Are We Going to be Looking for a New Tractor??

We've been having some issues with the 9560. Are We Going to be Looking for a New Tractor?? Maybe.. I finally get out of the planter and get to run the Mandako Storm and Land Roller.

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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.

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Edited By:
Becky Johnson


  1. Punjabi munda 29

    Punjabi munda 29

    Prije dan

    Sar aap ki bahut sari video dekh raha hun bahut acchi video main aapko support kar raha hun Ham from Pakistan nice to meet you nice your voice nice your blogging

  2. The House of Moth

    The House of Moth

    Prije 6 dana

    So no organic farming here? Heard the mentions of glyphosate and roundup.

  3. Clint YORK

    Clint YORK

    Prije 12 dana

    I’m not a farmer but I want to be a farmer so I watch you after I work

  4. John Lyngen

    John Lyngen

    Prije 18 dana

    Bigger is better !!!

  5. Greg Schwindt

    Greg Schwindt

    Prije 20 dana

    Fantastic montages!

  6. holmikehol


    Prije 21 dan

    14:10 killing also the rest of the insects👎🏻 Mother nature will strike back matter of time😄 Balance your field make flower beds beside the road to give something back to nature‼️

  7. holmikehol


    Prije 21 dan

    ▶️ The worst part of seeing farmers: all that spraying/chemicals on our food and food for our animals..hope planet earth excepts cannot continue making soil death, killing insects and all the systems behind us..until we be death. In the USA and Europe lots of research and proof farmers get terrible ill and die. Happy spraying, I big time dislike this fucking with mother nature as long as those farmers get sick..but we will get also strange illness and in the end planet earth the soil dies.

  8. hamborg2


    Prije 21 dan

    Hello 👋 from Denmark 🇩🇰. Love your agro videos. You have some pretty cool gear to punish💥🎶👍😊

  9. Noah Spangler

    Noah Spangler

    Prije 21 dan

    Is there a difference in horse power between the 9rt vs. the 9r?

  10. Farm 3

    Farm 3

    Prije 22 dana

    You have to get the 1167MT Fendt

  11. AgriNico39


    Prije 25 dana

    Good job!!

  12. Matt Derr

    Matt Derr

    Prije 26 dana

    Got tonadmit Zack I also think that tractor looks alot better then an rt

  13. Mike Crawford

    Mike Crawford

    Prije 26 dana

    If you think them are hills you have settled for C's them ain't hills lol.

  14. iBelieve


    Prije 26 dana


  15. TrueDude95


    Prije 26 dana

    Go for a Fendt 1050, after John Deere you will feel like you sit in Mercedes S-class after your truck. :))

  16. Chosen1One


    Prije 27 dana

    Big chemical guy here as well but Im a turf guy with almost 15 years on couese experience, didnt know you guys sprayed a lot of chemicals as well, the more you know. Damn thats a big as boom for spraying

  17. Chosen1One


    Prije 27 dana

    Who would of ever guessed 100 years ago that you guys would make videos of farming and people around the world would not only watch but you earn income for it.

  18. Billy Scruggs

    Billy Scruggs

    Prije 27 dana

    Why don't you try a New Holland,with tracks.

  19. Chosen1One


    Prije 27 dana

    Im sorry but fuck john deere. Let people fix there own equipment

  20. Jon S

    Jon S

    Prije 27 dana

    Love the clip at the end

  21. Oliver Mayo

    Oliver Mayo

    Prije 27 dana

    Is it just me or does all Mandako equipment look like it is built like a proverbial brick outhouse?

  22. Keith Kuckler

    Keith Kuckler

    Prije 27 dana

    The French have a saying, "the more things change, the more they stay the same". Looks like what i used almost forty years ago, a disc with a harrow attachment. I farmed southwest of the Twin Cities, and, i agree with our heavy soils, and, late springs, having some black dirt exposed really helps with planting on time. I wonder when we will see moldboard plowing come back again.

  23. Burt Ranch

    Burt Ranch

    Prije 28 dana

    I love you man

  24. Troy Ulschmid

    Troy Ulschmid

    Prije 28 dana

    Rock and roll and race I94 see you soon!

  25. Jada Williams

    Jada Williams

    Prije 28 dana

    The field roller was neat. Only seen them used for pavement and nowadays gotta wonder where they learned to drive because the roads are not smooth!😬🤔😁😃

  26. lombohi helingeg

    lombohi helingeg

    Prije 28 dana

    The sore cherries principally miss because exchange systematically last pro a few fierce process. elated, hot huge quartz

  27. BananaCake 101

    BananaCake 101

    Prije 28 dana

    But i live in the suburbs

  28. BananaCake 101

    BananaCake 101

    Prije 28 dana

    Qatching too much MFarmer. Got mad because i stepped out my cbd apartment and the road wasnt dirt.

  29. lyman135


    Prije 28 dana

    I like that he still actually shares what its like to run a farm and the day to day goings on. Other ag channels I watch have started to spend the majority of their time being Instagram models, Tik Tok influencers and hawking their merchandise rather than actually doing ag education. They have gotten away from their roots and mission and spend more time being social media influencers./ fashion designers.

  30. Mike trust

    Mike trust

    Prije 28 dana

    Cut un wanted talk...

  31. BIG IH farmer

    BIG IH farmer

    Prije 28 dana

    I just love that 8260

  32. Jared Mata

    Jared Mata

    Prije 28 dana

    I liked your way of describing the roller. Many people get confused by that.

  33. Dillan Joubert SRL

    Dillan Joubert SRL

    Prije 28 dana

    Any jobs available for a young South Africa farmer (myself)

  34. Payne O’Brien

    Payne O’Brien

    Prije 29 dana

    Zidua Pro on the beans? I work for CHS out of Rochester, MN

  35. B C

    B C

    Prije 29 dana

    Should have bought that one tractor you were looking at when you were looking at it. The time to buy is when you see it. Not when you need it. LOL



    Prije 29 dana

    Was that tractor he cut the oil filter off with a grinder & filled the oil galleys full of metal.

  37. Derrick Middleton

    Derrick Middleton

    Prije 29 dana

    How fast can that mandako till at?

  38. your local allosaurous

    your local allosaurous

    Prije 29 dana

    On our farm we have a 9rx with tracks Blinking reliable

  39. ron s

    ron s

    Prije mjesec

    now invest in a 4k video camera.....would look many times better

  40. Kevin Christiansen

    Kevin Christiansen

    Prije mjesec

    Nice to see your Dad in the video Zach

  41. Kevin Christiansen

    Kevin Christiansen

    Prije mjesec

    Great video Zach

  42. Brian Jenkins

    Brian Jenkins

    Prije mjesec

    Haha I like your shirt

  43. Ty Stahl

    Ty Stahl

    Prije mjesec

    Love watching you and your dad working together.

  44. E.quist


    Prije mjesec

    Fun that you had 2 montages and music really like that please do More of that !!! 🤣🤣🤣

  45. SP Saints

    SP Saints

    Prije mjesec

    14:02 he has cameras everywhere

  46. Grant Larabee

    Grant Larabee

    Prije mjesec

    Why weren’t you Useing gps on that rolling tractor

  47. james heath

    james heath

    Prije mjesec

    I really like those scalloped discs.

  48. Mike Neely (MOzark Mike)

    Mike Neely (MOzark Mike)

    Prije mjesec

    The father, the son and the holey hose. Amen.

  49. David


    Prije mjesec

    Please move your content to Rumble I am deleting my HRgreen account due to HRgreen silencing those who do not support leftist, anarchists’ and Biden voters. Please put your great channel on Rumble where the 1st Amendment is honoured and I can still watch your excellent content.

  50. Eden Serna

    Eden Serna

    Prije mjesec

    Beautiful father and son bond, god bless you guys🙏



    Prije mjesec

    Maybe it's time for a QUADTRAC????

  52. John Kolb Jr

    John Kolb Jr

    Prije mjesec

    How long before Jim gets the new tractor stuck?

  53. Matt Huey

    Matt Huey

    Prije mjesec

    Haha i really thought the roller was for smashing down the beans that were planted!!💯💯😳😳 No idea it was for the header n stuff!!👍😆🚜🇺🇸🇺🇸

  54. ethan matehs

    ethan matehs

    Prije mjesec

    Zach same here we can plant in all of the low spots

  55. Alex Hansen

    Alex Hansen

    Prije mjesec

    are you gong to be selling it?

  56. Dewey Heath

    Dewey Heath

    Prije mjesec

    How you doin Johnson Family... a lil different question cause it’s not fall yet but I’m in the market for a combine and would like to know where your 9870 went? Would like to go S series but if I stay with a 70 I can get a Draper too. So I was just curious. Thank you

  57. David Pyle

    David Pyle

    Prije mjesec

    Awesome video ! Becky is killing the editing game !

  58. beansontoast10


    Prije mjesec

    Yeah fixed just like November the 3rd 2020. Ready to pop any time soon.

  59. Tom Wells

    Tom Wells

    Prije mjesec

    Who noticed that is was a 9570 at the start of the video, not the 9560.

  60. Robert Pappa

    Robert Pappa

    Prije mjesec

    I run both a 9560R and a 9560RT pulling 40' 1895/1910 air seeder in hilly ground, all no till. I will take the R over the RT in any situation.

  61. Steve Hanks

    Steve Hanks

    Prije mjesec

    That Tshirt is awesome 👌

  62. Garett Yonke

    Garett Yonke

    Prije mjesec

    How do you put your inoculant on your beans?

  63. Ross Consbruck

    Ross Consbruck

    Prije mjesec

    Where are you at, I asked you a question or is it because deep down you know I'm right?

    • Millennial Farmer

      Millennial Farmer

      Prije mjesec

      There are 604 comments here as of now and I worked all day. All I know is you were complaining about someone else having money. Could you fill me in on the rest and I'll try to get back to you?

  64. Kyle Wasson

    Kyle Wasson

    Prije mjesec

    I see LSW tires in the future!

  65. Luke Gill

    Luke Gill

    Prije mjesec

    Like the shirt Zach!

  66. Corey


    Prije mjesec

    I have a question for Mr MF'er. For that 250 acres of ground you were tilling, how many hours does it take to do that? And I suppose the follow up would be how many hours to plant it? My wife and I watch your channel, I grew up not far away from your area, and we learn a lot from what you show us.

  67. Eddy Jenkins

    Eddy Jenkins

    Prije mjesec

    Hey Zack what do you think of the electric Ford-150

  68. Martin Eastburn

    Martin Eastburn

    Prije mjesec

    See if the local volunteer Fire company has a bad hose / old hose that you can put over your hoses. I see them on excavators and they work great. I see you use fire hose already !

  69. Larry Kluck

    Larry Kluck

    Prije mjesec


  70. John Silvernale

    John Silvernale

    Prije mjesec

    Dad likes the Jim Dandies

  71. Alex Ward

    Alex Ward

    Prije mjesec

    Lost my job on April 1st cool if I just move up there and work for you haha

  72. armycadets


    Prije mjesec

    So we're just not gonna talk about the... Okay.. 😅 See ya later!

  73. Joseph


    Prije mjesec

    Time to get a Case, ehhhh????? Lol!

  74. HondaFun YT

    HondaFun YT

    Prije mjesec

    A used 9620rx wouldn't look bad on the farm 👌

  75. Charles M. Ogle

    Charles M. Ogle

    Prije mjesec

    Enjoy watching videos and John Deere equipment! 😘🚜😀 Mike from Missouri

  76. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris

    Prije mjesec

    I love the Peterbilt you got. Also love your Kenworths.



    Prije mjesec

    Mandako montage Monday I see

  78. Tucker Scherbarth

    Tucker Scherbarth

    Prije mjesec

    Who gets a 1ton that isn’t a diesel?

    • Tucker Scherbarth

      Tucker Scherbarth

      Prije mjesec

      A millennial

  79. Astro- -Llion

    Astro- -Llion

    Prije mjesec

    awesome vid such a shame I got an AD very 90 seconds

  80. Fran Keem

    Fran Keem

    Prije mjesec

    I'm so glad that you pointed out that hole to us! I just never would have known! You have very keen eyesight and a great ability to pick out fine details!

  81. EJ Cookie

    EJ Cookie

    Prije mjesec

    Can't wait to see which RT or RTX you might find. Take us shopping with you and how you decide on which to get or repair. It is a major issue for many in the business. Right tool for the right job.

  82. Colby Deckard

    Colby Deckard

    Prije mjesec

    Watching your video while working ground!

  83. Wiserguy


    Prije mjesec

    I have become such a believer in minimum and no tillage that it almost hurts to see black soil and dust flying. Do it properly and the corn and soybeans will germinate just fine. Leave it to the organic farmers to rip the soil layers for weed control and expose the soil.

  84. David K.

    David K.

    Prije mjesec

    had no idea, thanks

  85. Scorch


    Prije mjesec


  86. Gauloises Khaos (Gauloisez)

    Gauloises Khaos (Gauloisez)

    Prije mjesec

    What is the type of the tractor you are driving in the beginning? What a beast of a machine. Any idea if there is more up close footage of this tractor? And a follow up question, newer JD tractors either come in a R or a RT version? And RT means tracks instead of wheels?

  87. wayne eddy

    wayne eddy

    Prije mjesec

    Oooh big hills😀

  88. Phillip Fuhrman

    Phillip Fuhrman

    Prije mjesec

    Your dad is really cool awesome video

  89. Marek Grežo Markus Cheten

    Marek Grežo Markus Cheten

    Prije mjesec

    The fuel injectors on the sprayer are at the ends

  90. MS RM

    MS RM

    Prije mjesec

    You take seasonals?

  91. Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    Prije mjesec

    Man I love watching ur dad he's very calm and gentle

  92. Joachim Jordanger

    Joachim Jordanger

    Prije mjesec

    Why not use 9570 RT

  93. dale stpirerre

    dale stpirerre

    Prije mjesec

    🤔🤔 So have you swapped the oh no stuck cable from your dads combi to yours? If not, it can be some good content 😉

  94. Ed Crego

    Ed Crego

    Prije mjesec

    Really like seeing your dad around nice man ,,iwas hoping you might consider a case ih but I know your blood runs green which is ok

  95. Lawrence Kiel-sr

    Lawrence Kiel-sr

    Prije mjesec

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You're doing it!

  96. The Real World Truck Simulator

    The Real World Truck Simulator

    Prije mjesec

    Trade it for a quad track lol

  97. cat


    Prije mjesec

    someday you too will be an old dog not learning new tricks

  98. Jason Riseborough

    Jason Riseborough

    Prije mjesec

    I think it’s time we heard the purr of a big CAT on your farm👍👍

  99. UnKLe GuS

    UnKLe GuS

    Prije mjesec

    Great videos Zach and Mrs. can I tell all my neighbors here in WI - who are farmers what they could do better. 😂 I think them hearing it from me “the citidiot” would make for good fun at card club Wednesday night.

  100. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

    Prije mjesec

    sorry sir , because of cl3an idle air regulations by EPA , They dont make diesel engines worth buying no more , better to go back and rebuild the old ones me , i tell no lies ...

    • Nicholas Fry

      Nicholas Fry

      Prije mjesec

      You can’t rebuild stuff that long, and the modern engines are just fine