New Rimac C_Two Nevera EV Hypercar detailed review - on road and track

Welcome to an exclusive Rimac C_Two (now called Nevera) EV Hypercar detailed review - on both road and track. 1914hp, 1.4 megawatts, 258mph, 340 mile range WLTP, 0-100mph in 4.3 seconds and an 8 second quarter mile capability in comfort. Jonny Smith travelled to Croatia to experience a car he has eagerly followed the journey of for the last 10 years. Why? Because machines of this ambitious scale, with this level of tech, speed and capability seldom appear in our world.

If you want to just see Jonny's full acceleration runs over the quarter mile, then please watch the shorter video.

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Rimac Nevera tech spec:
Price: €2 million
Limited to 150 units
Designed, engineered and built in Croatia, homologated for global use

0 - 60mph in 1.85 secs
0 - 62mph (100km/h) in 1.97 secs
0 - 100mph in 4.3 secs
0 - 186mph (300km/h) in 9.3 secs
Top speed 258mph (412 km/h)
Standing 1/4 mile (0-402 metres) in 8.6 secs

Power output: 1408 kW/ 1914hp
Motor torque: 2360 Nm
Wheel torque: 13,430 Nm
Range: 340 miles / 550 km

Battery Pack
H-shaped adds 37% stiffness to monocoque structure
Size: 120kWh
Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Nickel
Number of cells: 6960
Cell format: Cylindrical, 21700 form-factor
Maximum voltage: 730V
Capable of producing 1.4 mega watts
Liquid cooled

On-board charging: 3-phase 22 kW
Fast charging:
500 kW DC Combo (22 min 0-80%)
350 KW DC Combo (25 min 0-80%)
250 kW DC Combo (30 min 0-80%)

Four independent surface-mounted, carbon-sleeve, permanent-magnet electric motors
Four independent inverters and gearboxes
Four-wheel drive with software-controlled torque vectoring

Front powertrain
Motors (2)
220 kW (299 hp) each
Max torque 280 Nm each

800 V, 450 Arms phase current (for each motor)

2 x single speed gearboxes (two independent gearboxes)

Rear powertrain
Motors (2)
480 kW (653 hp) each
Torque max 900 Nm each

800 V, 1000 Arms phase current (for each motor)

2 x single speed gearboxes (housed between the motors)

Cooling Systems
5 cooling systems and 2 refrigerant circuits
Pumps and fans running on 48V

Chassis and structure:
Carbon fibre monocoque with integrated structural battery pack and bonded carbon fibre roof.
Weighs less than 200kg
2200 fibre plies and 222 aluminium inserts; torsional stiffness of 70,000 Nm/degree.

Weight distribution:
48/52 front/rear

Double wishbone suspension with electronically adjusted dampers and hydraulic lift system, front and rear anti-roll bars

Electro-hydraulic brake system with brake-by-wire and brake-blending
Front and rear brakes: CCMR 390 mm Brembo 6- piston

Active elements: front bonnet profile, front underbody flap, rear diffuser, rear wing
Cd in low-drag mode 0.3

ADAS Hardware
Cameras 13
Radars 6
Ultrasonic sensors 12

Length 4750mm
Width 1986 mm
Height 1208 mm
Wheelbase 2745 mm
Weight 2150 kg

Front 275/35 R20
Rear 315/35 R20

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Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter \u0026 car pervert for hire since '98
Instagram: jonnycarpervert
Twitter: carpervert

0:00 Intro
1:22 Supported by Continental Tyres
1:35 Meet Mate
2:00 New name
4:17 Test driver chat
6:35 Quarter mile tests
9:25 Drifting
10:22 Factory tour
13:58 Road test
16:09 Design
18:20 More road driving
22:20 Chat with Mate
24:17 Verdict


  1. Glenn Craft

    Glenn Craft

    Prije 18 dana

    This should be a Top Gear or Grand Tour production with Clarkson the Hamster Chris Harris or even Tiff on the runway with all the bells and whistles but it is so so much better that it’s Jonny presenting this car and talking with the owner and the test driver. Jonny produces the best car stories around from barn finds to this. It’s just extraordinary. Thanks for such a wonderful piece of motoring journalism. By the way how fast did you go?

    • Overcast Friday

      Overcast Friday

      Prije 17 sati

      The Rimac runs away whenever it sees Hammond.

    • ez icarus

      ez icarus

      Prije 11 dana

      @Andrew Norris Andrew you fool, the BBC is a job for the boys. The same over payed idiots went to school with bojo, take massive paying do nothing jobs and peddle the Governments propaganda. Its a tax on the poor to overpay the rich

    • AH Shadows

      AH Shadows

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    • Phil Cotswold

      Phil Cotswold

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      @Andrew Norris Nobody makes you pay, it’s your choice.

    • Hobby Jay

      Hobby Jay

      Prije 12 dana

      @The Late Brake Show "It's responsive"(shame with f word would make 2 feet of a logo :-)) would be most adequate name for Rimac's next "superlegera " super beefed up or any of those super editions to series model they might very well come up with.

  2. Oscar Iglesias

    Oscar Iglesias

    Prije sat

    Matte Rimac is a TOTAL HERO!!

  3. A


    Prije 10 sati

    Wow wow wow 🤩



    Prije 11 sati

    PLAID MODEL S (1020 л.с.) 0-60 - 1.98s Rimac Nevera (1914 л.с.) - 2.23s Nevera "Hypercar"? Seriously?

  5. gaz mitchel

    gaz mitchel

    Prije dan

    This comes across more as a promotion or infomercial. No car is perfect surely a "review" has to talk about some of the bad things? Sounded like they briefed you with technical info and press clips to use. Was there any compensation or any payment made or any agents involved in brokering a commercial deal here?

  6. Ferris Bueller

    Ferris Bueller

    Prije dan

    Sure it's kinda cool.. I would be impressed if the goal was to sell it for $100k USD.. But at 2.5 Million..? AND -- The exterior design is somewhat bland, and dated.. It looks like a 2016 Hyundai Genesis from the front. I don't believe EV "Super Cars" will find a market until an entirely new concept other than heavy batteries is the source of power. It will likely be some new electric/hydrocel turbine thingamajigger... A power-plant that makes a cool NOISE... Functional NOISE when turned on and sitting still ready for launch. (Not a fake noise.) --EV car racing has largely been a failure, as fans are not interested in "quiet racing".. --it's just so damn boring.. Sure there will be the odd billionaire who will buy one of these to virtue signal to the world. But when he parks this thing in his garage next to his Ferrari 488 Pisto (A $350K artistic ICE masterpiece in function and design).. How often will he take the RC car out over the Ferrari on weekends?

    • Ferris Bueller

      Ferris Bueller

      Prije 6 sati

      @gaz mitchel Thx..! I was expecting to get push back from the EV heads.. But nothing.. lol :)

    • gaz mitchel

      gaz mitchel

      Prije dan

      you did a better job of "reviewing" the car with this comment. This video is not a real review that much is obvious.

  7. Joseph


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  8. NFS Steve

    NFS Steve

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    A game car in a real world. That's Rimac goal.

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    As you'd expect for $2.4Mn USD. 🥲

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    Great video Jonny 👍

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    Napoleon war in 17th century? I Hm...You need to recapitulate history classes. Same with mentioning Tesla who is Serbian. Wouldn't mind to call him whatever you want just if Croatians didn't kill all Tesla's in 2nd world war just because they were Serbians.

  13. Lovro Kozole

    Lovro Kozole

    Prije 6 dana

    And it was all done with money his father stole (50 mill € stolen, tax evasion in Germany, list goes on...). Cheers. And no, no one in Croatia aspires to be like Mate. At least no decent Croatian.

    • The Late Brake Show

      The Late Brake Show

      Prije 6 dana

      Evidence? These are serious allegations. You can't accuse someone of these things without substantial evidence?

  14. Simon Young

    Simon Young

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    This is possibly in the range of F1 development?

  15. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox

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    A decade of work well worked Rimac! 👍🍻

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    major tom

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    please stop pronouncing "Rimac" wrong. It's not "reemac", it's more like reemuts. with 'TS' on the end not 'K'. Croatian 'i' is 'E' and 'c' is 'C' like in ABCDE.

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    Paul Burns

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    Don't do a Hammond!

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    So can't wait for @bjornnyland to do an Arctic Circle test. Sleeping in the back should be.... fun?

    • The Late Brake Show

      The Late Brake Show

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    Love your videos, but i can't quite read the little cards you put in this series, they're a little too quick and have too little contrast for me on my phone

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      @The Late Brake Show just thought you'd like to know

    • The Late Brake Show

      The Late Brake Show

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      Apologies, we got it a bit small and faint this time.

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    Gabriel Bourke

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    A quick user interface question: so if you are cruising along and get surrounded by a gang of Dodge Tomahawks, what quick buttons (least steps possible) do you press or turn to go into crazy mode, to leave the Dodge Tomahawks behind you?

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    Benny TheWoo

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    The “knob” feel looks to feel really $2 toy and it overall seems terribly unrefined (NVH) to me. Hats off for the rest of it though.

  33. Scott Carter

    Scott Carter

    Prije 9 dana

    Thanks Johnny, awesome video. I've fallen quite hard for Rimac Automobilli, and Mate Rimac. I must add too, you and Mate seem to get along famously, you two really seem like old friends, both so passionate. Bloody excellent 👏

  34. Tomo Kovač

    Tomo Kovač

    Prije 10 dana

    Mate Rimac is the new goat, not Stipe Miočić (croatian too) anymore......I'm just kidding , but this is something unbelievably........RIMAC ( LIVAJA) OSTANI....

  35. James Mcara

    James Mcara

    Prije 10 dana

    What a fantastic video Jonny. Thank you for creating so much great content. Can tell how much of a mammoth effort went into this. Shines through the production!

  36. Justyn Tayler

    Justyn Tayler

    Prije 10 dana

    This is the best channel on HRgreen at the moment. I had no interest in watching a review of a £2 million car but as usual Johnny is so watchable that every video he makes is a must watch. Brilliant stuff, oh and the car is proper fanboy dream car material.

  37. William Clark

    William Clark

    Prije 10 dana

    Oodles of applause to all whom contributed to this stunning road and track masterpiece, its predecessors, and its successors. Mate Rimac and company, you are proving that with vision, talent, persistence, lots of work, and some luck and self-made good fortune, you can bring dreams to reality. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. Jonny, you and your team have blessed us all with a truly remarkable review of this very special machine, man, and company. You have shared perspective that is beyond what many automotive journalists would present. Many thanks again!

  38. John Elicker

    John Elicker

    Prije 10 dana

    this car will never make it to production all hipe 1of1

  39. kaboodlefish


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    Good video, but a nice show of respect would be to at least pronounce the name correctly.

  40. Marcel Dunkelberg

    Marcel Dunkelberg

    Prije 11 dana

    Man I hate videos, where the mics are so low and the shitty music is so loud. THIS CAR costs 2 Mio... go and by some proper mics. The Specs are almost visible 1 Second.....

  41. Matt JJ

    Matt JJ

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    this car needs to be on hoonigan this vs that

  42. Matt Beard

    Matt Beard

    Prije 11 dana

    The interesting thing about the “design everything from scratch” aspect of this car is that they are probably learning a lot that can be carried over to other EVs. For example the braking system that is not based on an ICE vacuum system makes a lot of sense for all EVs

  43. Steve Lovegrove

    Steve Lovegrove

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    Can you buy it with towbar and roof rack

  44. PoshTimmy


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    Stunning car. Did you film that near Zadar Jonny?

    • The Late Brake Show

      The Late Brake Show

      Prije 11 dana

      Yes, and Pag I think.

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    Really, thank you for doing this Rimac series! That gave me the last push to finish my projects!

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    José Roberto Júnior

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    Martin Woods

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    The best car on the planet - it's also a work of art.

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    Rick Stevens

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    Even more amazing given Rimac is explaining and conducting business in a second language....what a story .. btw beautiful country side....

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    Fran Vidiček

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  53. pessimus dux

    pessimus dux

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    O goooood!!!! I knew it!!! I just waited.... "C" in Rimac is spelled like "zz" in pizza!!!! Learn that for once... Basics of culture, to learn a name of the person you are interviewing

  54. Gordan Gacina

    Gordan Gacina

    Prije 12 dana

    He started at his own and with few friends from FER ( University of electronics and computer science) in his own garage and start "upgradeing" BMW E 30 with own produced moduls and bateries or rebuild same ones. Fastes beemer in EU definetly Mate Rimac is only 30+ year old Have that in mind..

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    Jamie Ross

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    Unaffordable ,inefficient unattainable.......just pointless really....shut up jonny ....this is not what the world needs

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      Zoran Mitov

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      And copy of McLaren... design.

  61. fxtv


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    Very nice car!!! Just a question: how much time it needs to fully recharge at a standard home electrical system? How many kwh? Average price? For sure a fraction of an average hyper-car full tank of petrol 😉😎

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    • The Late Brake Show

      The Late Brake Show

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    One thing that I'd be critical of, this sounds like one of the noisiest EVs I've seen, its rare for me to see an EV drive review with the driver having to yell to be heard over the wind and engine noise.

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    Rama Imhes

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      The Late Brake Show

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  65. Mereanu Florin Daniel

    Mereanu Florin Daniel

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  69. Decki s Knežije

    Decki s Knežije

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    The name Nevera comes from the Croatian word for sudden and short storms, usually accompanied by lightning, which occur primarily along the Croatian Adriatic coast.

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    Histo Shape

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      Histo Shape

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    • Decki s Knežije

      Decki s Knežije

      Prije 13 dana

      The name Nevera comes from the Croatian word for sudden and short storms, usually accompanied by lightning, which occur primarily along the Croatian Adriatic coast.

  89. Randall Lanier

    Randall Lanier

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