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    Xavier Borrero

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  12. syauqy termydzy

    syauqy termydzy

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    DipDip McDippins

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    Nsi Jdi

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    debbie brock

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  16. Amos Bob

    Amos Bob

    Prije 25 dana

    Pique was also on score sheet 😂😂😂

  17. Oriza Guspita

    Oriza Guspita

    Prije 26 dana

    I remember missing this game

  18. AK Avenis

    AK Avenis

    Prije mjesec

    the kid dabbed 3:32

  19. Brian Ring

    Brian Ring

    Prije mjesec

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  20. נועם וסרטייל

    נועם וסרטייל

    Prije mjesec

    6:15 Messi's head😂😂

  21. James Radova

    James Radova

    Prije mjesec

    Messi is a football version of Eddie Van Halen shredding on "Eruption" while all the opposing players are dorks in the garage who cant figure out the chords for "Smoke on the water".. [White dudes get that reference if the rest of you dont. lol]

  22. ZevFei


    Prije mjesec

    But Jose (Inter Milan) destroyed Barca Tiki Taka (Pep) and win the cup LOL THAT is when Pep insult Eto and sell him to Inter Milan, sweet revenge for Eto

  23. Shozib Rk

    Shozib Rk

    Prije mjesec

    2009 to 2012 this team was something unreal & they were literally invincible

  24. udean bambang

    udean bambang

    Prije mjesec

    diving, unfair referee, provocative players, thats what barca is

  25. Reya Sankar

    Reya Sankar

    Prije mjesec

    M s n d best ever trio

  26. pablo


    Prije mjesec

    Why why why why the dramatic music ? Let the commentary play..

  27. Bawenang Rukmoko Pardian Putra

    Bawenang Rukmoko Pardian Putra

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I feel sorry for Arsenal. They've got a PTSD after being bullied by Messi so many times that they have become mediocre team now.

  28. Spocks lolle

    Spocks lolle

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Its always Messi

  29. Chirag Gera

    Chirag Gera

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Watching this gives me goosebumps! Having been able to witness this great team and that monster, I feel so so proud to be born in this era. ❤️

  30. Ms Dhoni

    Ms Dhoni

    Prije 2 mjeseci

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    Bree Nguyen

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  32. GYRO FF


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Barca the gratest football team in the world😁

  33. It's Me

    It's Me

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    i didn't know Pep Guardiola has hair back then😱

  34. Darshana De Silve

    Darshana De Silve

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    9.38= nick eh 30?

  35. Fissehaye Yohannes

    Fissehaye Yohannes

    Prije 2 mjeseci


  36. Hugh Mandara

    Hugh Mandara

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Tick tacka was the best attacking method

  37. DNaTiX


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I miss 06-15 barca soo much

  38. Chef Pee poo

    Chef Pee poo

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Some of the best moments of my life was the peak of messis glory days.

  39. Yann Valera

    Yann Valera

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I miss Iniesta

  40. rag e63

    rag e63

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    2nd goal against Bayern clearly Offside

    • Ravi Shastri

      Ravi Shastri

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      no he is not the right back of bayern is behind

  41. Mario Torres

    Mario Torres

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    3:31 my man throw up the dab

  42. Abhinav Srivastav

    Abhinav Srivastav

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Barca vs PSG is not in the list .?

  43. Agi Kun

    Agi Kun

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Before neymar and suarez are coming, barcelona is monster!

    • Agi Kun

      Agi Kun

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      Messi, pedro, villa best trio in big event.

  44. bob walker

    bob walker

    Prije 2 mjeseci

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    Abe Khadr

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  46. Adil


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I wonder what made them to replace enrique with someone else cos it looks like till he was the. Iach, barca was still a very giod side

  47. Chungwei Wang

    Chungwei Wang

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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  48. MANJI


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Barca was good with xavi, inesta, neymar, suarez but now....messi is only one

  49. Siddhant Wanave

    Siddhant Wanave

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    3:33 who notice that boy😂😂?

  50. Gauransh Singh

    Gauransh Singh

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Prime Barca could never be stopped

  51. Scorpio Snake

    Scorpio Snake

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Even Pique is getting on the scoreshit. Funny commentary.

  52. Aditya r

    Aditya r

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    pep Gardiola is my favorite manager who' s yours?

  53. Chuck Fox

    Chuck Fox

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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  54. Quest Home

    Quest Home

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Messi love you

  55. SIO Yes

    SIO Yes

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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  56. Sasi8808 Mr. langsypaiyan

    Sasi8808 Mr. langsypaiyan

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    barcelona legendary team

  57. Bhaijaan Bj

    Bhaijaan Bj

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    And todays kids enjoy footballers just running with the ball and scoring compared to this masterclass Oh my word

  58. Santhosh kumar

    Santhosh kumar

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    They trying to contain him But it's an impossible task

  59. bansam loiem

    bansam loiem

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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  60. Сеня Яманко

    Сеня Яманко

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    best yeam in 21

  61. Mareeena


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Football will never be the same without Messi

  62. Peter Nyen

    Peter Nyen

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    how can someone really say that messi isnt the best player of all time?

  63. Ignacio Yebra Cabrera

    Ignacio Yebra Cabrera

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    ¡Qué tiempos! Ahora nos dedicamos a recibir goleadas. Cómo cambian las cosas...

  64. Malte Grotheer

    Malte Grotheer

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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  65. kHolleywood


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Great vids ..well done

  66. Tanget Aier

    Tanget Aier

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Lol Arsenal is a big team😂

  67. Arc _Red

    Arc _Red

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    fact: 6-2 > 8-2

  68. Miguel Galicia

    Miguel Galicia

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Triste, hoy en dia hay equipos que se parecen mas al Barcelona que el mismo Barcelona.

  69. Niza


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    president Joan Laporta, coach Pep Guardiola, MSN striker, Inesta team captain, miss Barca 10 years ago

  70. Elifas Amwaalwa

    Elifas Amwaalwa

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    These men were creating chances for fun

  71. Jesseg0815


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Now upload a video when Barca destroyed a big team without puyo, dinho, Iniesta or Xavi. I’ll wait🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂😂😂

  72. Mustapha Benchelha

    Mustapha Benchelha

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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  73. Thomas Bullert

    Thomas Bullert

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Fc Bayern München destroyed Barca two , you have to show that

  74. Estefania Gomez

    Estefania Gomez

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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  75. BROOK YT


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Watching this now🥺

  76. Kukilun Baite

    Kukilun Baite

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    None can replace Xavi

  77. isabella thomas

    isabella thomas

    Prije 3 mjeseci


  78. Praseesh Prabhakar

    Praseesh Prabhakar

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Messi argubaly the greatest to ever grace the game with all-round ability...such a wonderful footballer who will make u fall in love with football..oh..speechless..love u Messi for giving me so much joy ...

  79. Gaming Chaos

    Gaming Chaos

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    everytime you say messi and barcelona i thinking bout messi not in barca

  80. Pratik Singh

    Pratik Singh

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Even pique is in the score sheet😂😂😂😂

  81. Saanvi Punita Chhabra

    Saanvi Punita Chhabra

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Amazing editing👏👏

  82. vishnu's piano

    vishnu's piano

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Which is the music used?

  83. Arshath Ahamed

    Arshath Ahamed

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Like the yashin trophy , there should be a "LIONEL MESSI " Trophy for the best player maker of the year

  84. John Wick

    John Wick

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Xavi, Iniesta and Bisquets. Name a better midfield, I'll wait.

  85. Jane Kim

    Jane Kim

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    The husky egypt paradoxically harass because quail medicinally peep onto a kindhearted silk. violent, snobbish defense

  86. Dumisani Mbele

    Dumisani Mbele

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT I didn't like that smirk from Messi 10:27

  87. Jay Arya YouTube

    Jay Arya YouTube

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Miss this team 😭 #barça forever 💙❤️

  88. Abudher ul Giffari

    Abudher ul Giffari

    Prije 3 mjeseci


  89. Phillip Whittan

    Phillip Whittan

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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    Rich Gowen

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  91. Ruzhda i dajve

    Ruzhda i dajve

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Realize how Messi scored in everyone of these games and people say he doesnt show up in big games 😂

  92. khaerul anam

    khaerul anam

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    don't forget 8-2 with munchen

  93. Rocky Ramakrishnan

    Rocky Ramakrishnan

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    And some of clowns say he isn't a big game player...

  94. Ivan Armendy

    Ivan Armendy

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    When Messi retired , Ballon d'or should be replaced with Leo Messi Award or something related with Messi's name

  95. Jerry Castillo

    Jerry Castillo

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    0:26 LMAOO

  96. Dominik Ternovan

    Dominik Ternovan

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    I like the was the title is Barcelona and Messi Like he's in his own league

  97. Muaviz


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    This video should be banned as it has a lot of *M U R D E R S*

  98. oren flotech

    oren flotech

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Football is all about MESSI, to be honest...

  99. Fadel Svetlana

    Fadel Svetlana

    Prije 3 mjeseci

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  100. Sander Östergaard

    Sander Östergaard

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    How can people say Messi doesn’t show up in big games