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In this video I confronted an old clown...

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  1. Carlos


    Prije 59 minuta

    Broo you better knock him out

  2. SSlidical


    Prije 4 sati

    I hope Bryce gets knock out

  3. Shreya Shinde

    Shreya Shinde

    Prije 4 sati

    Shut up

  4. Shreya Shinde

    Shreya Shinde

    Prije 4 sati

    Bryce has no right to talk such shit bout Austin

  5. JUAN CARLOS Perez


    Prije 5 sati

    Did you have to say that. Bryce. Thats why addison broke up whith you😒😒😒😒😒

  6. sean kelly

    sean kelly

    Prije 6 sati

    He keeps talkin about his age. Is 30yo old to a 20 somethin year old? Seems kinda silly.

  7. Brianna Terry

    Brianna Terry

    Prije 6 sati

    I love Austin McBroom

  8. Tina Filiangouras

    Tina Filiangouras

    Prije 6 sati

    Why is Bryce talking about Austin kids

  9. Charlotte Morrow

    Charlotte Morrow

    Prije 7 sati

    Y’all hating on Bryce but it’s Austin’s fault this started ( but yes I do agree Bryce shouldn’t of mentioned his kids)

  10. ezbai cardenas

    ezbai cardenas

    Prije 7 sati

    WHAT THE FUCK IS BRYCE TALKIN ABOUT LETS Start OFF with that austin is so calm when byrce says ima smack the fuck out of ya because he anit scared of jack like get that straight BRYCE

  11. ‏‏‎ ‎

    ‏‏‎ ‎

    Prije 8 sati

    bruh a 13 year old with no experience could knock the fuck outta you

  12. Jada Butterflies

    Jada Butterflies

    Prije 8 sati

    HATE him why is he talking about someone else kids (No HATE)

  13. julia


    Prije 8 sati

    i love him 😭😭

  14. GamerspamsL2YT


    Prije 9 sati

    Stfu your gonna lose

  15. matrix


    Prije 9 sati

    bryce hall no one like you

  16. Cameron Ross

    Cameron Ross

    Prije 9 sati

    4 Year old of honey do not mess with me ngl I hope he beat the sh*t out of u u getting annoying

  17. Emilina Chavez

    Emilina Chavez

    Prije 10 sati

    I hate you everyone hates you so much and everyone hates Addison Ray too since you want to talk about Austin kids

    • Emilina Chavez

      Emilina Chavez

      Prije 10 sati

      And you don't talk about Austin's kids you'll need them out

  18. Amy Ramirez

    Amy Ramirez

    Prije 11 sati

    Lol Austin asked to come closer. Bryce : “ wHaT aRe YoU gOnNa Do If i Do?…WhY dOn’t YoU cOme Do SoMe ShIt?” Lmao he literally said come closer and you didn’t? Calling him a p**** and talking shit about his kids? C’mon bro?? You are a fucking kid. The fact you literally are talking about kids? You deserve to get your ass beat! Can’t wait to see it happen (: js.

  19. Des Heywood

    Des Heywood

    Prije 11 sati

    What are they susposed to be nice? They are having a fight. Their not susposed to be nice to eachother 😵‍💫

  20. Elvis Moreno

    Elvis Moreno

    Prije 13 sati

    Bro stop acting tuff to get ur Addison Rae 😂😂

  21. Rudaina Safwat

    Rudaina Safwat

    Prije 13 sati

    Da CrInGEee I just can't 🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. Jessie Perez

    Jessie Perez

    Prije 15 sati

    Uhm… Spanish music for your video ? LMFAOOO no please don’t. We don’t claim you.

  23. Ail Kum

    Ail Kum

    Prije 18 sati

    I thought they were on a date after reading the title

  24. joel panther

    joel panther

    Prije 18 sati

    your the only one getting knocked out mate and don't even try ksi clown

  25. ZR GOD

    ZR GOD

    Prije 18 sati

    What the shittt balls😂😂😂😂

  26. Thomas Brummett

    Thomas Brummett

    Prije 18 sati

    God Bryce ur so gay

  27. Orquidea Hernandez

    Orquidea Hernandez

    Prije 19 sati

    I love the fight that you guys made in the Congress go Bryce hall you gonna win and rock the shit

  28. Elena Nicorsin

    Elena Nicorsin

    Prije 19 sati


  29. Tafares Taitt

    Tafares Taitt

    Prije 19 sati

    bryce ik you don't like austin but plz don't talk about his kids

  30. E Z

    E Z

    Prije 19 sati

    So Austin a 29 year old if fighting a 21 year old. But Bryce has no reason to talk about Austin’s kids, he basically doesn’t even know him. Also Bryce always starts the fight by calling Austin a p**sy and a b*tch and saying f**k a million times

  31. Lay


    Prije 19 sati


  32. Luiz Augusto da br

    Luiz Augusto da br

    Prije 20 sati


  33. Yuval Shiloni

    Yuval Shiloni

    Prije 20 sati

    Bruh your such a bum

  34. Carlie Ann🌊

    Carlie Ann🌊

    Prije 21 sat

    Bryce has no right to drag his children that are all under 5 and him partying and drinking isn’t gonna help him win Bryce is competitive so much it’s not even funny like grow up.

  35. I Fag-got Abt that

    I Fag-got Abt that

    Prije 22 sati

    me wondering where the 140k likes came from😂

  36. Molini Raass

    Molini Raass

    Prije 22 sati

    Bryce lowkey embarrassing himself. talking about other people children-

  37. Michael Gonzales

    Michael Gonzales

    Prije 22 sati

    Bryce stop talking crap you thought you could beat stromedy and yet he still kicked your stupid ass.

  38. Julian Fernandez

    Julian Fernandez

    Prije 22 sati

    Yo he talks so much shit then he’ll get knocked out round one

  39. Shivesh Gokhool

    Shivesh Gokhool

    Prije dan

    Bryce for life

  40. Martha Jourdain

    Martha Jourdain

    Prije dan

    Screw Bryce he talked about Austin's kids and he really thinks he's gonna win I can't believe Addison dated this fool😂

  41. Its Izzy and Lilly

    Its Izzy and Lilly

    Prije dan

    Byce should not have the right to talk about Austin’s kids and bruh ur not strong

  42. Jack the Bard

    Jack the Bard

    Prije dan

    I love the bodyguard at the end "Who fights in a night club?!?"

  43. Snowworries


    Prije dan

    Talkin about energy full on full of steroids lmao

  44. Athilah Faza

    Athilah Faza

    Prije dan

    I just hope no one dies🤷🏻‍♀

  45. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando

    Prije dan

    This... This is not content I do not know how this guy has fans oh wait I know he's famous because of his ex

  46. TiK ToK MaShUp

    TiK ToK MaShUp

    Prije dan

    when bryce hall lose ya'll gonna hear from him "that he let austin win" n you got no right talking about his family cause you would'nt like if he talk about yours i hope he knock you out to teach you a lesson that you only have mouth n you siting there parting n shit while austin is training to beat a boy with mouth like you...grow up

  47. s t a y cool :/

    s t a y cool :/

    Prije dan

    Addison Rae is like 😃

  48. Tank


    Prije dan

    My brain tried to leave me 10 seconds into watching the video 😂

  49. Javier Jaimes

    Javier Jaimes

    Prije dan

    Bryce listen to us your going to get knocked out😂

  50. Tobias Wipf

    Tobias Wipf

    Prije dan

    Hey Bryce! Come on over to montana in the country behind the barn in the grass no rules n let's fight! You poor little city bitch! Don't worry I'd leave a note to the garbage man to b careful when he empties the trash can. You pissed me off talking bout a mans kids!

  51. Art V

    Art V

    Prije dan

    whos the girl in the green?

  52. Shaddai Gonzalez

    Shaddai Gonzalez

    Prije dan

    I can’t wait to see Austin nock out Bryce hall

  53. Makayla17


    Prije dan

    don't talk about his kids🙄



    Prije dan

    Austin i feel bad for him

  55. Mark Mcintyre

    Mark Mcintyre

    Prije dan

    Soooooooooo crrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggeeeeee

  56. carmen_daleen


    Prije dan

    I would laugh if he gets knocked out in the match

  57. katie


    Prije dan


  58. SH


    Prije dan

    that was actually fucked up how can you bring his kid in this shit

  59. Just passing by

    Just passing by

    Prije dan

    Austin wants to traumatize little kids? Canceled

  60. Rayhan Y

    Rayhan Y

    Prije dan

    there is impossible you gonna win

  61. Rebecca Marie Barrido

    Rebecca Marie Barrido

    Prije dan

    He has alot of girls on that boat but look at Austins yacht like wow 😳

  62. riri 111

    riri 111

    Prije dan

    Bryce tf you talking about austin kids ? Shall we also talk about your “dad”🤨🤔

  63. team nocliper

    team nocliper

    Prije dan

    Stfu haters



    Prije dan

    Austin will fight his ass out of bryce

  65. Shallow Ballow

    Shallow Ballow

    Prije dan

    When did Tom Cruise start a HRgreen

  66. ghalaxx games

    ghalaxx games

    Prije 2 dana

    i lost almost 5 braincells watching this-

  67. sanjana Rathod

    sanjana Rathod

    Prije 2 dana

    Bryceee u gonna loose and cry back to ur mama 😂😂😂

  68. CampbellPLAYzz


    Prije 2 dana

    lol Bryce so done

  69. Maaz


    Prije 2 dana

    Everyone knows austin is gonna win

  70. Pateroulis tg

    Pateroulis tg

    Prije 2 dana

    You are the definition of cringe 🤦‍♂️

  71. Rema Colney

    Rema Colney

    Prije 2 dana

    Delete your channel 🤷‍♂️

  72. Adrian Tapia

    Adrian Tapia

    Prije 2 dana

    Wassup guys I’m talking to y’all from my new phone after I threw my last one at the wall from watching this goof.

  73. Ja1denn


    Prije 2 dana

    Bryce is popular but he has no right to talk trash about Austin and his family,sad🥺🥺

  74. Ja1denn


    Prije 2 dana

    Ur so bad

  75. Ava and Avarie vlogs

    Ava and Avarie vlogs

    Prije 2 dana


  76. Imp -

    Imp -

    Prije 2 dana

    Literally all you say is shut the f up

  77. NishStorm4k


    Prije 2 dana

    Honestly please just take some thought into what you said about his kids (Not to much offense)

  78. Nixy Bandz

    Nixy Bandz

    Prije 2 dana

    Bru ain’t hating but he will whoop ya ass

  79. Elvia Vega

    Elvia Vega

    Prije 2 dana

    Sound ignorant

  80. Derek Lalonde

    Derek Lalonde

    Prije 2 dana

    he gonna lose

  81. Jonah Loza

    Jonah Loza

    Prije 2 dana

    Your delusional. No way you win

  82. Sidorela Kanani

    Sidorela Kanani

    Prije 2 dana

    I was dying when he said holy shit balls

  83. David Allemaney

    David Allemaney

    Prije 2 dana

    U going to lost big fool I don't like u at all

  84. melanie;ෆ


    Prije 2 dana

    shut up?? no one gave u the right to talk about his kids when ur FAMOUS because of ur ex

  85. Samuel Adeniyi

    Samuel Adeniyi

    Prije 2 dana

    1:05 Me when I was 10

  86. PPV x PayPerView

    PPV x PayPerView

    Prije 2 dana

    You gon dyr

  87. Jose Santiago Garcia

    Jose Santiago Garcia

    Prije 2 dana

    My birthday is in your day of the fight

  88. Clapped_by_ NasK0

    Clapped_by_ NasK0

    Prije 2 dana

    Austin gonna f u clown🤡

  89. V1BE Xvjaws

    V1BE Xvjaws

    Prije 2 dana

    Yo, you have no right to be talking about his kids and besides, he is not scared he is a man of a family of five he has bigger things to worry about than you trying to intimidate him he just chooses to ignore you.

  90. V1BE Xvjaws

    V1BE Xvjaws

    Prije 2 dana

    why do I think the people who support Bryce hall are just the people who have nothing to do with their lives

  91. TMSFate ✔

    TMSFate ✔

    Prije 2 dana

    Man got dropped by his own push at the press conference, how is that even physically possible Logan Paul - 2021

  92. Pheonix_Gamer999


    Prije 2 dana

    He curses way to much

  93. fragz_60hz YT

    fragz_60hz YT

    Prije 2 dana

    Its simple, we can all agree that Bryce is a salty bitch bcs Addison dropped him. It is sad, this guy is shitting inside of him

  94. Ken Purackel

    Ken Purackel

    Prije 2 dana

    Bryce Hall is a joke!