"Shut Down" Doesn't Actually Shut Down Your PC

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Have you ever wondered how your PC boots up really fast from a shutdown and even remembers which websites and programs you had open? Well, when you might be surprised why and how your PC does it in today's video!

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  1. 리나


    Prije sat

    Im surprised ppl didnt already know abt this but then again i found out abt these cause my laptop and its battery sucks so i spent lots of time researching how to improve it till i just gave up and had it upgraded

  2. General Steam

    General Steam

    Prije sat

    Whenever fast startup is enabled on my system, it will randomly turn off without shutdown. Event viewer shows a fun "motherboard power error on Northbridge" Fast start is trash

  3. MaxFate


    Prije 4 sati

    This is true. When you do restart it take time to boot up. In case of shutdown it boosts faster

  4. hskajdhf


    Prije 5 sati

    im saving 10 seconds in start up but 28 seconds in shutdown. Should be called fast shutdown

  5. hskajdhf


    Prije 5 sati

    Totally normal for nerds :)

  6. ꧁༒ мιllєииιυм яσвσтσ آیان جاوید ༒꧂

    ꧁༒ мιllєииιυм яσвσтσ آیان جاوید ༒꧂

    Prije 6 sati

    My whole life has been a lie

  7. Exploding spegeti

    Exploding spegeti

    Prije 7 sati

    You look like that guy from that movie

  8. JustifyX


    Prije 7 sati

    Yup! This explains why my pc disk groans whenever I start it. Thanks!

  9. Jakob Eucker

    Jakob Eucker

    Prije 8 sati

    LOL. Where I live, this feature is called "Energysave-mode"

  10. huge blast-gaming

    huge blast-gaming

    Prije 9 sati

    Oh yeah then shutdown means destroy your pc and launch a nuke on your house

  11. herolytical


    Prije 10 sati

    My Laptop went blue screen while watching this 👀

  12. Requimatic


    Prije 17 sati

    It does for me, because my motherboard informed me about "fast startup", so I disabled that "feature". I mean, I boot from NVMe SSDs, so a "fast boot" option is kind of moot when it takes all of 10 seconds to begin with. Also, it made my sound crackle. (My mobo has the LED code display; on a normal startup, it displays "A0" for "All Okay".. with "fast boot" enabled, it displays a different code. 62? or something. The manual states it's basically an altered okay boot.)

  13. TheJadedWanSaid


    Prije 21 sat

    Huh, I guess I will do a weekly restart of my laptop to actually do a " shut down "

  14. Rayhaan


    Prije dan


  15. ʀᴀɢᴀᴠᴀɴ


    Prije dan

    Just beleive in this liar?

  16. ToxicZombie


    Prije dan

    No wonder why my HP Laptop died on me after having it for 6 months... Good thing I switched to Linux

  17. •MubeenTheGamer99• :D

    •MubeenTheGamer99• :D

    Prije dan

    no linus no fun :(

  18. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma

    Prije dan

    I have simple solution: 1- open notepad in admin mode. 2 - add line: shutdown /s /t 0 3 - save on desktop as some name with .bat extension. Double click to shut down...

  19. Leonardo Mazzorana

    Leonardo Mazzorana

    Prije dan

    Am I stupid or he looks like Irving of Mr robot?

  20. SWISS1337


    Prije dan

    Fast startup is such an awful idea... SSDs are pretty much standard now, and fast startup can cause sooooo many issues with third party apps. I mean honestly, how is this supposed to be a feature in 2021?

  21. ShadotheWolf


    Prije dan

    So thats why my mouse still lights up while its shutsdown

  22. K- sama

    K- sama

    Prije dan

    Me who doesn't have a pc, and use a laptop- gasp, hm interesting

  23. Ultralagger R.E.V

    Ultralagger R.E.V

    Prije dan

    Is that Linus?

  24. Saul


    Prije 2 dana

    Fast startup is absolutely useless with SSD drives. Its just another stupid Windows feature that shouldn't either exist or be on by default. It actually can mess with managed service software.

  25. Soup Earth Society

    Soup Earth Society

    Prije 2 dana

    Does it SHUT UP?

  26. blake_gamer147


    Prije 2 dana

    If you want to shut down your laptop grab a hammer then throw the hammer on your laptop

    • Ahmad Danish Aqeef

      Ahmad Danish Aqeef

      Prije 2 dana

      (Accidentally only smashes the display so it still is on)

  27. Abodi animates

    Abodi animates

    Prije 2 dana

    Why dose the thumbnail look like that

  28. Jhon Engracia

    Jhon Engracia

    Prije 2 dana

    So Shuting Down is just a bunch of Bullshit?

  29. Karim Rustom

    Karim Rustom

    Prije 2 dana

    My old windows 10 wont open the desktop sometimes when it opens it its all black nothing loaded then suddenly it crashes is it like a virus or something?

  30. Jomar Gumboc

    Jomar Gumboc

    Prije 2 dana

    in my experience, "shutdown -s" command in CMD does the trick last week, my PC ran into a bug that freezes the taskbar after startup.. i cant restart or shutdown via the Windows because i cant access the taskbar.. shutting down the PC via the power button and unplugging the power from the wall did not work; i did it several times, much to my annoyance and anxiety of a blue screen of death appearing.. i cant even perform a System Restore because there was no restore point before this.. my hail mary resort was to run a Shutdown -s command in CMD (which i'm able to access via Task Manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc).. surprisingly, it resolved the issue!

  31. Anonymous Apple

    Anonymous Apple

    Prije 2 dana

    Quite a manly mustache you got there Linus. However, i think the spectacles are a little stretch.

  32. No Naem

    No Naem

    Prije 2 dana

    It makes sense why whenever I restart my pc, it takes so long 👁️👄👁️

  33. Hektor Dervishi

    Hektor Dervishi

    Prije 2 dana

    Ok keeps my laptop awake

  34. ViroEntertainment


    Prije 3 dana

    just pull out the power cable

  35. I dont know why but its time to change my name

    I dont know why but its time to change my name

    Prije 3 dana

    Techquickie: turning off a PC, it's pretty simple, right? My grandparents: *visible confusion*

  36. Mokongthe3


    Prije 3 dana

    Microsoft lied to me.

  37. Darrell


    Prije 3 dana

    if you have a laptop: unplug charger let it drain to 0% if you have a pc: do the restart and when it turns off unplug it from the wall

  38. Armitshu Games

    Armitshu Games

    Prije 3 dana

    It is. Until you turned it on.

  39. Carbon Proksi

    Carbon Proksi

    Prije 3 dana

    False vid title, you're talking about Win10's version of "shut down", not "shut down" itself.

  40. Nick Smith

    Nick Smith

    Prije 3 dana

    Explains why I got a BSOD two days running 🤔

  41. name


    Prije 4 dana

    1:02 - 1:03 that just sounds like sleep mode but with extra steps

  42. Sajid Al hasan

    Sajid Al hasan

    Prije 4 dana

    But, My laptop's battery is busted But, it can still work when adopter's plug is ined So, I plug out when i shut it

  43. MrAmanPro


    Prije 4 dana

    I know this

  44. Joel Joseph Reji

    Joel Joseph Reji

    Prije 4 dana

    Ah yes, the setting you disable before installing Linux

  45. urfavouriteboi


    Prije 4 dana

    0:09 I saw a window called "waifu2", got some explaining to do 😂😂

  46. tanjinpang


    Prije 4 dana

    I have disabled hibernate. So no fast startup for me...

  47. Damènwave 8513

    Damènwave 8513

    Prije 4 dana

    Explains why my surface juice is always empty if I let it for a day, still can't find a way to fix it

  48. the.beard.yyc


    Prije 4 dana

    I’ll just turn it off if it’s enabled, I trust you. I can’t waste my valuable HRgreen time to “test” something on my own PC. Monkey see, monkey do.

  49. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Prije 4 dana

    Not mine dude. I turned of ALL THAT SHIT!!!!! It's how they maintain control man!

  50. Keanu Chin

    Keanu Chin

    Prije 5 dana

    i knew it didnt actually shut it down, i sometimes boot up my pc and theres pps that i had open sometimes are still open

  51. Logan Studios

    Logan Studios

    Prije 5 dana

    My life is a lie.

  52. Luxid Lucid

    Luxid Lucid

    Prije 5 dana

    So that's why when I restart my PC it takes more time to shut down than when I click shut down...

  53. Shubham Prabhat

    Shubham Prabhat

    Prije 5 dana

    what difference it makes when half a time it shows window is updating screen before turning on 😂😂😂

  54. Julian “The Bunny Cultist”

    Julian “The Bunny Cultist”

    Prije 5 dana

    My PC Is Very Slow If I Shut It Down I Allways Just Put It On Sleep Mode

  55. Neko chan

    Neko chan

    Prije 5 dana

    I realised that feature when I had to search for viruses using Linux LiveCD and it couldn't mount my system disk.

  56. schlbus


    Prije 5 dana

    Did someone said something about ACPI power states because this explanation of what windows does on shutdown is idiotic.

  57. Lol


    Prije 5 dana

    Me: shuts down Windows: boots up in about 1 minute when you turn it on Me: Shuts down AND unplug computer Windows: takes about 1 minute 30 seconds to boot when you turn it on My computer has an HDD and 8 GB ram....

  58. shockwaverc13


    Prije 5 dana

    first they turn your screen off early to make you think it shutdowns fast and now this ??? microsoft really wants to mislead people into thinking windows is still not an obsolete bloated mess

  59. Otis Laurey

    Otis Laurey

    Prije 6 dana


  60. L3


    Prije 6 dana

    i once downloaded the wrong drivers and now it explains why i always got a bsod instead of windows auto repairing

  61. FallToValhalla


    Prije 6 dana

    I just click the power button my my power supply so it doesn't even get power :)

  62. ‏‏‎


    Prije 6 dana

    We’ve been lied to

  63. fridayfunkgaming291


    Prije 6 dana

    Shut down turn off the PC like when you press the big button but i mean actually the shut down button on the hard disk.

  64. CUUBES


    Prije 6 dana

    Shut Down Button Dosent Shut Down Your Computer Shut Down Button: *Then wat im for?!*

  65. DEV LeSnake

    DEV LeSnake

    Prije 6 dana

    I hate this, because it can cause so many problems :/

  66. ANAKIN The Artist

    ANAKIN The Artist

    Prije 6 dana

    the video: today we are going to talk about computers with windows 10 me after seeing a bsod twice last year: such an influence, what if my pc can crash any second?! What if? WHAT IF?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  67. Wyted


    Prije 6 dana

    I actually don't remember the last time I shut down my PC. I always do hibernate, it's way more convinient for me.

  68. SnowWolf_Gaming_YT


    Prije 6 dana

    I already know this because I have several things that do not shut off when I turn it off, the only things that do are my keyboard and my mousemat, it always annoys me when I go to bed because it is so bright that they are like mini blackpool illuminations in my bedroom

  69. 月雪輝(Zero)


    Prije 6 dana

    this explains why my battery gets drained after i havent used laptop in a week =.=

    • Andrew


      Prije dan

      That could be a bad battery - like hibernate, fast startup doesn't use any power.

  70. Thomas's Things

    Thomas's Things

    Prije 6 dana

    How many other LIES have I been told by the council!?!

  71. St. Haborym

    St. Haborym

    Prije 6 dana

    Pfft, I have something faster than an ssd.

  72. KawáiiSoul


    Prije 7 dana

    Me: fast start up disabled. Hibernation mode disabled. I still get 0.5 second startup. (SSD)

  73. 404 Golden Found

    404 Golden Found

    Prije 7 dana

    Oh, ya know, its like "breathing dosen't actually introduce breathe in your body"

    • 404 Golden Found

      404 Golden Found

      Prije 4 dana

      @JustASpeedruningWeeb ikr

    • JustASpeedruningWeeb


      Prije 4 dana

      yeah it introduces oxygen

  74. MapleFX


    Prije 7 dana

    that's why I'm sticking to W7

  75. Comrade Otaku

    Comrade Otaku

    Prije 7 dana

    But this actually shut down your PC. www.ctyme.com/intr/rb-1404.htm

  76. End Mii YT

    End Mii YT

    Prije 7 dana

    Please stop

  77. Ana Likes Tortillas

    Ana Likes Tortillas

    Prije 7 dana

    I remember one time I was shutting down my computer and it started updating, so I had to sleep with the blinding blue light on

    • Cyber489


      Prije dan

      That happened to me before, and I didn't get to sleep till 2AM and I woke up at 7AM. Suffice to say, I was sleep deprived.

  78. RTX Free Gaming

    RTX Free Gaming

    Prije 7 dana

    Now it make sense why Restart Makes my PC feel more smoother 😂

  79. james 1966

    james 1966

    Prije 7 dana

    Fast Startup within Windows you should disable it as it slows boot up time....

  80. Ashern


    Prije 7 dana

    I did not know about this, and it actually might help me with a small bug my pc has. See whenever there's a power outage it does something to my computer that exclusively messes with whatever driver/system accesses the internet. Before I used to fix it by rearranging my ram cards, but now it sounds like telling my computer to restart instead of just shut down might prove to be an easier solution.

  81. TBNRCoding


    Prije 8 dana

    This is the first video that i watched from this guy I subbed and at first thought I thought this guy was Ryan Bracken lol

  82. gremmy reppry

    gremmy reppry

    Prije 8 dana

    i knew it restart takes more time then shut down then open I KNEW IT

  83. Amir


    Prije 8 dana

    I turned off Fast Startup a while back because I was worried it would have some adverse side effects but had no clue that it actually did all that.

  84. Leveltype


    Prije 8 dana

    Need a fast shutdown

  85. master clock

    master clock

    Prije 8 dana

    funny because when i press shutdown it actually restart my pc and i have to shut down it again idk whats wrong with it

  86. Sam Wilde

    Sam Wilde

    Prije 8 dana

    Ohhhh I never noticed this until just now, but that must be why I've never seen the BIOS prompt come up when my PC turns back on in the morning.

  87. Saba Gvimradz

    Saba Gvimradz

    Prije 8 dana

    Yeah, it turns it off

  88. Ron 133

    Ron 133

    Prije 8 dana


  89. nintendogamer 192

    nintendogamer 192

    Prije 8 dana

    I have an separate Energy Cycle my PC is connected to which I always switch off when I have shut down my PC. So my PC really shuts down.

  90. InsertOregano (Landon)

    InsertOregano (Landon)

    Prije 8 dana

    Anyone else on HRgreen would've stretched this info out to reach 10 minutes or more, but you only needed about 4 minutes. I can respect that

    • Slepe


      Prije 3 dana


    • Twój stary ogóras

      Twój stary ogóras

      Prije 5 dana

      8 minutes are enough nowadays 😉

  91. Tanishq Chaudhari

    Tanishq Chaudhari

    Prije 8 dana

    I actually cant change it the fast startup means disable it. I didnt find anyway for it

  92. Lasse Lauwerys

    Lasse Lauwerys

    Prije 8 dana

    So that’s why restart takes way longer than shut down and boot

  93. Mini tomate

    Mini tomate

    Prije 8 dana

    This fast start-up means that is faster to give you more headaches, specially when you want to hurry up.

  94. Kat


    Prije 9 dana

    I just hold the button until I hear a loud click. That's the sound of the power button chasing all the power out of the machine!

  95. Avery Kucan

    Avery Kucan

    Prije 9 dana

    Anytime the computer restarts or there is an update installed or any software change then it will do a full reboot but if you just hit shut down and none of that happens it will do a quick boot

  96. Aditya Asphalt Gamer

    Aditya Asphalt Gamer

    Prije 9 dana

    Why are you in my reccomend for the 51st time?

  97. JimA Anders

    JimA Anders

    Prije 9 dana

    I find it's easier to just turn the power off. I sure don't want to trigger a Windows "Update" session.

  98. Steven Grüner

    Steven Grüner

    Prije 9 dana

    Okay will press shift on that

  99. Bobbit Worm

    Bobbit Worm

    Prije 9 dana

    Just turn off the power supply or power strip upon shutdown. Problem solved. Btw this is only an issue in modern computers and never existed in the past. Thank the idiots who decided this was a good design choice.

  100. luqs 21

    luqs 21

    Prije 9 dana

    Ok but, some people are too stupid to find out how to shutdown their computer, like there's someone from another room, screaming my name just to ask how to shut down their laptop.