Discovering Life Under Antarctica’s Ice

Drew Lohrer is the principal investigator at Science Under the Ice, a project dedicated to studying the resilience of organisms under Antarctica’s frozen ocean. Along with his team of nine scientists, Lohrer dives deep to collect data on sea organisms and deploy incubation chambers along the seafloor. The team of scientists and technicians endure life in one of the most extreme places on Earth, all in the name of discovering the effects of climate change on our marine biodiversity.
This story is a part of our Planet Earth series. From mammals to insects and birds to reptiles, we share this great big world with all manner of creatures, large and small. Come with us to faraway places as we explore our great big planet and meet some of its wildest inhabitants.
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  1. Mustang Mary

    Mustang Mary

    Prije 16 dana

    Only 10 ft to water, hmmm.... We can't go there because there is a Treaty between most the nations to stop anyone from going there or you'll get arrested, unless of course you work for the government as a research scientist.

  2. Bradly Miller

    Bradly Miller

    Prije mjesec

    Just imagine what kind of monster could be

  3. Star Weaver

    Star Weaver

    Prije mjesec

    Want proof of 'Alien' 👽 life on planet earth just look up the Magnapinna Big Fin Deep Sea Squid 🐙 If that isn't alien I don't know what is.

  4. Mounir Lamouchi

    Mounir Lamouchi

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    You need to go deeper wher you found the poor darkness. And there you found too your big surprise.

  5. Lonezewolf Gaming

    Lonezewolf Gaming

    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Sounds like fun, I hope to see more small updates like this in the future.

  6. jjmcwill


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Looks cold in that water.

  7. Ayardgate


    Prije 3 mjeseci

    Go dive in Lake Vostok.

  8. Parody Gaming

    Parody Gaming

    Prije 4 mjeseci

    Just waiting for a reaper from subnautica to appear

  9. Sharon Brewer

    Sharon Brewer

    Prije 5 mjeseci

    God is truly amazing

  10. Djimon Page

    Djimon Page

    Prije 5 mjeseci

    2:30 wonder what happened to his hands

    • Belinda Brubaker

      Belinda Brubaker

      Prije 3 mjeseci

      Lol I thought the same thing. He's wearing gloves!:)

  11. SebyVD


    Prije 6 mjeseci

    It’s so sad that great big story is gone now😭

  12. lyn girasol

    lyn girasol

    Prije 6 mjeseci


  13. SlickzAMG


    Prije 6 mjeseci

    Organism 46-b .

  14. XOF


    Prije 6 mjeseci

    Looks like beneath the void in minecraft

  15. Fansyuri Ilham

    Fansyuri Ilham

    Prije 6 mjeseci

    Just imagine this is life on Europa and other ice moons in solar system.

  16. Oliver シ boi

    Oliver シ boi

    Prije 7 mjeseci

    N l E

  17. charles hewitt

    charles hewitt

    Prije 7 mjeseci

    So are they in the ocean or in the huge lake under the ice??



    Prije 7 mjeseci

    I have give these Divers their Prop's, it is beautiful under the Ice, and if not for these guy's diving under the Ice, we would truly never know. But the they have my true respect, because I'm not a scary person, but people driving under Ice is no Joke when it goes wrong it REALLY GOES WRONG, one mistake your under an Ice Cap that much of it would be impossible to just break through, you get lost, your Totally Screwed. So I appreciate these men to risk it all to show the what it is like.

  19. T. Hamm

    T. Hamm

    Prije 8 mjeseci

    They gonna find remnants of advanced technology that was used right before the Flood

  20. Mr.G


    Prije 8 mjeseci

    The 1st thing I thought...... How cold is that water?? 🥶🥶🥶. 😂😂😂

    • pureclover


      Prije 23 dana

      @Youssef Abdelaal below 2 degree's

    • Youssef Abdelaal

      Youssef Abdelaal

      Prije 3 mjeseci

      About 2 degrees celsius lol



    Prije 8 mjeseci

    2:30. Ughhh. Look at their FINGERS!! LOOKS LIKE ALIEN FINGERS

  22. SlowMotion


    Prije 9 mjeseci

    Yea keep messing around and end up finding something we shouldnt have found

  23. pedro vieira

    pedro vieira

    Prije 10 mjeseci

    You know the guy's cool when, on his table, he's a big daddy action figure. 0:22

  24. Mathew Grubb

    Mathew Grubb

    Prije 10 mjeseci

    This is incredibly irresponsible... no measures have been taken in the containment and spread of new parasites, bacteria, viruses ect.....first few min of the movie handling samples with hands . we could see a large extinction event of the human race from this stupidity .

  25. Lius Verdian

    Lius Verdian

    Prije 10 mjeseci

    There Are Not Found Ancestor Place Except Sea, Ancestor Can Breath in Water And Land Without Any Damn Breath Help. Or Else Ancestor Is Falsy. Now Who Is Bigger Kingdom Lands.

  26. jmannxiiiaaron


    Prije 11 mjeseci

    Where the heck are the UFOs?

    • Thanh Le

      Thanh Le

      Prije mjesec

      Even deeper in the crust

  27. Cleeon Virlief

    Cleeon Virlief

    Prije 11 mjeseci

    Sometimes, maybe we can buy tickets for antartica vacation tour🤗

  28. Modela Simms

    Modela Simms

    Prije 11 mjeseci

    Beautiful 🤎

  29. Daigoro


    Prije godine

    Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you're doing is worth it?

  30. Shuin Ashe

    Shuin Ashe

    Prije godine

    Where’a the rain forest?

  31. King Slayer

    King Slayer

    Prije godine

    Imagine a huge monster lurking in there stalking them

    • Bleed Green

      Bleed Green

      Prije 6 mjeseci

      Organism 46B



    Prije godine

    God bless these people!

  33. Ayan Uzair

    Ayan Uzair

    Prije godine

    The beautiful world of my *Lord.*

  34. titoizdaman3


    Prije godine

    Just wait until they discover the Great Old Ones.....

  35. Zohan Dvir

    Zohan Dvir

    Prije godine

    unfortunately soon they won't have to dig in the ice becuase there won't be any ice

  36. Ashisto ashley

    Ashisto ashley

    Prije godine

    It's almost like diving into outta space hmmm 🤔

  37. Weasel Z

    Weasel Z

    Prije godine

    I was searching for this mmmmm

  38. Probot2000X


    Prije godine

    Antarctica is nothing but an icy hellscape! Who wants to go there?

  39. Athithan


    Prije godine

    -2 I thought Antartica was supposed to be cold!

    • Defcon1Gaming


      Prije 8 mjeseci

      Table-Country pinxing THRYM Firearms 27 the salt in the water lowers the temperature that it freezes at. Just like how adding salt to a sidewalk melts the ice.

  40. Quincy Mccoy

    Quincy Mccoy

    Prije godine

    Climate change is natural.. it’s up to us how we deal with it.

  41. Triceracop


    Prije godine

    Ugh.. my job is sooooo boring

  42. Tom Clephane

    Tom Clephane

    Prije godine

    Don’t your face get cold diving in that cold water? Why not use a submersible?

  43. Jestex Garcia

    Jestex Garcia

    Prije godine

    Beautiful world

  44. Ryan Marquez

    Ryan Marquez

    Prije godine

    Lake vostok we want more

  45. Ryan Marquez

    Ryan Marquez

    Prije godine

    What about the giant squid

  46. Catira App

    Catira App

    Prije godine

    Thst looks. So scary. it seemmmmmms hard to fi nd the ope ni g

  47. Ryder21


    Prije godine

    Marine biology has always been something I was interested in as kid, as well as astrology. Two totally alien worlds that need to be explored, I’m looking for that spark again honestly

  48. Paul C Johnson

    Paul C Johnson

    Prije godine

    No music.

  49. Nichole the Ghoul

    Nichole the Ghoul

    Prije godine

    I am obsessed with Antarctica

  50. Joshua Hong

    Joshua Hong

    Prije godine

    -2 degrees Celsius is 28.2 degrees Fahrenheit

  51. Jeremy Robs

    Jeremy Robs

    Prije godine

    You can tell this guy really likes to say "Antarctica"

  52. Rasheed Vankmin

    Rasheed Vankmin

    Prije godine

    That’s beautiful, seeing the ice above you from under the water, it’s so wow... just omg

    • pragash gnana

      pragash gnana

      Prije 6 mjeseci

      It looks suffocating 😂

    • BaDaBoom


      Prije 8 mjeseci

      @Magggot Mat hawt

    • Minz Tiz

      Minz Tiz

      Prije 9 mjeseci

      @Magggot Mat ok

    • Magggot Mat

      Magggot Mat

      Prije 9 mjeseci


  53. GB Zebra

    GB Zebra

    Prije godine

    The water is that clear? This would be on my bucket list.

  54. MrKastaway66


    Prije godine

    I’d like a winter jacket made of whatever those wetsuits are made of.

  55. la lumière

    la lumière

    Prije godine

    Incredibly beautiful. This would be such an amazing experience

  56. Obedient Consumer

    Obedient Consumer

    Prije godine

    Really cool!

  57. Finn Ryan

    Finn Ryan

    Prije godine

    Jotaro Kujo wants to know your location

  58. Google User

    Google User

    Prije godine

    Absolutely beautiful WOW these guys are so lucky 🤗

  59. TMB247


    Prije godine

    Fn Climate Change BS always turns me OFF ... Had to bail early on this vid Taxes and Freedom Restrictions Will not have ANY effect on Climate Change (Nor will purchasing Carbon Credits or donating to the Clinton Foundation) The Climate on this Planet has been changing since day ONE... Billions of years ago right up to Today. Stupid (so called "Settled Science" as there is No Such Thing) that have these really Dumb Computer Models are nothing but Fake Money Grabbers like their GOD algore.

    • Hölökyttäjä


      Prije godine

      People like you make me lose faith in humanity. My god.

  60. Stew L

    Stew L

    Prije godine

    That scumbag cc Diane came through here. I call him moped. He comes over near the transport a lot. The guard is around and cannot seem to throw him out for collusion. There is a witness. Another man came in who the guard has spoken to.

  61. chill & chili

    chill & chili

    Prije godine

    I wonder if there's a micro organism frozen thousand years ago

    • Parody Gaming

      Parody Gaming

      Prije 4 mjeseci

      Welcome to Corona age

  62. Waqar Syed

    Waqar Syed

    Prije godine

    NO SHIT...... there is life even all the way in the bottom of Marianas Trench... SMH

  63. Naseem Razack

    Naseem Razack

    Prije godine

    Greeeat Vid Guys!!!😅

  64. Dan Dangerous

    Dan Dangerous

    Prije godine

    I worry about finding any resource where money can be made. That has always taken precedence. No loss too great for someone's personal gain. Stop it, already. I don't mean to sound cynical, just realistic. We haven't proven ourselves to be the best stewards. In spite of our assertion that we are the intelligent species.

  65. Stephen Waterman

    Stephen Waterman

    Prije godine

    Why don't we have autonomous rovers or drones that travel around the oceans? I would think they could surface for a couple days to charge and then decent for a couple days. While they are charging they can upload the data.

  66. Michael Lubin

    Michael Lubin

    Prije godine

    I wonder if this kind of diving is as dangerous as it sounds.

  67. WhyisWat


    Prije godine

    We should really make a village on Antarctica for scientists and adventurers

  68. Maximum Joy

    Maximum Joy

    Prije godine

    (atmospheric rock music)

  69. Wally Brown

    Wally Brown

    Prije godine

    I want to dive there. Just WOW

  70. Theós Latrévo

    Theós Latrévo

    Prije godine

    *¿**2:13** ?*

  71. MrSeaDog Channel

    MrSeaDog Channel

    Prije godine

    Whos paid these guy?

  72. 4thandinches


    Prije godine

    Thumbs down, for pushing the climate change hoax, and for not showing us some vast marine life.

  73. Test Him

    Test Him

    Prije godine

    I want a 1:35 for a pet they look so cool wow

    • aurvelva ୨୧

      aurvelva ୨୧

      Prije 4 mjeseci

      i know right?

  74. Stefan Granados

    Stefan Granados

    Prije godine

    10 feet of ice, hell naw lol

  75. s Heals11

    s Heals11

    Prije godine

    So beautiful, but than watch the NASA video about the underground city & YIKES!!!! 2025-2028 could see seas rise 8 feet.

  76. Karlee Meier

    Karlee Meier

    Prije godine

    gods work

  77. nuclearcasserole


    Prije godine

    What the ? If you were to make the visit to that place with lights of different colors say for instance a blue light, the variety of life would light up like they were electrified. the bioluminescence is how the various species find each other or stay away from each other. going down there with a very bright white light wasn't thought all the way through.

  78. Hog Tuna

    Hog Tuna

    Prije 2 godina

    What about the artifacts and pyramids?

  79. Muckey Duck

    Muckey Duck

    Prije 2 godina

    Funny how those Climate Models never reflect reality because scientist are so eager to push the global warming bull crap to ensure the funding doesn't end.

  80. Tԋҽ Rҽʋҽɳαɳƚ

    Tԋҽ Rҽʋҽɳαɳƚ

    Prije 2 godina

    i dont think this antarctica

  81. Joshua Ebanks

    Joshua Ebanks

    Prije 2 godina

    This is why I think we will discover life on one of Jupiter's satellites. Just think, Antarctica is well know as one of the harshest places in the world for life to survive, if not the most. But yet there is so much life there! If there can be life there of all places, I think there is no doubt we will discover life in the universe, and maybe in our own solar system. Maybe not life like fish, but at least microscopic life.

  82. Jean Alton

    Jean Alton

    Prije 2 godina

    It would have been better without the music

  83. Kat Dumpling

    Kat Dumpling

    Prije 2 godina

    Does anyone know what that crab/ starfish looking thing was?

  84. timtim 1

    timtim 1

    Prije 2 godina

    Its actually warmer underwater...the ice holds the heat in

  85. Sandwich Anomaly

    Sandwich Anomaly

    Prije 2 godina

    Can’t wait for the subnautica arctic DLC now...

  86. Deadly Habits1

    Deadly Habits1

    Prije 2 godina

    There are a lot of common things that are rare in the normal ocean

  87. Kalashnikov


    Prije 2 godina

    0:57 the wall spotted up close

    • Monday Influx

      Monday Influx

      Prije godine

      it looks so even across the top

  88. jigpy 1

    jigpy 1

    Prije 2 godina

    2:29 what happen to his finger

    • Kasia Sowka

      Kasia Sowka

      Prije godine

      jigpy 1 he’s got gloves on..

    • Charles Torruella

      Charles Torruella

      Prije godine

      Looks like a little bit of frost bit just a touch

    • Joshua Hong

      Joshua Hong

      Prije godine

      O shit that's terrifying

  89. Ashley DuBray

    Ashley DuBray

    Prije 2 godina

    tent are pyramids

  90. Taha Imran

    Taha Imran

    Prije 2 godina

    Let's hope they don't get destroyed due to global warming and possibility of pollution in Antarctica due to extraction of oil.

  91. tom thomas

    tom thomas

    Prije 3 godina

    1:34 one piece of gold ...turn on the highest resolution fff nutz

  92. YIC


    Prije 3 godina

    he's a PhD, why didnt you put PhD? people gonna think he's just some dumb ass with a BA degree if you just put "biologist"

  93. Posterium _

    Posterium _

    Prije 3 godina

    Really clastorphobic on the way down

  94. ΔΕΛΤΑ


    Prije 3 godina

    Better images than National Geographic......

  95. Kris B

    Kris B

    Prije 3 godina


  96. moocowlaa


    Prije 3 godina

    great big story is gaining more and more attention, I'm so happy

  97. Tresna Soaduon Mulatua Napitupulu

    Tresna Soaduon Mulatua Napitupulu

    Prije 3 godina

    I guess 26 people thumbs down, because their hoping for longer video.. Awesome place for diving!

  98. im Jus St ChiLLin

    im Jus St ChiLLin

    Prije 3 godina

    See the goldilocks zone is BS as long as a plant has a rocky core there could be life on it idc if its micro level or fuckin green guys. Amazing work

  99. Dibya Sharma

    Dibya Sharma

    Prije 3 godina

    These scientists work, explore so hard in the extreme weather conditions to understand and discover the nature of things to help the mankind and save the animals. On other hand some people can't even give up their stupid Coke and Pepsi that is polluting the ocean.

  100. Mr Drift

    Mr Drift

    Prije 3 godina

    subnatica in real life