"This CANNOT be allowed to happen!" | Carragher and Neville give damning verdicts on ESL plans

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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville discuss the proposed plans for a European Super League with both agreeing it cannot be allowed to happen for the sake of fans.

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  1. Kirk Elliott

    Kirk Elliott

    Prije mjesec

    Gary took a cheap swipe at lfc with the you'll never walk alone dig.... saying that's what they are suppose to stand for.... and yes we do stand for that.... the fans and the true supporters of the club... you should know better than to think that the owners of your club are true fans... they are businessman and only care about money....

  2. Staring You In The Face

    Staring You In The Face

    Prije mjesec

    The 'elites' own and run the world, including sport. We must stop them.

  3. jamie cedro

    jamie cedro

    Prije mjesec

    Should start a UK superleague for English fans! Goooaaaal woohoo.

  4. Michael Gruber

    Michael Gruber

    Prije mjesec

    I think it's funny that a player that takes millions of pounds has the audacity to just blame the Owners. lol

  5. Mo Falen

    Mo Falen

    Prije mjesec

    2 jealousy 🇬🇧 farmers always bark 🐕 against football's icons fc Barcelona and Real Madrid Stop crying farmers and try to reach our 🇪🇸 clubs' level

  6. Shoe Cabin The

    Shoe Cabin The

    Prije mjesec

    I still don't understand why the big fuss. Would be nice to see top teams playing each other more regularly. And who says that Champions league is ending? There will be more football same as before plus now the Super League.

  7. N.S


    Prije mjesec

    How far weve come in a week😌

  8. Jason William Cooley

    Jason William Cooley

    Prije mjesec

    Football need a new challenge cause the Premier league fa cup carbon Cup have all run it course when all u looking at is Manchester City arsenal spurs Chelsea Liverpool and united be pushed into every tournament so the Premier league can make a profit from fans and it is the same crap in the champions league and Europa league cause they are using the same boring 😴 teams in them tournaments year after year football is nothing more than a money scam to make money from fans that y I gave up watching the Premier league

  9. david hunt

    david hunt

    Prije mjesec

    I think Neville and Carragher need to look at the wider picture. here . Yes we are all shocked by the ESL and the timing of the announcement left a lot to be desired . However the real villains are once again UEFA they are the greedy ones because the expanding UCL is nothing more than a money grab .They don't care about anything else . They care nothing for the welfare of the players who now play three games a week on a regular basis . They threaten clubs like mafia Dons about FFP and so forth but they are all about greed themselves . There are other problems with the game but the ESL is about the governance of the game by the probably corrupt UEFA . Remember Platini remember Blatter we have seen it before .

  10. Ian Davis

    Ian Davis

    Prije mjesec

    'Scavengers' Comment of the decade.

  11. Ken Shields

    Ken Shields

    Prije mjesec

    Neville says pundits for BBC ITV BT have to come behind this yet doesn't mention sky

  12. Tom Fleetwood

    Tom Fleetwood

    Prije mjesec

    Say that about the protest laws vaccine passports Israeli green pass dog tags and yellow stars.. embaressing that this is all you fight for and call yourselves men

  13. Andrew W

    Andrew W

    Prije mjesec

    Hi as a big fan at the club with everything going on in football Gary Neville asking football club owners to leave due to their behaviour is he going to ask Ryan Giggs to leave Salford City FC if found guilty in Court with his behaviour I hope something gets done about this as it will be going on Twitter and Facebook if found guilty and us women will make sure we push this all the way because us women have gone through a lot over lockdown with domestic violence at its highest it’s ever been would much appreciate it if I get a email back please many thanks

  14. Captain Mauser

    Captain Mauser

    Prije mjesec

    They are Jewish.

  15. mark jackson

    mark jackson

    Prije mjesec

    owners should be punished, only think that hurts them is in the pocket, all six should be relegated , tough on the players and fans , send them down to league 2 as this would hurt them for many seasons , as per Glasgow Rangers.

  16. Chuckson56


    Prije mjesec

    A Super League would never work, it creates too much saturation in terms of high level matches. Its like having a World Cup every year instead of every four years.

  17. Warren Hirst

    Warren Hirst

    Prije mjesec

    Why has no one stood against FIFA for turning the World Cup from 2026 into a watered down 48 country tournament? More than a quarter of countries on the planet! And the European Championships and African Cup of Nations 24 teams?! Almost half of Europe and Africa! They say the ESL was about greed and $$$. Well so are these new formats of 3 of the biggest competitions! Complete garbage and low quality and high quantity. Yes it doesn't affect the 'football pyramid' but it's not even exclusively the best of the best. It's half the continent and a quarter of the world...all to make more money. Shame on you FIFA, UEFA & AFCON. Why has no one protested this crap?

  18. Peto Stacy

    Peto Stacy

    Prije mjesec

    It never was happening, purely a governmental distraction from Covid scandal of Mps ripping off the NHS..

  19. Joanna Winterbourne

    Joanna Winterbourne

    Prije mjesec

    Bloody well done Jamie and Gary xx

  20. Al Abbasi

    Al Abbasi

    Prije mjesec

    The British defeated the Germans in WWII. There is no shame in asking Germany for help now regarding football & fans owning the club as well. Period.

  21. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith

    Prije mjesec

    Fan ownership is not the answer. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are owned by the fans but those clubs are the main instigators of the ESL.

  22. Mr Smith’s World

    Mr Smith’s World

    Prije mjesec

    As Elvis would say *ive gotta hucka hucka (tap constantly) **0:40** Love*

  23. Dragonslayer McReedy

    Dragonslayer McReedy

    Prije mjesec

    That's right working class supporters defend the corrupt billionaires of eufa as they try to maintain their monopoly on european football. The game is already dead and eufa killed it.

  24. Guy Neeve

    Guy Neeve

    Prije mjesec

    I still cant understand why this "breakaway" is any different to the attempted one in mid 80s or the Sky backed one in 1992? Just greedy players wanting more money. Different names, different era...

  25. 35t10b


    Prije mjesec

    I like how gary says klopp and ole can stop this because they are men of integrity. Gary and his pundit partners stopped this with their honest reviews of what the super league would have done.

  26. Led Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin

    Prije mjesec

    Arsenal fan here, I have to say I dont always agree with Gary Neville but this is 1 time that I must, ive never heard Gary speak so honestly from the heart, the fact that these clubs would even CONTEMPLATE doing this is a disgrace, a total and utter attack on genuine hard working supporters who idolize their clubs, the owners of all of these clubs should hang their heads in shame but they wont because they quite simply dont give a dam about the fans, fair played Gary, u are a man of honesty and integrity 👍👍👍

  27. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Prije mjesec

    Players earning £300k per week in the premier league cos of sky money but suddenly sky employees are giving it the big YOU CAN'T DO THIS ITS GREED

  28. tLotS


    Prije mjesec

    Neville should run for Prime Minister.

  29. Lordcool


    Prije mjesec

    “This is an attack on behalf of the 6 wealthiest families against the UEFA and FIFA cartels “

  30. Lump hammer

    Lump hammer

    Prije mjesec

    real Madrid owner is bent and corrupt he's the main super crook behind this scandal

  31. Michael Howard

    Michael Howard

    Prije mjesec

    It's what these guys do and it's been happening a long time now, but no one blew the whistle is they strip the club valuables and sell it on to some whoring superleague, good job the whistle blew in injury time.

  32. Luke Moloney

    Luke Moloney

    Prije mjesec

    Central banks and Govts steal our money yearly and the people do nothing, propose a new league and the Brits are going full Braveheart. Priorities are way out of order.

  33. Jim Logan

    Jim Logan

    Prije mjesec

    The whole football game needs a comprehensive change for a fairer distribution of wealth. Are armchair fans worth more than those that pass through the turnstiles and cheer on their team? No. Real supporters follow their team whether they are chasing silverware or fighting against relegation. They are there to cheer their team on the rainy midweek games when the just know that their team need them regardless of their previous results. Fundamental change is needed now.

  34. Johnny Frisco

    Johnny Frisco

    Prije mjesec

    Utter hypocrisy and millionaires seem to go well together.

  35. lewis mitchell

    lewis mitchell

    Prije mjesec

    0:20 thought he was paused there

  36. jackie barren

    jackie barren

    Prije mjesec

    First they came for Africa. Then they came for Afghanistan. Then they came for Iraq. Then they came for Libyam Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Ukraine. What does it take for people to wake up and realise that they are being TAKEN?

  37. hondahomer


    Prije mjesec

    capitalism at it's best! does anyone really want to watch another epic showdown like real/shaktar or utd/sporting lisbon? this is long overdue ever since the champions league became the anyone league

  38. Joel Tideswell

    Joel Tideswell

    Prije mjesec

    The real question is.......Can a Vaccine passport be allowed to happen?

  39. rokka222


    Prije mjesec

    Fans win, supporters win...get the f*** outta here with this dumbass Super League. Kroenke OUT, Henry OUT, GLAZERS out

  40. Robert Marston

    Robert Marston

    Prije mjesec

    LEGENDARY moments players

  41. Marco ElePiccoleScalate

    Marco ElePiccoleScalate

    Prije mjesec

    How far are we to finally understand that greed and elitism are not an accident but the very essence of "free market" and capitalism?

  42. John Broadley

    John Broadley

    Prije mjesec

    A pair of pricks talkin baws

  43. Adrian Cummings-Henry

    Adrian Cummings-Henry

    Prije mjesec

    Lets be total honest & above board here, theres no good guys involved in administering football from fifa to uefa to owners to the national federations to agents to players. Football is a business that is profit & revenue driven.🤷🏿‍♂️

  44. Jam Truck

    Jam Truck

    Prije mjesec

    Hmmm. Footbal fans are angry at getting more games to watch...? A league to preserve the best clubs of the 20th centuries story of football (minus a couple german clubs) so people in 500 years can go to the super league to see a historically important team. All clubs are not equal and im not sorry to say so. Check the Scottish top league...

    • Jam Truck

      Jam Truck

      Prije mjesec

      And if some disgruntled fan could tell me why id be interested to know why this is like the ebd times?

  45. Richard Morris

    Richard Morris

    Prije mjesec

    Why have we allowed foreigners to control our football? Why have we allowed so many foreign players to overrun our national game? Now the foreigners are making a push to destroy our number one sport. The reasons are simple,Money Money Money Money Money. Foreigners buying up our football clubs without a care for the struggles of the lower league clubs. The lower league clubs will start to fold the implosion of the supporting pyramid of the game will take the entire game abroad. It's laughable to hear the fat cat players and the pundits complaining about something that they are and were responsible for. Greedy crisp muching self opinionated tax dodgers take note. Well if the game goes abroad maybe you greedy buggers will go with it and we will be able to start again with a new slate.

  46. ontheisland11


    Prije mjesec

    Watch the little bit by John Barnes on the BBC - only a minute and a half long and it's way better than anything else. If you don't want to watch I'll precis it. All this is about is a slightly smaller group of super rich parasites trying to steal football from the larger group of super rich parasites who stole it from the fans years ago. If the fans think they've won they're just kidding themselves.

  47. Dave McMillan

    Dave McMillan

    Prije mjesec

    If Sky & BT stepped up and said we won't be paying to televise this 'ESL' that would help too.

  48. Matt Birky

    Matt Birky

    Prije mjesec

    391 corrupt idiots

  49. Kevin Atkinson

    Kevin Atkinson

    Prije mjesec

    OK Jamie and Gary.... These clubs barring arsenal and spurs ha big clubs used to bees..... Its a win win for these big clubs. They still run football they still now have the prem lge in their pockets. Still telling prem who can and can't OWN football clubs..... The so called fit and proper test to own a football club stinks. The only ones who have invested properly in their area have been man city... Pumping money into the football club and its surrounding area. OK they do it for the end product to take on these big clubs that's why we see the likes of Leicester City knocking on door of the top 4..... Theyve done what man city have done and because of the PIF wanting to do the same they close the door.... Not the PREM LGE. so now we see the truth.... These top6 don't like the likes of west ham Leicester City closing the gap. These owners of the big 6, don't like anyone closing the gap so they want to shaft the fans, no no they want to destroy the other clubs in the process. Now when the PIF come back and want to buy Newcastle United and show the money and plans for investment in the area are the prem lge going to now say yes after these big 6 tried to shaft them, we will see. OK like the owners of the big 6 they want a return for their investment. Will the prem lge now see these top 6 for the true ownership that they obviously are. Will the prem lge now allow a takeover from the PIF or will they see it as another would be owner wanting to buy a club for their own larger scale money making machine. Corrupt as they are the big 6 still have the prem lge AND eufa in their pockets.....

  50. Brian Fiske

    Brian Fiske

    Prije mjesec

    What’s the big dealio? Did they oppose champions league? Time passes, new leagues begin, quit being cry babies and accept progress

  51. Rich P.

    Rich P.

    Prije mjesec

    Gripping stuff. I've got goose pimples and I'm barely into football these days. I feel reinvigorated.

  52. Norman Morgan

    Norman Morgan

    Prije mjesec

    Gary Neville right up there with the good guys, good on you, respect.

  53. Ariel Ruizr

    Ariel Ruizr

    Prije mjesec

    Clubs are going bankrupt and it’s for the own good to do another competitive league clubs league and not depend on corrupt uefa and fifa

  54. James Jarrett

    James Jarrett

    Prije mjesec

    I suggest everyone watches the money speech from the 1970s film 'Network' if you want to really understand what this was all about. Swap the names of the corporations for the names of the big clubs.

  55. Correctly Outraged

    Correctly Outraged

    Prije mjesec

    the whole idea was a giant fuckup.....

  56. Metronome E

    Metronome E

    Prije mjesec

    Is he talking about football? Or is he really talking about cv our government and lockdowns?

  57. Victor Moreno

    Victor Moreno

    Prije mjesec

    i just wan to know where is the money going is not that affect me in anyway but as a football fan how is it that the NFL is givin 2 billion dollars for rights when you have roughly 300 million people watching . champions league you got more that 4 billion people audience and the you have the leagues , this is a war of the rich (clubs) vs the richer ( UEFA& FIFA) plus

  58. Matt Newman

    Matt Newman

    Prije mjesec

    20 league titles?. 19 Liverpool have won

  59. DivePunch Gaming

    DivePunch Gaming

    Prije mjesec

    Maybe people will realise how out of control the free market is finally, all because their favourite sport is under threat. This sort of behaviour is carried out all day everyday in every aspect of life, maybe football fans stopping this will prove that the many can stand up to the few.

  60. rcmanization


    Prije mjesec

    super angry about this, but completely ok with having equally greedy Sky Sports as their employers. And completely quiet about Patrick Bamford saying that people should also be this upset about racism in football...

  61. ayanavab


    Prije mjesec

    Reading comments of emotional brainwashed sheep in these comments has been some experience. You'd think UEFA are the good guys.

  62. BillA Bong

    BillA Bong

    Prije mjesec

    Sounds like an EU plot to wreck the best league in the world,!!!

  63. MrMbutube


    Prije mjesec

    I don’t support the super league idea but the reason why this happened is because FIFA & UEFA are the most corrupted associations in history of the game!

  64. mr bili

    mr bili

    Prije mjesec

    It's all a scam, another distraction to what's actually going on Like Real would ever put their name to this bollocks

  65. david martin

    david martin

    Prije mjesec

    Neville wasn't bothered about the glazers 15 years ago was quite as a little mouse and is buying his way to success with Salford city the team what played in yellow and black and have now gone corporate with a Czech ice hockey teams logo, he's a full on hypocrite who is paid by sky

  66. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez

    Prije mjesec

    Why don't fans get together and protest the corruption with fifa and the world cup in Qatar

  67. cim888


    Prije mjesec

    UEFA tv rights is 3.4 billion Euros, WINNING the EUFA is only 82 Euro from a pot of 300m. Yeah no wonder the rich clubs don't want to be in it when they spend so much more on their players than everyone else.



    Prije mjesec

    These guys sound like a bunch of little snowflakes...

  69. Adam


    Prije mjesec

    You cant take your owners money with one hand and demand independence. Once the club sells its equity the ownership is gone.

  70. Gil Zi

    Gil Zi

    Prije mjesec

    The problem is not that UEFA is too strong, it is that it's too weak. Once they allowed non champions to compete in the Champions League on the expense of national champions this feudalism began. I hope that not only the super league is dismantled, but also that UEFA and the associations will push further for equity and clarify the absolute priority of competitive sport

  71. Jason Holley

    Jason Holley

    Prije mjesec

    Eu always money grabbing first the pubs then football then they will want your wife

  72. Jason Holley

    Jason Holley

    Prije mjesec

    Boot them asap

  73. Jason Holley

    Jason Holley

    Prije mjesec

    The prem is the most super League EU getting desperate again I see

  74. Greg Filby

    Greg Filby

    Prije mjesec

    Is that why Steven Gerrard quickly went to Rangers because he didn’t want anything to do with this and his love for Liverpool FC

  75. tom yeo

    tom yeo

    Prije mjesec

    Really shows what the country cares about honestly. We let Boris Johnson stand as PM and we let rapist get out of jail in 3 years and drugs run rampant across the country but we write to MPs as soon as football is being damaged?

  76. Mutual Aid Works

    Mutual Aid Works

    Prije mjesec

    It was the same when the Premier Leaugue was set up. Real fans didn't count then, and they don't count now. That's inevitable when you live under a capitalist system.

  77. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    Prije mjesec

    Seems hypocritical to say the newcastle takeover can't go ahead due to directors test when this has happened in the face of all of the rules.

  78. kingbassi1985


    Prije mjesec

    If you want to save football, stop paying footballers £200-400K a week. Put a salary cap on the league and that way you use that cash for grassroots football!! R. Madrid came out yesterday saying that the only way they can afford the likes Haaland & Mbappé is to join this super league. Well don't buy them then, if you can't afford them go for someone else you can afford without ruining OUR game.

  79. Phil Michowicz

    Phil Michowicz

    Prije mjesec

    Hang on your on sky sports? Change game times all the time. Poeple in the world book flights to watch the arsenal. Only staying for three days. Then just you change it to a Monday night. No respect for fans .

  80. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller

    Prije mjesec

    3:26 "He's parked his weasels". Love it. Must be a Lancashire expression?

  81. Diana Cazadora

    Diana Cazadora

    Prije mjesec

    New world order failed 😂😂😂

  82. Mrwhiteloaf


    Prije mjesec

    Solution - Tokenize the clubs on the blockchain and allocate 51% of the tokens to the fans and public to buy, own and trade. Owning tokens will allow holders voting rights for the club.

  83. Krzysztof Dabrowski

    Krzysztof Dabrowski

    Prije mjesec

    thieves and gangsters screaming (uefa), they want to rob us.....

  84. Synthescape


    Prije mjesec

    Disgusting how people (rat royalty) take advantage of an opportunity. The problem is innate with their ability to take advantage of the system. HOW COULD THIS HAVE BEEN PREVENTED??

  85. Anthony Monaghan

    Anthony Monaghan

    Prije mjesec

    Jamie and Gary were right. If this had gone through, a national football strike would have been called for.

  86. duncan green

    duncan green

    Prije mjesec

    In times of great danger to the very foundation of football, arch rivals will join to fight for a common cause.

  87. Pete Turner

    Pete Turner

    Prije mjesec

    Neville nailed it..

  88. Reaper


    Prije mjesec

    After what happened it is concluded that 90% of football fans don’t know what the f is going on and jumping on the “save football” bandwagon. Of course, football is saved because UEFA are still in control and in 2024 West Ham can be the 4th in the table yet teams like Man United, Chelsea and Spurs who have a high coefficient will qualify to the UCL instead of other teams who have a low coefficient. Don’t bring the greedy argument to the table because UEFA, FIFA and these broadcasters “SKY” are much worse. Thank you Perez for showing the truth of how UEFA and FIFA work with their lust for money by making nonsense competitions “Nations league” which cause further injuries and exhaustion on players whilst keeping the majority of money for themselves and giving breadcrumbs to teams that bring all that money.

  89. Darren Sickscopez

    Darren Sickscopez

    Prije mjesec

    Spot on Gaz

  90. jhk 0910

    jhk 0910

    Prije mjesec

    One thing I've learnt In life is......when there is trouble you call Ronnie Pickering. Where are you Ronnie...we need You!

  91. Mr Key

    Mr Key

    Prije mjesec

    New title - The Yanks decided to make America everywhere - The Arabs oiled the way - The Russians had nothing to do with it. You're welcome.

  92. Sam Wong

    Sam Wong

    Prije mjesec

    Its weird for them to reach such agreement in some issues, haha

  93. capello85


    Prije mjesec

    I support Super League every two years based on merit ( same than Champions League today) but only open to top competitive leagues (20teams max)

  94. Cesco


    Prije mjesec

    LOL. SKY SPORTS MAFIA fully against Super League.. Surely won't have anything to do with their investments made in UEFA........

  95. palooka Lactuca

    palooka Lactuca

    Prije mjesec

    Imagine the same enthusiasm outside of sport against the government.

  96. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams

    Prije mjesec

    The Glasers own Man U. If you don't like what they do, then go support another team and shut your bloody pie hole.

  97. Jaypal Chudasama

    Jaypal Chudasama

    Prije mjesec

    these clubs maybe institutions before but they are basically business news and it has become cutthroat since the advent of investment from these billionaires and heads of states. The PSG owner didn’t join because for him the main goal is not to run these clubs based on the income that the club creates. He is for sportswashing and now he is the Eca chairman. Don’t forget when rm bought those players with a world record fee they had in mind that the players would make a big selling point but now the price point at which Newmarket was brought there is no way they are ever gonna make money on that. So yes the end of football was when money started flowing. So in. A way it never ended it’s just started. Fifa is basically going to rule over some African country as a dictater as they would not be able to pay the World Cup money promised. Middle East oil money and Chinese billionaires are going to take the pieces of European football one by one. Uefa are still gonna milk great big clubs With excuses to distribute money to smaller clubs but actually just making their pool with billions and billions of dollars.Gary Neville and such other retiree’s are going to rant about how that’s end of football and how that’s end of football." People will die making stadiums and the ‘true’ fans will rally behind a hollow cause as always. This is football and this is never gonna end.

  98. Dennis


    Prije mjesec

    Amazing any one would enjoy supporting the hyper marketing of football , just hollowed out and totally removed from the communities that gave rise to them

  99. Mankirk


    Prije mjesec

    If you're angry that these billionaires are taking your football away, you're going to hit the roof when you hear what they're doing to your NHS.

  100. Mr Balsem Gosok

    Mr Balsem Gosok

    Prije mjesec

    greedy bastard!!!