Top Crazy Bike Modifications

Top Crazy Bike Modifications
In today's video I want to show you compilation of 4 amazing bike modifications you never seen!
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  1. Zubedaben Bengali

    Zubedaben Bengali

    Prije sat

    I like shoe tyre very much. its looking very funny. 😂

  2. Geetha Subramaniyan

    Geetha Subramaniyan

    Prije dan

    9:09- 9:14 You can add believer music to this clip

  3. Geetha Subramaniyan

    Geetha Subramaniyan

    Prije dan

    Me: Amazing and that robot legs... Friends: What the hell are you talking about, robotic wheels in a cycle. Me: That Was Mr. Q Friends:Is there anybody called Q, Who? Me: Guys I think that you must grow friendship with HRgreen.

  4. Geetha Subramaniyan

    Geetha Subramaniyan

    Prije dan

    Hello Mr . Q I like all of your videos juz bcoz of your ideas, can you make a video about mood detecting machine.

  5. Rishi Rishi

    Rishi Rishi

    Prije 2 dana

    This is great ideas

  6. shazia Nadeem

    shazia Nadeem

    Prije 3 dana

    Wow fantastic

  7. Amanda Nipple

    Amanda Nipple

    Prije 6 dana

    If you have no absolutely no suspension the spring wheel is genius.

  8. Rudaya Sawant

    Rudaya Sawant

    Prije 6 dana

    I love your first bike made with shoes

  9. TheRedstoneMagic games

    TheRedstoneMagic games

    Prije 7 dana

    2:02 yes in fact he does have a little bumpy ride

  10. Balsa Banicevic

    Balsa Banicevic

    Prije 7 dana

    The ip

  11. Jesus Villacortes rocha

    Jesus Villacortes rocha

    Prije 8 dana

    Me gustó el Visicleta araña

  12. pankaj paul

    pankaj paul

    Prije 8 dana

    Last one is superb

  13. mr rialgun

    mr rialgun

    Prije 11 dana

    This is not science this is call dt it stands for it design technology work shop

  14. Archana Gupta

    Archana Gupta

    Prije 11 dana

    Very difficult to make

  15. farjana parween

    farjana parween

    Prije 12 dana

    I give you a challenge for making a robot 🤖🤖🤖



    Prije 14 dana


  17. Mike Jaros

    Mike Jaros

    Prije 15 dana

    you should make a bike with legs on the front, and the back.

  18. Pavel D.

    Pavel D.

    Prije 17 dana

    Это сколько кроссовок найк дайте одну пару поносить! Это просто супер!

  19. Michoel Levy

    Michoel Levy

    Prije 21 dan

    can you do a wheelie

  20. Sinem Özdemir

    Sinem Özdemir

    Prije 22 dana


  21. Kuntal Haldar

    Kuntal Haldar

    Prije 25 dana

    Boss if I came back home to make tyrese like this so why can I buy a new?

  22. Michaels Advertising Digital Company

    Michaels Advertising Digital Company

    Prije 25 dana

    Great Video New Bike on this link Limited Edition from Germany Check it Out!

  23. רותי קרלינסקי

    רותי קרלינסקי

    Prije 27 dana

    Hello 7:30

  24. Lukči NovaSlav!

    Lukči NovaSlav!

    Prije 28 dana

    Amazing 👌

  25. רותי קרלינסקי

    רותי קרלינסקי

    Prije mjesec

    7:40 what is the name of that song?

  26. Нурсултан Джабаев

    Нурсултан Джабаев

    Prije mjesec

    Nike reclamation

  27. Pietro CACCIA

    Pietro CACCIA

    Prije mjesec


  28. Ravshan Mirzakhakimov

    Ravshan Mirzakhakimov

    Prije mjesec

    Gosh this man got balance(also money cuz buying a new bike everytime u make a experiment u gotta buy a new one...and bikes aint cheap)



    Prije mjesec

    Nadie Los choros de latinoamerica 0:27

  30. Evgenia Saproshina

    Evgenia Saproshina

    Prije mjesec

    Колеса точно русские стырили

  31. Tn2187


    Prije mjesec

    These guys can make an entire wheel here I can't even take the wheel off

  32. רותי קרלינסקי

    רותי קרלינסקי

    Prije mjesec

    What is the name of the song that was at the end?

  33. Anderson


    Prije mjesec


  34. Lanie Gutierrez

    Lanie Gutierrez

    Prije mjesec

    I love the last one

  35. Diogo Santos

    Diogo Santos

    Prije mjesec

    Da Vinci 2.0 loading... ⏳

  36. MysticalPinecone


    Prije mjesec

    Jeez, He’s like phineas and ferb... so awesome

  37. Andi Farid

    Andi Farid

    Prije mjesec

    Sepeda kok kayu? Canda kayu hayyuk

  38. Sipos Kadét

    Sipos Kadét

    Prije mjesec

    What a f@#$? Amazing!

  39. Wahyu odo

    Wahyu odo

    Prije mjesec

    Gjjoeuwhos re🖕

  40. Pharaoh Phantasm

    Pharaoh Phantasm

    Prije mjesec

    Those spring tires were actually smart as hell

    • pylon500


      Prije 28 dana

      Well, it looked clever until you stop and think about, then look at the slo-mo. The springs were installed at their extended length, ie; they can't get any longer, but for the spring on the bottom side to compress, the other two have to stretch, which isn't possible. The only time the springs come into play on the front wheel is during braking, and the rear wheels when trying to accelerate. The only movement really shown is loose tolerance construction flex. The wooden bike was pretty, but not really strong enough to be ridden properly (note he was going down a slope) The walker was clever.

  41. Luciano Montenegro

    Luciano Montenegro

    Prije mjesec

    Naaa amigo manso

  42. muharrem akgoz

    muharrem akgoz

    Prije mjesec

    Of 'lu sanırım.

  43. Đức Mậu

    Đức Mậu

    Prije mjesec

    Con gái đi xe chân giày chắc thích lắm 😁

  44. Goodwin Cadet

    Goodwin Cadet

    Prije mjesec

    Жопотряс, к доктору Дью . 500 полуляхов

  45. Caden T

    Caden T

    Prije mjesec

    It’s a walkin bike!

  46. You Me

    You Me

    Prije mjesec

    You??? Akhhh

  47. Chetan vsion40

    Chetan vsion40

    Prije mjesec

    Brooo what are the songs u added plzz tell me.. 🙏🙏

    • Chetan vsion40

      Chetan vsion40

      Prije mjesec

      Will anyone knoww... Plzz tell me..?

  48. Travis Court

    Travis Court

    Prije mjesec

    4:32 how do i get that bike

  49. RaDit FL

    RaDit FL

    Prije mjesec


  50. Chand HRC28

    Chand HRC28

    Prije mjesec

    oh god how come but it really helps👍🏻

  51. Woodland Will

    Woodland Will

    Prije mjesec

    Isn’t it annoying when shoes start materialising from your feet?

    • X_Cloud Boy_X

      X_Cloud Boy_X

      Prije mjesec


  52. the angry miata's

    the angry miata's

    Prije mjesec

    I have a wooden car, with wooden engine, wooden seat, wooden wheel and it wooden go.

    • Ar Sreeshanth

      Ar Sreeshanth

      Prije mjesec

      @the angry miata's ஓதா

    • Ar Sreeshanth

      Ar Sreeshanth

      Prije mjesec

      @the angry miata's hmm

    • the angry miata's

      the angry miata's

      Prije mjesec

      @Ar Sreeshanth nope

    • Saka Tuilesu

      Saka Tuilesu

      Prije mjesec

      @Ar Sreeshanth hello

    • Ar Sreeshanth

      Ar Sreeshanth

      Prije mjesec

      @the angry miata's do u know it is oldest language in the world

  53. John Clynt Calderon

    John Clynt Calderon

    Prije mjesec

    It's cool 😁

  54. EmreYüksel10


    Prije mjesec

    What is the orange bike in start name its so good

  55. HP Ku

    HP Ku

    Prije mjesec

    Kak aku suka

  56. Matas Matatas

    Matas Matatas

    Prije mjesec

    who else think that he spends more time editing the video than creating that cool stuff?

  57. Bang Khanh

    Bang Khanh

    Prije mjesec

    K ngờ tụi này nó rảnh thật bái phục

  58. Ayxan Memmedli

    Ayxan Memmedli

    Prije mjesec


  59. 赵宝磊


    Prije mjesec


  60. Bugha


    Prije mjesec

    I challenge you make a bike out of wood😎 Ohhhh😱

  61. Bs Rawat

    Bs Rawat

    Prije mjesec

    The shoe one was really good

  62. Sameer


    Prije mjesec

    If that wooden cycle is being seen by the woodpecker, then his reaction will be like this-😣😰😨😩🤥😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  63. Manasvi Vhanmane

    Manasvi Vhanmane

    Prije mjesec

    Fun fact: You never serched for this! 😂

  64. SANDESH bhalke

    SANDESH bhalke

    Prije mjesec

    Really very relaxing video

  65. Ian Christophe Tayag

    Ian Christophe Tayag

    Prije mjesec

    Wow the Q

  66. Reggil Villanos

    Reggil Villanos

    Prije mjesec

    That is awesome

  67. Cruz, Armanny R.

    Cruz, Armanny R.

    Prije mjesec

    Is anyone know what is the title of last music background of the video?😍

  68. Studyan Tv

    Studyan Tv

    Prije mjesec

    Super intelligent man sallute to you sir

  69. Kahinu Mokoe

    Kahinu Mokoe

    Prije mjesec

    Ботинкоход хотелось бы на поле попробовать... или колеса с супер"шипами" под корни травы и т.п. Последний creepy для бабушек, вместо трехколесного, на парад)

  70. Tk Ralte

    Tk Ralte

    Prije mjesec

    The wood cycle has no brake



    Prije mjesec

    Gostei de mas dá bike de madeira mas de de ferro nem se fala ficou muito muito Loko esse cara merecem ganha um Oscar de melhor obra do mudo

  72. Hyplayz


    Prije mjesec

    Hhahaa 2 of him

  73. Hyplayz


    Prije mjesec

    Lol the third bick the glue is Q

  74. Hyplayz


    Prije mjesec

    When you have too many shoes:

  75. Yt Shae

    Yt Shae

    Prije mjesec


  76. 권기연


    Prije mjesec

    They Are amazing!

  77. Marquez


    Prije mjesec

    ahahahahha..... mantap om

  78. Koko Karz

    Koko Karz

    Prije mjesec

    اخر اختراع موتني ضحك

  79. Colin Dabboy

    Colin Dabboy

    Prije mjesec

    The wooden bike: That bike that you find at a fancy furniture store but you can’t ride it and it’s just for looks

  80. Maggame Acolog7

    Maggame Acolog7

    Prije mjesec

    Кто даст гарантии что обувь не спиздут

  81. Pavel Kamenev

    Pavel Kamenev

    Prije mjesec

    Where you live?

  82. Parth Gangawat

    Parth Gangawat

    Prije mjesec

    How could someone be so damn creative 😮

  83. Rishav Manhas

    Rishav Manhas

    Prije mjesec

    Hard work of hours , days maybe weeks in 10 minutes.

  84. Whìte Shadów

    Whìte Shadów

    Prije mjesec

    I would love to see you riding your bikes in public and see people's reactions.



    Prije mjesec

    Show de bola!!!

  86. Hamdan Vivo

    Hamdan Vivo

    Prije mjesec

    good job

  87. Jayzy Gappi

    Jayzy Gappi

    Prije mjesec

    The last one would be beneficial if the ends of each legs had tiny wheels on them therefore it would make it go faster

    • Jayzy Gappi

      Jayzy Gappi

      Prije mjesec

      @محمد محمود ?? Sorry I don't speakur languagr

    • محمد محمود

      محمد محمود

      Prije mjesec

      منظومتها .ك

  88. Ageus seliem

    Ageus seliem

    Prije mjesec

    Pinter tenan, sanpean lek. Kapan2 dolan ng ngumah yo. Ngko ta suguhi kopi ireng

  89. Hanzo Hasashi

    Hanzo Hasashi

    Prije mjesec

    Urod master gan don

  90. Polis vs Tjuv

    Polis vs Tjuv

    Prije mjesec

    Dont try this home



    Prije mjesec

    Very Nish

  92. مصطفى جاسم

    مصطفى جاسم

    Prije mjesec


  93. Gayathri k

    Gayathri k

    Prije mjesec

    9.19 is Great 😱😱🥶

  94. UWU


    Prije mjesec


  95. Cluttering


    Prije mjesec

    Drip bicycle

  96. Sọ Chá

    Sọ Chá

    Prije mjesec

    Hạ 😁😈😇

  97. Riffe ,

    Riffe ,

    Prije mjesec

    Does he sell his bicycle?

  98. Un usuario Cualquiera

    Un usuario Cualquiera

    Prije mjesec

    5 minutes craft be like:

  99. Sakuya's roblox account

    Sakuya's roblox account

    Prije mjesec

    That cursed

  100. Joe


    Prije mjesec

    NEW FEED:there is a new pandemic called creativity and it spread is quite fast

    • Petru pop

      Petru pop

      Prije mjesec

      @Player 257 1,1

    • Player 257

      Player 257

      Prije mjesec

      Can confirm. I've seen a lot of creative people lately