1. Юрий Сергеев

    Юрий Сергеев

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    I never do them right. Always f**k it up at the end. 🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Dashnor Hida

    Dashnor Hida

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  5. MrSpencerMcIntosh


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    Why does it seem like a lot them have to do MORE damage to stay in place?

  6. Eittss


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    Wanna know somthing?

  7. Enrico Traficante

    Enrico Traficante

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    Me when your mother ehm when me your mom ahm your mom when me ...

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  10. Christian Christiansen

    Christian Christiansen

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    No sabia que los expansores se quebraban al usarlos.



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  12. Mehmet Reha HAKSESLİ

    Mehmet Reha HAKSESLİ

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    Very God be Red and Steell others Trash 😉

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    BAD𓆩𓏶𓆪Bo͜͡y ッʙᴛs

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    What he is doing? 🤨 My mental :⬆️↙️↗️⬇️➡️↘️

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    Woow impressed

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  16. Hiền cute :3

    Hiền cute :3

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    Hay nhe

  17. 𝗅𝗈 𝖿𝗂

    𝗅𝗈 𝖿𝗂

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    Wood after 9months :🤰🤰🤰

  18. Alex Viol

    Alex Viol

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    Asmr anyone?

  19. Crzyking 68

    Crzyking 68

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    Ummmm dont quite get the hype these different oversized hole problems and the fixes shown have been known for decades.

  20. พลวรรธน์ สุโพธิ์ เลขที่33

    พลวรรธน์ สุโพธิ์ เลขที่33

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  21. Antonio Carlos Salvi

    Antonio Carlos Salvi

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  22. kakarot


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    What was motive of this video 🙄

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  24. Dr Abstrakk

    Dr Abstrakk

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    This is movies 2030

  25. Mulatinho Dopemuzik

    Mulatinho Dopemuzik

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    Tão satisfatório ver esses tipos de videos 😍

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  27. Alejandro Naranjo

    Alejandro Naranjo

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  28. Puerulum


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    I don't even know what it is but I'm hypnotised

  29. Amara Fernández

    Amara Fernández

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    X: me da uno de esos para poner los clavos X:cual? X:...........

  30. 수박


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    그래서 이게 뭔데요

  31. aadil ashraf

    aadil ashraf

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    Wood gave the best results because of its anisotropic properties..... Great

  32. xSebyx


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    This is so satisfying, I wishd It never end

  33. Bowser Zeki

    Bowser Zeki

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    So Satisfying

  34. Fortunato Samuel

    Fortunato Samuel

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    That's fucking satisfying

  35. Teo


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    So satisfyng

  36. mochizu.


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    Wth did i just witnessed

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    Nimbus Yosh

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    Wgat did i just watch? What's the context? I need more research

  42. Your Local Weirdo

    Your Local Weirdo

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    Oh that was so creamy 😫🥛🍦

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    tom ngaite

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  44. Blue Bon

    Blue Bon

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    I just watched this twice without knowing it

  45. Ludimyllaofc


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    Cadê os br?

  46. Skyl3r07


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    Very informative thanks for posting

  47. Ritha Nudsi

    Ritha Nudsi

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    Why do I love to watch this?? 😵

  48. Dale Medina

    Dale Medina

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    Now I need a video showing me how to make the original holes

  49. oʟsen marᴛınez

    oʟsen marᴛınez

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    perfect loop doesn't exi-

  50. HappyExiled


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    Now i know what those plastic cap thingies are

  51. amudha loganathan

    amudha loganathan

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    To all who are confused,he just wants to fix the glass to the wood.

  52. Noel Nainggolan

    Noel Nainggolan

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    This is remind ne of something but idk what is it

  53. Tyler Nelson

    Tyler Nelson

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    Most of these are designed to anchor in drywall, not wood. That's why they don't expand correctly.

  54. c w u t i e

    c w u t i e

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    that glue one reminded me of smth else

  55. Tyo Samtek

    Tyo Samtek

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    We need a narrator for this

  56. 곽지웅


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  57. 【E L I J A H】

    【E L I J A H】

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    I'm.. so confused..

  58. Chilli Davis

    Chilli Davis

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    I have no idea why I just watched this like five times LOL

  59. random short production

    random short production

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    Liked when part of wood plank broke

  60. Volnyte Ven

    Volnyte Ven

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    Why is this so satisfying

  61. Snorlax Smash

    Snorlax Smash

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    Bob the builder

  62. Kylie B.

    Kylie B.

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    Random objects being put into a piece of wood 90 Million people: *iNtErEsTiNg*

  63. DarkKitty Edgelord

    DarkKitty Edgelord

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    Dis is very satisfyin😎👌

  64. Aashraya Kunwar

    Aashraya Kunwar

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    Soooooo good

  65. VeganMeatEater


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    Wait, what am I watching?



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    Sangat menarik 👍

  67. A son of God

    A son of God

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    Jesus loves you guys so much,Jesus is coming back soon. Please repent and put your faith and trust in Jesus and His work on the cross,make Him Lord of your life and be saved. You many not get another opportunity like this again. PLEASE make the right choice. May God bless you and your family 💖.

  68. 공부중


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    계속 보게 만드네ㅋㅋ

  69. Shelter Shelter

    Shelter Shelter

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    No sé por qué, pero ver esto me relaja mucho 😊👍

  70. Jaydo Playdo

    Jaydo Playdo

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    Did that person just hammer in a screw

  71. Adelmo Adelmo

    Adelmo Adelmo

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    Cadê os BR que caiu de paraquedas aqui ?

  72. Xaime 2k11

    Xaime 2k11

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    Why do you need to make a whole to put the nail? Can't you just hammer it down?

  73. Suco de abacaxi H.m

    Suco de abacaxi H.m

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    Que isso youtube

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    12 12

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    Santino Zapata

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    cool an no entendí ✋😑✋

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    Dunno why but too satisfying

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    NAB playz

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    Here before 100M views!

  79. Nicko Jamaica

    Nicko Jamaica

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    It's the knockin for me😌

  80. Matthew K

    Matthew K

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    Anchors aren't supposed to be used on wood.....

  81. Colin Peddle

    Colin Peddle

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    Half of these are meant to be used on gyprock not in wood

  82. りにあらむ


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  83. DJROCK For

    DJROCK For

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    Bruh the first one looks like it liquifies lol

  84. Yashwant Rampal

    Yashwant Rampal

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  85. Will Hathaway

    Will Hathaway

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    Half of those fasteners aren’t even for that application. They’re for hollow walls not plugging a hole. 🙄

  86. Alexander Barlow

    Alexander Barlow

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    I imagine one side being (kinda) open probably affects the results, still cool tho

  87. ほんまゆ


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  88. InkBender8


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    That was oddly satisfying

  89. Jade Dominic Agub

    Jade Dominic Agub

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    why its realy speeding

  90. David J Yuan

    David J Yuan

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    Now it all makes sense.

  91. Chaasad Bailey

    Chaasad Bailey

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    humans are so smart

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    Abra Cadabra

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    Matthew Coff

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    Why was this satisfying

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    I dont get it

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    So cool

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