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Morning Beauty Routine \u0026 Baby Haul

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  1. Preetha Kumaresan

    Preetha Kumaresan

    Prije mjesec

    SOOO EXCITING! I absolutely love the pregnancy vlogs

  2. Sun_jenee


    Prije mjesec

    Какая же ты красивая!

  3. Hunter White

    Hunter White

    Prije mjesec

    For those little “in case it’s hot” inside you can throw a long sleeve on under and it’s still good for cold!

  4. Delilah


    Prije mjesec

    Nala is going grey

  5. Teagan_


    Prije mjesec

    where is that mustard velvet blanket from!?!?!?

  6. Randi Lilleengen

    Randi Lilleengen

    Prije mjesec

    Buy some lemonsoap bars (we have them. In norway). The best stuff to get poop and spots of wool.

  7. Jamie Vaca

    Jamie Vaca

    Prije mjesec

    Everyone buys things that aren’t practical! Buy what you want, don’t let anyone steal your first time mom excitement. 🥰

  8. Sandra Quantin

    Sandra Quantin

    Prije mjesec

    Adore these pregnancy vlogs!! (Also Oeuf is pronounced like Ummm but replace m with f) xx

  9. Olivia Lake

    Olivia Lake

    Prije mjesec

    the vests that you got for "emergency summer" would also be super cute if its cold and she has a long sleeve underneath the vests!!

  10. Rosalinda Castillo

    Rosalinda Castillo

    Prije mjesec

    Baby clothes definitely tickle my baby fever, like it's so cute, adorable and soft 😍😍

  11. S Sophie

    S Sophie

    Prije mjesec

    I couldn't stop smiling during this vlog, I genuinely feel SO happy for you two!! Seeing you so happy and excited for your baby girl is just the sweetest thing ever❤️ I can't wait to see the baby room (and the baby of course haha) & she's def going to be the most stylish baby EVER✨

  12. carmen122


    Prije mjesec

    another vlog??? ok uni can wait

  13. Rachel Sandoval

    Rachel Sandoval

    Prije mjesec

    I absolutely love these videos! I feel like I've just gotten to my friends house and she's showing me all thats new. I watch you and Alf while doing things around the house, so the longer and more detailed the better! I love em and I'm sure others do to!

  14. Alena


    Prije mjesec

    god your hair...perfect!!! you are gorgeous xxx

  15. Rosalinda Castillo

    Rosalinda Castillo

    Prije mjesec

    The Estrid razors look so cute, I love the colors and the initiative of donating 1 dollar in every purchase, I'm definitely checking them out🙌🙌

  16. Giorgia Moi

    Giorgia Moi

    Prije mjesec

    “I don’t know if you guys have any pugs” well nala is the reason I have two they are too cute 😂

  17. Kay Oss

    Kay Oss

    Prije mjesec

    I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm SO EXCITED!

  18. NourishingAmelia


    Prije mjesec

    Don’t listen to people who say don’t get much newborn! I agree with not getting newborn outfits, they live in sleepsuits, but honestly my baby was 7lbs 5oz when she was born (average weight for a baby) and she was in newborn for almost 2 months xx

  19. Rosalinda Castillo

    Rosalinda Castillo

    Prije mjesec

    Omg the shower shoot was such a throwback, i loved it, also the extensions look amazing, you look stunning🤩🤩

  20. Shenaz Dinaully

    Shenaz Dinaully

    Prije mjesec

    All though my pregnancy I was in sickness tablets

  21. molly dennis

    molly dennis

    Prije mjesec

    zoe is genuinely my comfort person and i feel so safe here 🥺💕

  22. Karen Dyba

    Karen Dyba

    Prije mjesec

    Love your vlogs you look fab and bump is looking great too , stay safe xx

  23. Hollie Burge-Davey

    Hollie Burge-Davey

    Prije mjesec

    If I can offer any advice mum of 2 one only 8 weeks. Start hypnobirthing ASAP breathing is a must and takes time to learn made both my births very positive. Join a nct or birth group with women having babies the same time as you so you have the support when you need it in the middle of the night or if just want to talk Great having people that are going through it the same time as you! Join a breast feeding group as breast feeding is bloody hard but so rewarding don't feel pressured to do ether way of feeding. By all the nipple creams and treatments Wonder weeks app for when baby is here so when their not sleeping or being a ass most of the time it's due to a development leap not you going crazy! Lol. Sending love x

  24. Victoria Bateman

    Victoria Bateman

    Prije mjesec

    I beg you Zoe... please vlog until you are at least 80 years old. Don’t ever stop. 🙏🏻

  25. Andrea Sara

    Andrea Sara

    Prije mjesec

    it's pronounced "ööf" btw

  26. Julie Warne

    Julie Warne

    Prije mjesec

    So many videos 🥰🥰

  27. Kayla Green

    Kayla Green

    Prije mjesec

    Something my family always swears by when it comes to baby clothes is no buttons or snaps down the back. Because young babies spend so much time laying on their backs that those buttons would get uncomfortable. It’s always talked about and when I have kids I know I’ll be doing the same thing 🥰

  28. a. de jong

    a. de jong

    Prije mjesec

    Actually, i think wool/kashmir is the best choice for babies and kids clothes and blankets. Good quality wool doesn’t itch, is flexible, washes well, regulates temperature, keeps a dry feeling, even after leaking diapers/spitting up, doesn’t hold smells, and is just super cosy and durable! Just be mindful of where the wool comes from and if the sheep are treated well. My fav brands are joha and engel natur, but there are loads out there!

  29. Elizabeth Powell

    Elizabeth Powell

    Prije mjesec

    I used Bi oil throughout my pregnancy. I don’t have any stretch marks . It really hydrates the skin.

  30. Emma Nobbs

    Emma Nobbs

    Prije mjesec

    I’m so comforted by you❤️

  31. Kiera Gavitt

    Kiera Gavitt

    Prije mjesec

    It's so surreal and wonderful to see you pregnant!! So glad everything seems to be fairly easy going and I hope the reminder of your pregnancy goes well!!! I'm so incredibly excited for you guys and so excited to see whatever you feel comfortable sharing with us!!!!

  32. Anne Ophuis

    Anne Ophuis

    Prije mjesec

    Just a tip from my experience. Maybe do buy enough cheap (or second hand for the environment) basics in the smaller newborn sizes. My boyfriend and I are both very tall so we only got a handfull of smaller sizes but our daughter came out really petite. She is now 14 weeks and just last week grew out of her first size of clothes :') You can also see at the ultrasounds later on if she is smaller or bigger than average ofcourse.

  33. Hayley G.

    Hayley G.

    Prije mjesec

    i wanna die and be reborn as zalfie's baby

  34. Lexi Gorospe

    Lexi Gorospe

    Prije mjesec

    Loving that preggers waddle you're rocking! So cute! Get it momma!

  35. Morgen Chaderton

    Morgen Chaderton

    Prije mjesec

    Congrats on your growing bump! With baby clothes, may I suggest getting onesies and sleepers with zippers instead of buttons. Especially foot to top zippers. They are LIFE-CHANGING. Especially during those night time wiggle changes. Enjoy this special time! #babyclothes #onesies #babyhack

  36. Sam Lightbowne

    Sam Lightbowne

    Prije mjesec

    Hi Zoe, 📚A BOOK YOU MUST GET.....📚 “The Wonder Weeks” it’s a no1 best seller that gives you insight to your child’s development and stress free guide your baby’s behaviour. Myself and my husband found this so helpful... and there is an app that goes alongside also. We used both. Does The Wonder Weeks app replace the book? No. The app is a short summary of the book. The app is a handy tool which calculates the leaps for you and let's you know when your baby is in a leap, and it gives you a short summary of the leaps of development. It really is fascinating and really worth it! Can’t Highly recommend it enough! Check it out you won’t regret it! So happy for you and Alfie - you will be great parents ❤️ she’s a very lucky girl!! X

  37. Suzie Cox

    Suzie Cox

    Prije mjesec

    My cat is the same way when I take him to the vet! if i try and give him his worming tablet, he freaks out and gets so upset.. then I get upset.. But when the vet does it, he's totally calm and has no issues, honestly it's so rude! :P

  38. Sarah Harvey

    Sarah Harvey

    Prije mjesec

    I rarely ever comment on people’s HRgreen videos, but on the chances that you just might see this... I just want to say I have been watching you for 9 years ever since you started your HRgreen channel and the fact that you are pregnant and you and Alfie are having your first child literally brings me so much joy!

  39. _16mai


    Prije mjesec

    Loved watching everything ♡

  40. Sana Saeed

    Sana Saeed

    Prije mjesec

    I love this video Zoe! Would like it more if you show us using the products, thats just more engaging

  41. Julz Ribera

    Julz Ribera

    Prije mjesec

    zoe, a little tip for unpredictable weather, and as a general rule of thumb that my mom always told me, however many layers you’re wearing your baby should be wearing one more.

  42. Debbie Blincoe

    Debbie Blincoe

    Prije mjesec

    Socks are awesome if you can't find coverings or mittens for her hands .

  43. Brianna E

    Brianna E

    Prije mjesec

    If you guys are still having troubles with names there's an app that my teacher talked about where if gives you names and their meanings and you add ones to your favorites and if Alfie likes the same name it saves it to a different list! I don't remember the name but I know it's a yellow icon and it has an egg on the icon! Super cute idea. Its like tinder for baby names😂😂

  44. ivy


    Prije mjesec

    zoe used she/her pronouns on the baby the entire video omg???? gender reveal

  45. nuz chady

    nuz chady

    Prije mjesec

    Watching your vlogs before going to work is such a mood 😍❤love you ❣

  46. Emma Flippin

    Emma Flippin

    Prije mjesec

    Can’t wait to see her sweet little room. Love your videos and sweet family.

  47. Rebekah


    Prije mjesec

    I personally recommend getting a u-shaped pillow with a super soft cover. It's the perfect bump pillow for bed and when bub arrives (whilst breastfeeding). 💕

  48. NowNorie


    Prije mjesec

    so excited for you guys and the baby 😭

  49. Camelle Currie

    Camelle Currie

    Prije mjesec

    Can I just say, these videos make me so happy for you guys

  50. Shannon Katee

    Shannon Katee

    Prije mjesec

    omg PLEASE film the baby room transformation. We didn't get to see you design and style your home so please can we see that !!

  51. Marjorie Thériault

    Marjorie Thériault

    Prije mjesec

    I love the new hair! It looks amazing!

  52. Samantha Kwait

    Samantha Kwait

    Prije mjesec

    Your baby style is so cute❤️❤️ I just found out baby #2 is another boy so no cute girly clothes for us again lol

  53. Megan Cooper

    Megan Cooper

    Prije mjesec

    I’m so much more excited for the second half of the year knowing it will not only be full of amazing holidays, but you’ll have a baby with you 💕💕💕

  54. Karen


    Prije mjesec

    Wow Zoe, your hair looks amazing!

  55. nida shafa

    nida shafa

    Prije mjesec

    Alfie looking fit in that drew hoodie

  56. Chloe Underwood

    Chloe Underwood

    Prije mjesec

    Your Zen Mama by Tereasa Palmer and Sara Wright Olsen is meant to be another great book to read xx

  57. wendy malik

    wendy malik

    Prije mjesec

    Let me offer you a story of my shoes & socks issues. 1st child my MIL helped me out to start with. She would help me prepare baby daily with bathing & dressing. #1 wore shoes & socks unless she was sleeping. She never kicked them off or lost any. 2nd child I was on my own. So shoes & kinda never got put on unless we were going out. #2 is 32 y/o and still doesn’t like shoes & socks. Anything you want as a habit start day one. Putting it off may be creating an unwanted habit.

  58. Vale Camino

    Vale Camino

    Prije mjesec

    Please you vlog the nursery transformation!!

  59. staisha988


    Prije mjesec

    Poor kinda seems like she knows, that she won't be the priority baby anymore... Please don't forget to give her love, daily.

  60. bee


    Prije mjesec

    have been watching her since i was 13 and im about to turn 22 🥺 teared up a lot watching this

  61. ramya


    Prije mjesec

    My morning just got better ❤️

  62. Claire Hulme

    Claire Hulme

    Prije mjesec

    Congratulations 😊 Highly recommend the 'wonder weeks' app once baby is here. It has been so amazing for us so far and I think you'll find it a lot more helpful than the baby week by week book (& you might want to be aware that week by week book has some really bad advice about leaving your baby to cry 😭)

  63. Ranny Peek

    Ranny Peek

    Prije mjesec


  64. plantchores on ig

    plantchores on ig

    Prije mjesec

    Can we get a houseplant/garden tour? 💚

  65. Emily


    Prije mjesec

    The itchy skin while pregnant is horrible! If it does get severe though speak to your OB as could be a sign of cholestasis of pregnancy. Being a Mumma is amazing, congratulations :)

  66. Sherry Chetakian

    Sherry Chetakian

    Prije mjesec

    Palmers cocoa butter. I didn’t get any stretch marks using this product. ❤️

  67. 706Kenz


    Prije mjesec

    It’s just so wholesome and wild to see Zoe so incredibly happy showing off her baby bump. 🥺 I nearly cried by her pure happiness

  68. Diorella


    Prije mjesec

    Zoe, a tiny word of wisdom, please get on with all of the book reading, baby clothes buying etc etc as you can never be sure when your baby may arrive. Two of mine arrived at 32 weeks and 33 weeks. That was a surprise for a first time mother at 32 weeks! We hadn’t even bought a cot nor a car seat...

  69. Becky H

    Becky H

    Prije mjesec

    Hey Zoe, the orange tights could be good for Halloween pumpkin patch photoshoot. :) Omgness Or even great for fall wear!

  70. Joycelyn Steib

    Joycelyn Steib

    Prije mjesec

    Take great care and thanks for sharing with us! btw the baby clothes are adorable!!

  71. Alexandria Koch

    Alexandria Koch

    Prije mjesec

    I've been watching for 10 yrs. and almost cried today thinking about this amazing step you're taking in life. Love you ❤

  72. Kara Smith

    Kara Smith

    Prije mjesec

    Looking great and glowing zoe, happy 22 weeks🌺

  73. Shannen Macdonald

    Shannen Macdonald

    Prije mjesec

    Don't worry zoey you definitely won't leave the house until October 🤣🤣🤣

  74. Bri Terry

    Bri Terry

    Prije mjesec

    Happy Mother's Day in the U.S. Zoe!

  75. Chelsea Ty

    Chelsea Ty

    Prije mjesec

    Please vlog when you start on the baby room!!! lots of love

  76. Anjelina Feraudo

    Anjelina Feraudo

    Prije mjesec

    Omg your bump has grown so much since the announcement!!!! So exciting!

  77. Aicha K

    Aicha K

    Prije mjesec

    Nala after the dentist 🥺🥺🥺

  78. Jacob Davis

    Jacob Davis

    Prije mjesec

    Your lashes look stunning!!

  79. Andrea GC

    Andrea GC

    Prije mjesec

    Zoe’s pregnancy glow is amazing 🥺 I can’t believe she’s having a baby!!

  80. Brooke


    Prije mjesec

    due to a lot changing in my life I haven't consistently watched Zoe's videos since I was probably 14 or 15, and I just got hit with such a warm and nostalgic feeling watching this video! Zoe, I was 14 when I started watching you and being able to reconnect with your videos when I'm 21 is really just so great, always love you!!

  81. PennyRoseHandmade


    Prije mjesec

    You should get “mumlife - by Paula Kuka” it’s witty & pretty musings on (the truth about) motherhood. Gorgeous illustrations!!! Everyone parent should read it for a giggle or two ❤️

  82. TheBeatlesToday


    Prije mjesec

    Awwww Nala-after-dentist is so cute 😂 Why does she have a cast?

  83. Krisemie Sunga

    Krisemie Sunga

    Prije mjesec

    Happy mothers day Zoe!💖✨🌻🌼

  84. Krisemie Sunga

    Krisemie Sunga

    Prije mjesec


  85. Krisemie Sunga

    Krisemie Sunga

    Prije mjesec


  86. Krisemie Sunga

    Krisemie Sunga

    Prije mjesec


  87. Krisemie Sunga

    Krisemie Sunga

    Prije mjesec


  88. The Hufflepuff Hermione

    The Hufflepuff Hermione

    Prije mjesec

    To me, your hair looks like a honey color blonde. That's the kind of blonde I was born as.

  89. Heather Richard

    Heather Richard

    Prije mjesec

    Babies can't regulate their temperature like adults. So where we would be in shorts and a t-shirt, they could do well with light long sleeves and pants. So having a variety is good.

  90. Melanie Shirkey

    Melanie Shirkey

    Prije mjesec

    Try Palmers lotions ! They are really great!

  91. India Potter

    India Potter

    Prije mjesec

    Really loving the lack of pink baby clothes in the hauls! Enjoying the more gender neutral approach despite you guys knowing the sex!

  92. Hopely


    Prije mjesec

    No need to apologize for sitting and talking at us!! Absolutely loving all the baby talk and random life stuff!! I'm loving all this content

  93. kate 5439

    kate 5439

    Prije mjesec

    Would love to see a nursery renovation video :))

  94. Sascha Willman

    Sascha Willman

    Prije mjesec

    Love these videos 💖

  95. Timothy Nail

    Timothy Nail

    Prije mjesec

    I was wondering what the plant is on the left side of the video in your bathroom that drapes down ?

  96. Claudia xo

    Claudia xo

    Prije mjesec

    Anyone else so clucky for a baby after finding out Zoe’s pregnant? No? Just me..oh haha xx

  97. Kristina Martines

    Kristina Martines

    Prije mjesec

    I always enjoy listening and watching your vlogs. :)

  98. Taylor E.

    Taylor E.

    Prije mjesec

    Already prepping for baby #2🥰🥰🥰

  99. Rustictexas


    Prije mjesec

    I can’t wait to see the nursery all put together! Also, use socks on her hands so she won’t scratch her own face!

  100. Dana's World

    Dana's World

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    Loving all the new content recently