What is it Like to Live in Antarctica? | Antarctic Extremes

Antarctica is cold, windy, isolated, barren, and often downright dangerous. Yet somehow, people manage to live there. (Some even enjoy it!)
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People have been visiting Antarctica for over a century-and hosts Caitlin Saks and Arlo Pérez can actually see what living there used to be like, because some of the early explorers left all their stuff! One of the earliest expeditions was that of Robert Falcon Scott, from 1910-1913, more commonly known as the Terra Nova Expedition. (No, they didn’t name it after this HRgreen Channel.) Its “home-base” hut is still intact: desiccated penguin, seal blubber, science experiments, and all.
Today, living in Antarctica is a bit different. But still, an eclectic band of scientists and support personnel are drawn to the continent and, every year, a crew makes their home on “the ice.” Starting at the U.S. Antarctic Program’s McMurdo Station and then while exploring Antarctica’s natural wonders-glaciers, a volcano, Weddell seals, and even weird fish-Arlo and Caitlin meet the people who find themselves in Antarctica year after year.
But will they be able to discover what it is about this icy, seemingly inhospitable place that’s so alluring to geologists, astrobiologists, and waste managers alike?
Hosted by Caitlin Saks and Arlo Pérez
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