How Difficult is it to Ride a Penny Farthing?

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In this episode I learn to ride a Penny Farthing.

This Penny Farthing was supplied and designed by Roger from in the UK branch.

Find out more about here:
US site:

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Camera Work: Kim Boyd
Music: Epidemic Sound


  1. cpcnw


    Prije 44 minuta - The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

  2. Mr. Miscellaneous

    Mr. Miscellaneous

    Prije 50 minuta

    I was wanting just one more thing out of this video: how to stop quickly!

  3. Gipsy danger, americas monster

    Gipsy danger, americas monster

    Prije sat

    I think you’re supposed to mount the bike while it’s against a wall, then get peddling.

  4. Joni Lepistö

    Joni Lepistö

    Prije 2 sati

    Back then people didn't wear any helmets

  5. Logic Solo

    Logic Solo

    Prije 3 sati

    Learn to use Skyrunner jumping stilts

  6. Luna


    Prije 3 sati

    penny farting sounds painful

  7. AlphaHunter


    Prije 4 sati

    Bigger wheel makes sense that it's easier to ride and harder to turn. If you turn left a little then try turning right it should be a bit easier since the force is trying to pull it center

  8. Hectic Hive

    Hectic Hive

    Prije 4 sati

    Wait a minute did you pay $1,000+ for this? The big penny farthings are all above $1000! That’s crazy! Guess that’ll be a goal for another day

  9. TheBlueArcher


    Prije 4 sati

    never seen any of your videos, youtube fed me this. happy i'm already a nebula/curiosity stream subscriber. Definitely want to see the long version of this!

  10. Dominic Mejorada

    Dominic Mejorada

    Prije 5 sati

    Nice to see these bikes making a comeback

  11. Jeff Lebowski

    Jeff Lebowski

    Prije 5 sati

    Seems like a horrible design. Why is the front wheel so large?

  12. Rex Holes

    Rex Holes

    Prije 6 sati

    What a ridiculous conveyance, I love it.

  13. Chosen Architect

    Chosen Architect

    Prije 6 sati

    I also came here for the pronunciation.. not knowing what these were called in the first place

  14. Hectic Hive

    Hectic Hive

    Prije 6 sati

    One of the most pointless and impractical vehicles I’ve ever seen made by humans but man, I kinda want one now just to say I have one and can ride it lmao. I love that outfit you put together too

  15. J Green

    J Green

    Prije 6 sati

    The real lesson here is that if you see a bloke with a penny farthing he DEFINITELY knows how to ride it.

  16. EdgerOG


    Prije 6 sati

    The chap's got it down. Hoorah!!

  17. dan d

    dan d

    Prije 6 sati

    i do not care... but yet, here i am

  18. coltsfan79


    Prije 6 sati

    I'm an avid cyclist I just turned 60 and ride up to 60-70 miles a week but I've always been fascinated with these but my concern is being 5'6" tall would my legs be long enough.

  19. Squirrels Inc.

    Squirrels Inc.

    Prije 7 sati

    Hey Mike, I’m here to tell you that you have competition! Someone named Mike shake has copied your channel!

  20. mrbadguysan


    Prije 8 sati

    Now do it on The Strand in Venice Beach.

  21. Mark Sparks

    Mark Sparks

    Prije 9 sati

    I give Penny GasX & it usually keeps that to a minimum.

  22. Brett Prior

    Brett Prior

    Prije 9 sati

    And somehow women in giant dresses that themselves (the dresses) weighed some 45lbs, rode these things in a more primitive form (probably 130lbs heavier and no brakes) routinely... probably carrying groceries. Also, you really gotta admire the mechanical mind that looks at metal pegs welded to a solid metal frame, no moving parts, painted, smooth, WELDED... who then asks "is that where you pedal"? Ignoring all mechanical principles, rotational anything, and just reality entirely... just yeeting those questions whilst fully embracing the "there is no stupid question" mentality. And there isn't... just derps, ahem... people.

  23. Robert Thompson

    Robert Thompson

    Prije 9 sati

    Ride the "Colin Furze Hover bike" Never heard of it? Look it up on his channel.

  24. Pink Agaricus

    Pink Agaricus

    Prije 9 sati

    Isn't the mascot for bicycle playing cards riding a penny farthing cycle? This whole video made me think that.

  25. Markus Joseph

    Markus Joseph

    Prije 10 sati

    Good fun Video. Thank you, God Speed.

  26. Barney Googles

    Barney Googles

    Prije 10 sati

    That hat is making me crack up!!!

  27. A BIRD

    A BIRD

    Prije 10 sati

    Thats a like and a subscribe.

  28. l ironface53 l

    l ironface53 l

    Prije 10 sati

    Penny farting lol

  29. Charles Peter Watson

    Charles Peter Watson

    Prije 10 sati

    According to, penny farthings are out of stock until 2023 due to a parts shortage. The UK branch has them.

  30. christy castro

    christy castro

    Prije 10 sati

    You make it look so cool! 😎

  31. Nyansy Bones

    Nyansy Bones

    Prije 10 sati

    I thought it said farting lol

  32. mike horne

    mike horne

    Prije 11 sati

    What a p$#%y!!!! He's riding a bike in a park.......he's not skydiving or at war!!!!

  33. StockOndori


    Prije 12 sati

    Penny Farting

  34. superdoonz1


    Prije 13 sati

    A guy in my neighborhood rides one, but it's a restored older model. It doesn't appear to have brakes. I get how he rides it, but I'm absolutely mystified how he stops and gets off.

  35. Master Penquin

    Master Penquin

    Prije 14 sati

    I thought the title said penny farting.. Im disappointed

  36. Atlas


    Prije 14 sati

    Hold on you only tried for 20 minutes in the first day?

  37. A McCoy

    A McCoy

    Prije 15 sati

    Clipless pedals or it does not count, haha.

  38. Raum Bances

    Raum Bances

    Prije 15 sati

    I'm amazed at how few people recognize this classic and assume it is something new. I remember seeing dozens of them over the years. From circus posters to old motion picture clips of streets, there was one lingering in there somewhere.

  39. enzo3440


    Prije 15 sati

    London ride ?

  40. Remyria


    Prije 15 sati

    I would be afraid the bottom of the coat gets stuck in the wheel

  41. Segev Stormlord

    Segev Stormlord

    Prije 15 sati

    The top hat REALLY sells it.

  42. Provotha


    Prije 17 sati

    I thought the title said "Penny Farting"

  43. Rob B rc n stuff

    Rob B rc n stuff

    Prije 17 sati

    Do a wheelie 😉

  44. Legend Of Raven

    Legend Of Raven

    Prije 17 sati

    Try to learn the unicycle

  45. Code Alex

    Code Alex

    Prije 17 sati

    Damn bro I'm farthing and shithing

  46. Bloodyblade num1

    Bloodyblade num1

    Prije 17 sati

    knowing my track record with normal bikes I'd break it in ooooh like 5 weeks? the wheel is bigger and the longest I've not destroyed a bike is 7 months

  47. Moritz


    Prije 18 sati

    He wants to tarn

  48. kuf geo

    kuf geo

    Prije 19 sati

    "I'm torning" The accent just adds to these videos

  49. Bramble


    Prije 19 sati

    Okay guys, so hear me out. A Penny Farthing that doubles in size each day...

  50. mysterious pete

    mysterious pete

    Prije 20 sati

    wheelie and the boys will gve you 1m likes

  51. Charlie Kempf

    Charlie Kempf

    Prije 20 sati

    6:41 Bird just chillin in the background

  52. Comrade Kilonova

    Comrade Kilonova

    Prije 20 sati

    theres a smudge on one of the cameras used to film thiz

  53. Lewis Guilfoyle

    Lewis Guilfoyle

    Prije 21 sat

    I heard they made the penny-farthings so tall so the rider would be high up as if they are riding a horse

    • E. S. R

      E. S. R

      Prije 13 sati

      That actually makes a lot of sense! Other road users would be on horseback or driving a carriage, high up off the ground, and with no electric lights to boot. It would be practical to ride a tall bicycle so they didn't miss you!

  54. grovermatic


    Prije 21 sat

    OMG I want one.

  55. NicoTeen


    Prije 21 sat

    the best part of havig one no one will try to steal it lol

  56. stitchergary


    Prije 21 sat

    I think you did a fantastic job...thanks for the video

  57. Jonny Hairface

    Jonny Hairface

    Prije 22 sati

    Is that yer wee peddle? No that's me short metal spike.

  58. shy land

    shy land

    Prije 22 sati

    Bmx lets go

  59. Swantron97


    Prije 22 sati


  60. Jeremy Martin

    Jeremy Martin

    Prije 22 sati

    I think using a building or tree as a support may have helped with the mounting

  61. Paul Bolus

    Paul Bolus

    Prije 23 sati

    A 29" actually aint 29" it's just 28" also a 28" actually aint 28" it's just 622mm.

  62. ewario evan

    ewario evan

    Prije dan

    learn to ride the ultimate wheel !

    • ewario evan

      ewario evan

      Prije dan

      you can try the impossible wheel to i'd like too

    • ewario evan

      ewario evan

      Prije dan

      you may want to learn how to ride an unicycle first*

  63. Captain Atheist

    Captain Atheist

    Prije dan

    Before I go any further if I was chilling in a park and someone was like "Yo, wanna ride this Penny Farthing?" there is zero chance I'm saying no.

  64. Brandon Hunt

    Brandon Hunt

    Prije dan

    I feel like I could do this easily because if bump starting a dirt bike

  65. dragonoverlord_237


    Prije dan

    Penny Farting.

  66. Tom Richards

    Tom Richards

    Prije dan

    How long before Penny Farthing world cup downhill? Or the first person to flip one?

  67. Rico Gutierrez

    Rico Gutierrez

    Prije dan

    Ebike penny farthing

  68. SixOffCenter


    Prije dan

    why is penny farthing?

  69. ABDelgo


    Prije dan

    It'd be interesting to watch you learn how to ride one of those OneWheel skateboards. Those electric skateboards with only one giant wheel in the middle of the deck

  70. thewkovacs


    Prije dan

    im a bit shocked that there are people in the uk who dont know what a penny farthing bike is didnt they ever see the prisoner?

  71. Rimothy Logbone

    Rimothy Logbone

    Prije dan

    That's a kick-ass little jam at 6:00

  72. Mitch


    Prije dan

    Learn how to wheelie a dirtbike

  73. R1 Christian

    R1 Christian

    Prije dan

    Buy a penny farthing and become a local celebrity ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼

  74. Art icus

    Art icus

    Prije dan

    Might be a bit easy but Smarter Every Day's backwards brain bicycle.

  75. Fco Omega

    Fco Omega

    Prije dan

    I read it as "penny farting"

  76. David McCoul

    David McCoul

    Prije dan

    "They expect me to do something cool, but I can't ride it"

  77. Carson S

    Carson S

    Prije dan

    He should learn how to ride a ripstik

  78. ka-nowledge boi

    ka-nowledge boi

    Prije dan

    To think i wanted to buy a 58" one

  79. The Flying Veteran

    The Flying Veteran

    Prije dan

    So you learned how to ride a unicycle. Why not try an electric unicycle? It took me about 3 days, but I didn't know how to ride a regular one so I'm curious if the knowledge will translate. From what I've heard its easier but different. I've got a video up of me learning if you're curious.

  80. Matthew Etchells

    Matthew Etchells

    Prije dan

    So then I took this big cinder block....

  81. Wayne Flanigan

    Wayne Flanigan

    Prije dan

    Whose dumb idea was that anyway?

  82. Pongo Twistleton

    Pongo Twistleton

    Prije dan

    Looks very like the cycle track at Monifieth if I'm not wrong...

  83. GameDjeenie


    Prije dan

    Where were the brakes on the actual Penny Farthing from back in the day ?...

  84. cameron carbone

    cameron carbone

    Prije dan

    who sees the Magic anti Gravity Levitation Bird Hovering at 6:42 lol ...I guess the bird is just as impressed and confused lol

  85. Carol Ramsey

    Carol Ramsey

    Prije dan

    I have an original 19th century one of these in immaculate condition. I used to ride it in the local carnival. I wouldn't be allowed to now because of health and safety. What you can't do is use the only brake which clamps onto the front tyre - it will throw you straight over the handlebars! It's a sod to stop.

  86. GM WR

    GM WR

    Prije dan

    Who else had to look at the thumbnail twice because of thinking it was penny farting

  87. Zonashi


    Prije dan

    Good day sir!!

  88. Funkenstein


    Prije dan

    How does it handle inclines/declines? How do you feel after a long ride, compared to a normal bike?

  89. p 0 0 x

    p 0 0 x

    Prije dan

    Now ride it on a wet cobblestone road.

  90. DougtheDonkey


    Prije dan

    2:54 “ohmagodahmon, ohmagodahmon, ohmagodahmon”

  91. Potts1966


    Prije dan

    I watched this video with a stupid grin on my face... Bravo sir!

  92. Jim Mooney

    Jim Mooney

    Prije dan

    I'd rather kiss someone with Covid than ride that damn thing. Reminds me of my first time on a 20 inch collapsible bike when I was used to riding a 26 inch. Horrible.

  93. Bobylein


    Prije dan

    "Means of transport.." in a time where surgeries weren't near as developed as today..

  94. Keehan


    Prije dan

    Of there were a crack in the road and the front wheel got stuck, would you rotate about the front wheel and just fly off

  95. Mr. Doggo

    Mr. Doggo

    Prije dan

    Epic. Jesus loves you btw

  96. Bloginton Blakley

    Bloginton Blakley

    Prije dan

    Yeah... go ahead and pop a wheelie.

  97. Velox


    Prije dan

    I would think that it would be uncomfortable riding sort of like you're always standing up riding which I suppose in truth is probably better for your back but it just seems like it would take some getting used to

  98. Paulo zvd

    Paulo zvd

    Prije dan

    Which language is the lady speaking at 6:52?

  99. William Smith

    William Smith

    Prije dan

    peeny farting

  100. Jochen Stacker

    Jochen Stacker

    Prije dan

    I'd say hills are a no-go with that thing