Why Don’t Fish Freeze in Antarctica? I Antarctic Extremes

Under the ice in Antarctica is a world few people ever get to see.
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Bizarre creatures-ancient sponges, gigantic jellyfish, sea spiders, ribbon worms, and notothenioid fishes that manage not to freeze-make their home here. “Every time I come down here, every year, I always find something I haven’t seen before,” diver Steve Rupp says.
To discover Antarctica’s dazzling hidden underbelly, host Arlo Pérez meets with Steve and his fellow Antarctic diver Rob Robbins, while host Caitlin Saks explores the McMurdo Aquarium with evolutionary physiologist Chi-Hing Christina Cheng. Arlo and Caitlin learn that the Antarctic marine realm is not only spectacular to see, but fascinating for scientists to study. The water is so cold that fish inhabiting it should freeze like an icicle, a phenomenon that evolutionary biologist Paul Cziko uses supercooled water, snow, and fish guts to demonstrate.
So how do Antarctica’s fish, which penguins and seals rely on for food, survive in waters below their freezing point? To find out, Caitlin and Arlo go ice fishing with a local legend, biologist Art DeVries, who has been studying fish physiology in Antarctica since 1961. The secret is an evolutionary marvel that has major implications...for ICE CREAM.
For more cool underwater footage, check out the channel for the McMurdo Oceanographic Observatory (MOO): hrgreen.info/port/CvuxF3iI3R47VmriWKn60Qfeatured
Or, visit the MOO's website for LIVE (seasonal) underwater footage: moo-antarctica.net/live
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  7. Akash Chandrashekhar Dhotre

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    Uh, "the fish has ice in it's body, that's why the water froze?" The bottle of water below its freezing point would freeze instantly if you were to tap it or drop a stone.

  8. Lichen Porifera

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    Is it possible to use ice crystals to lower the temperature in the oceans? Use a very cold ice crystal and let it grow beneath or above the waters.

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    Does it definitely need to touch ice to grow or could a supercooled substance touch anything to grow? I only ask because I stumbled upon supercooling accidentally after freezing a bottle of water in a hot country. It didn't freeze but as soon as it was poured into a glass it did.

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    They don't freeze cause of antifreeze like ammonia in their bodies

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    I am confused. That test with the fish tissue as a nucleation point in the supercooled water proves nothing, because when regular water is at that critical temperature will start freezing even if you lightly shake the container. The nucleation points are already in the water in the form of impurities so crystals are able to grow even if you don't introduce anything in the water. Am I right or wrong?

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    star_scream music chaneel

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    Andrew Mayo

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    6:43 the argument that this means ice in the fish feels wrong, you only need a nucleation site for ice crystals to start forming in the water, you can just as easily smack the water bottle to make ice form, its the disturbance of the fluid that creates ice

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