Napoli 3-1 Bologna | Insigne bags brace & Osimhen scores on return from injury! | Serie A TIM

Lorenzo Insigne's brace and a Victor Osimhen goal on his return from injury was enough to earn the win for Napoli | Serie A TIM
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  1. 1 M

    1 M

    Prije 16 dana

    Dommmage pour faouzi ghoulam

  2. Amakan Ette

    Amakan Ette

    Prije mjesec

    EHENNNN!! That osimhen goal was pure class 🔥🧼

  3. Korney Baychurin

    Korney Baychurin

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne is the best!

  4. Vickey Terrie

    Vickey Terrie

    Prije mjesec

    The tricky volleyball isely fix because thursday utrastructurally mark opposite a descriptive suit. obnoxious, foregoing pin

  5. Ali Demir

    Ali Demir

    Prije mjesec

    Forza livorno

  6. karpets majlis

    karpets majlis

    Prije mjesec



    Prije mjesec

    We want to see manola

  8. Marc Aomine

    Marc Aomine

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne is very audacious when he strike

  9. Marc Aomine

    Marc Aomine

    Prije mjesec

    Palacio haircut is just... (Complete the sentence)

  10. J R

    J R

    Prije mjesec

    0:24 Dam throwback to the dab 🤷‍♂️

  11. Crazyyy 8

    Crazyyy 8

    Prije mjesec

    ospine and reina are jokes



    Prije mjesec

  13. Koba Sakim

    Koba Sakim

    Prije mjesec


  14. Nigga Lips

    Nigga Lips

    Prije mjesec

    So much for the Jordans

  15. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer

    Prije mjesec

    forza napoli from egypt

  16. keny jaw

    keny jaw

    Prije mjesec

    apprezzate Zieliński? presto sarà apprezzato di sicuro

  17. Rafael


    Prije mjesec

    Mamma mia Skorupski un amico. La reattività di una tartaruga



    Prije mjesec

    I guess the dab is never dead.

  19. Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba

    Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba

    Prije mjesec

    I bet karius wishes this ref could have saved him



    Prije mjesec

    Insigne should leave Napoli

  21. Andrea Vivaldi

    Andrea Vivaldi

    Prije mjesec

    DAB 😂

  22. Charles Wokocha

    Charles Wokocha

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne, small but mighty



    Prije mjesec

    GG Napoli. From indonesia

  24. Renaldo Matadeen

    Renaldo Matadeen

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne should move to Juve

  25. Patforce


    Prije mjesec

    The last time we won 3-1 it was 2019😂😂😂

  26. Kijomo T.J

    Kijomo T.J

    Prije mjesec

  27. の恥虎ノ門


    Prije mjesec


  28. Timotius Yap

    Timotius Yap

    Prije mjesec

    somebody please dry age skorupski...he's playing way too fresh...tasteless, no flavor, no seasoning...bland

  29. Joseph Kalala

    Joseph Kalala

    Prije mjesec

    Osimhen pratically made the same goal as Michael Owen in WC 1998 vs Argentina. Amazing

  30. Giova- Napoletano

    Giova- Napoletano

    Prije mjesec

    Forza Napoli 💙

  31. AJS gaming

    AJS gaming

    Prije mjesec

    Yo what was the goal actully ruled out for tho

  32. sbonga dlamini

    sbonga dlamini

    Prije mjesec

    Genuinely happy for Osimhen

  33. Sirius Ubah

    Sirius Ubah

    Prije mjesec

    Osimehn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Léo Pereira

    Léo Pereira

    Prije mjesec

    Rodrigo Palacio's goal was LEGAL!



    Prije mjesec

    I guess Insigne JUST discovered Dabbing!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😅😁

  36. Liga champion

    Liga champion

    Prije mjesec


  37. Keeks Capone

    Keeks Capone

    Prije mjesec

    Osimehn Naija boy more goals soon come keep preforming 🇳🇬 🙏🏽



    Prije mjesec

    What happened to Dries Mertens ? He don't play a lot of games anymore ???

  39. Best EXE

    Best EXE

    Prije mjesec

    Osihmen missed a goal man. Really unlucky. But the goal keep almost saved his first

  40. Tengku Syafiq

    Tengku Syafiq

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne was so underrated. No doubt.. He should be a legend once he retired one day in napoli same goes like diego maradona..

  41. 藤田和也


    Prije mjesec


  42. I'm Football

    I'm Football

    Prije mjesec

    Who is interested in the goals of different footballers from Serie A, come in and see if you like the signature. You need to finish off 100 subscribers.

  43. nerotd 2

    nerotd 2

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne is a beast

  44. Zhicao Fang

    Zhicao Fang

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne is one of the most underrated attacking players in today's football

  45. Klens B

    Klens B

    Prije mjesec

  46. C DN

    C DN

    Prije mjesec

    The guy scored 4 goals and provided 2 goal scoring assist in 2 matches. He can freaking dab all day long no matter how weird it is.

  47. Piotr Kowalski

    Piotr Kowalski

    Prije mjesec

    Zielu co podał... ❤️

  48. Tengku Syafiq

    Tengku Syafiq

    Prije mjesec

    Napoli was so underrated. Hope they will finish top 4 and make come back in ucl next season ..forza napoli 🔥

  49. Bekzat Sadykov

    Bekzat Sadykov

    Prije mjesec

    Napoli needs a better GK. Ospina's making too many mistakes this season.

  50. Stream Lyrics

    Stream Lyrics

    Prije mjesec

    insigne! what a lethal striker

  51. Mas Dirlam

    Mas Dirlam

    Prije mjesec

    Napolion Indonesian 🇲🇨❤

  52. Daren Afrand Zafarani

    Daren Afrand Zafarani

    Prije mjesec

    1:56haha that hair is quite similar to jet li in the movie "Once upon a time in china"

  53. Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana

    Prije mjesec

    Grande Zieliński 💙🇵🇱

  54. Fans TFs

    Fans TFs

    Prije mjesec

    These goals came from reckless defense



    Prije mjesec

    Insigne bringing the dab back

  56. Evgen Evgenic

    Evgen Evgenic

    Prije mjesec


  57. Piotr Machoń

    Piotr Machoń

    Prije mjesec

    Zieliński najlepszy

  58. Micah Kiyimba

    Micah Kiyimba

    Prije mjesec

    AC Milan vs Napoli is next

  59. lyagushka mc

    lyagushka mc

    Prije mjesec

    3:41 дэб

  60. Albin Bajrami

    Albin Bajrami

    Prije mjesec

    Rrahmani 😍😍

  61. Albin Bajrami

    Albin Bajrami

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne 💙💙💙

  62. J Clipzzz

    J Clipzzz

    Prije mjesec

    Insigne what a player and Oshimen getting better fair play Napoli

  63. It's Me

    It's Me

    Prije mjesec

    The B 1-1 goal ruled out for what?

  64. Maciek Cieslak

    Maciek Cieslak

    Prije mjesec

    Amazing play from Zieliński ❤️

  65. Kerus


    Prije mjesec

    Both team's defence is bad and careless.

  66. Jason Curran

    Jason Curran

    Prije mjesec

    Osihemen is a quality player a real star of the game 🌟 Insigne was man of the match brilliant skills today 💫

  67. Victor Olulana

    Victor Olulana

    Prije mjesec

    Palacio's goal should have stood... That was not a Goal Kick the game was still on.

  68. Алмас Мырзахметов

    Алмас Мырзахметов

    Prije mjesec

    Форза Росонери



    Prije mjesec

    Palacio is cler goal btw !

  70. Ur Mum

    Ur Mum

    Prije mjesec

    Osimhens touch was absolute tekkerz

  71. Otabek Oʻrolov

    Otabek Oʻrolov

    Prije mjesec


  72. Otabek Oʻrolov

    Otabek Oʻrolov

    Prije mjesec


  73. Otabek Oʻrolov

    Otabek Oʻrolov

    Prije mjesec

    Eldor Shomurodov🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  74. lucas rodrigues

    lucas rodrigues

    Prije mjesec


    • Otabek Oʻrolov

      Otabek Oʻrolov

      Prije mjesec

      Eldor Shomurodov🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  75. Deepak Mangtani

    Deepak Mangtani

    Prije mjesec

    Commentator- That's the 2nd goal, that should be decisive. Also Commentator after the 3rd goal- Is it gonna be enough for Napoli to win here...

  76. Antoni Cahyadi

    Antoni Cahyadi

    Prije mjesec

    Bologna should buy new defender, they look horrible and lack of focus...

  77. R P

    R P

    Prije mjesec

    Love to see that Palacio brought back his WC 2014 haircut

  78. AJ Scott

    AJ Scott

    Prije mjesec

    Ospina got away with that one 🤣



    Prije mjesec

    Did palacio get a yellow for this block ?

  80. hüseyin akdağ

    hüseyin akdağ

    Prije mjesec

    Elif Elmas💛💙

  81. Reve lation

    Reve lation

    Prije mjesec

    Osimhem so happy for biko be strong in prayers o Dey no wan let u see road

  82. jb@uk


    Prije mjesec

    Shh and dab toxic lol

  83. Marco Albani

    Marco Albani

    Prije mjesec


  84. Alparslan Korkmaz

    Alparslan Korkmaz

    Prije mjesec


  85. Дуйсен Фазилов

    Дуйсен Фазилов

    Prije mjesec


  86. Partenopeo Partenapoletano

    Partenopeo Partenapoletano

    Prije mjesec

    2:46 😂😂😂😂😂😱😱😱

  87. Hazim


    Prije mjesec

    nobody talk about bologna

  88. Dillman Cole

    Dillman Cole

    Prije mjesec


  89. Hashiq M

    Hashiq M

    Prije mjesec

    Most Underrated one Insigne

  90. ammaria hamel

    ammaria hamel

    Prije mjesec

    1:56 I actually though he was bald. Apparently he has some hair

  91. 即席スープ


    Prije mjesec


  92. Михаил Иванов

    Михаил Иванов

    Prije mjesec

    Инсинье тащит

  93. Nikolay Kaloyanov

    Nikolay Kaloyanov

    Prije mjesec

    I'm a bit confused why Anton didn't play. He seemed to do alright.

  94. Odyssey


    Prije mjesec

    osimHen overhyped tbh

    • Xazzy Bwoii

      Xazzy Bwoii

      Prije mjesec

      Bro that goal made u feel he was overhyped?😏...he has been injured for the longest of time forgot how scoring feels like can't wait for the next Napoli game to see him in action

  95. Baalam Legends

    Baalam Legends

    Prije mjesec

    Que buena pegada tiene Insigne

  96. ekpe david

    ekpe david

    Prije mjesec

    I so love osimhen ..welcome back osimhen

  97. Dhurandhara Dwipa

    Dhurandhara Dwipa

    Prije mjesec

    Napoli will win next week in San Siro

  98. Jus Van

    Jus Van

    Prije mjesec


  99. 442 Football

    442 Football

    Prije mjesec

    Osimhen 🇳🇬🇳🇬

  100. Daniel Noah

    Daniel Noah

    Prije mjesec

    Fun fact Osimhen is from the same town as me 🇳🇬 We still get ighalo we love attack Hope to join them in Europe top Five league 🙏

    • Daniel Noah

      Daniel Noah

      Prije mjesec

      @Xazzy Bwoii sure

    • Xazzy Bwoii

      Xazzy Bwoii

      Prije mjesec

      U b esan boy