Brainwashed? A Deal Gone Wrong? Manson Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

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Hi my friends hope you are having a great Monday! I have always gotten suggestions to pleaseee cover this story and here we are. My brain got turned into mush watching all the interviews and reading all the articles, I still dont even fully understand what the heck was going on!
Would love to hear your thoughts down below! Hope you have a great rest of your week and I will being seeing you next Monday, woooot.

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Bailey Sarian

00:00 Intro
00:41 Casetify AD
02:59 This Week
03:47 Upbringing
07:15 Marriage
09:05 Released
12:58 Beach Boys
15:31 Spahn ranch
18:31 Bernard Crowe
21:51 Gary Hinman
25:04 Sharon Tate
29:00 LaBiancas
33:04 Spahn ranch
34:18 Susan Blabs
35:04 Charged
38:02 Helter Skelter
41:40 Sentencing
44:10 Where Are They Now?
47:50 In Closing


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  1. Bailey Sarian

    Bailey Sarian

    Prije mjesec

    Hi friends I wont have a new video next Monday. I do 3 videos, skip the 4th. I will see you next the Monday though :) PS that lip combo got really sticky there 😒

    • Kayla Castille

      Kayla Castille

      Prije 12 dana

      ❌❌❌cover Mckamey Manor!! It's still going on to this day and they basically get away with TORTURING people!❌❌❌ one guy even had a heart attack and they weren't held liable

    • Sabina Bäckman

      Sabina Bäckman

      Prije mjesec

      Please do Nanny Doss and her infamous prune cakes!

    • Karibbean's Daughter

      Karibbean's Daughter

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      Do the menendez brothers next ‼️

    • Christopher Ramey

      Christopher Ramey

      Prije mjesec

      You should do Blanche Taylor Moore in NC...killed 2 or 3 husbands with Arsenic in pudding and jelly biscuits...currently oldest living woman on death row in NC

    • Kelly Tate

      Kelly Tate

      Prije mjesec

      I llllooooooooovvvvvee you



    Prije 4 sati

    I'm so loving this. Thank you Bailey 😊

  3. Heather Cook

    Heather Cook

    Prije 7 sati

    What a beautiful look! And, I watched to the end so you’re now my new BFF! 😂

  4. Tella Cordier

    Tella Cordier

    Prije 9 sati

    i think the Tex guy was supposed to be the big infamous guy.

  5. Leah Waggoner

    Leah Waggoner

    Prije 11 sati

    Did a research paper on him in highschool. It was a long paper. 😂

  6. gachacrazypinkpotato


    Prije 14 sati

    This whole story is a mess and rlly hard to understand so...

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    Sara Young

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    Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson

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    R L

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    Please do a video on the 215 indigenous children found in a mass grave in Canada at a residential school. Some as young as 3.

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    Johana Page

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    Your condescending tone is very off putting. No matter who , why would you say trading beer for a baby is a fair trade?

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    Bella the dog

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    stratos fun

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      stratos fun

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      megan smith

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    Weltha Wood

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    I love your videos - and when you said, "He did odd jobs..." I thought, "VERY odd jobs, probably!"

  18. Harley Kirk

    Harley Kirk

    Prije dan

    My grandma lives right down the street from where his house was in Charleston, WV in West Side of Charleston. They tore the house down after he was arrested

  19. Dejhon_s


    Prije dan

    Always do crime by yourself cause there always someone who can't shut their mouth, lol just saying. Im glad he was caught.

  20. Kylee Williamson

    Kylee Williamson

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    I thought Rosalie was 15 when Charles married her? Did I imagine this? Mandela effect? BERENSTAIN BEARS?!

  21. Morgan Barfield

    Morgan Barfield

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    I could watch you for hours. You make these so interesting, and you make me laugh esp when the story makes me want to cry ❤️

  22. Anya


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    I missed half of the story because I was staring at HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE.

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    Hakuna Matata

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    John Hammond

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    The more I hear about this Manson guy , the more I dont care for him.

  27. Your Girl From Worcester

    Your Girl From Worcester

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    Bailey, do the story of John Walsh’s son. I’d love to learn about it.

  28. •Emily •

    •Emily •

    Prije 3 dana

    How come all of these murderers either have really bad fathers, or they don’t even know who the dad is?

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    Amber Dawn

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    Schools do brainwash kids

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    Tamara O'Brien

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  32. Terri Gaines

    Terri Gaines

    Prije 3 dana

    Manson actually had three children. His first son was born Charles Milles Manson Jr. in 1956 and his name was later changed to Jay White. In 1993, he took his own life by gunshot. In 2012 Jay's son, Jason Freeman, told CNN that his dad killed himself because "he couldn't live down who his father was". In 1963 Manson's second wife, Leona, gave birth to a boy named Charles Luther Manson. Though he would be in his fifties today, not much is known about him, as he (understandably) changed his name and stayed out of the spotlight entirely. Manson's last child was born in 1968 and his mother was one of the Manson family women named Mary Brunner or "Mother Mary". They named this baby Valentine Manson and he was nicknamed Pooh Bear, he lived among the Manson family before Brunner ran into her own legal troubles involving credit card fraud (she was later imprisoned for her role in a 1971 police shootout). Fortunately, Brunner's parents gained full custody of Valentine when he was 18 months old, renaming him Michael Brunner. He grew up in his mother's hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. In a 1993 news interview with Brunner, he said he was too young to remember his years with the Manson family and feels zero connection to his biological father. A friend says he never read any letters Manson sent him over those years. Of his mother, Michael Brunner says, "she was always my 'sister,' but now she's just my kid's grandma."

  33. Jennifer Herrera

    Jennifer Herrera

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    I HAVE to do the tongue click with her every time she does it before saying “noggin” lol

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      the only time i dont like being a Scorpio

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    Elise daniels

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    Lynette Nelson

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  67. Angela Case

    Angela Case

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    An interesting twist...Around the time Charles and as in prison, the LSD experiments were going on with prisoners. There's a whole book about it that came out recently.

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    Allison Lott

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  69. Angela Case

    Angela Case

    Prije 5 dana

    Charles Manson didn't stand a chance since the moment he was conceived. He didn't get a fair trial and I don't believe the Helter skelter theory.

  70. Cyan Marsh

    Cyan Marsh

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    Hi Bailey I don't know if you'd ever feel comfortable doing a story on this but as someone with a big following you could reach a lot of people with the residential schools stories especially since the 215 children bodies were found

  71. Katherine Mpho

    Katherine Mpho

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    Charles Manson always severely reminds me of my ex and makes me very glad I’m no longer with him

  72. missdeal07


    Prije 6 dana

    There's a theory that as a child, Manson's druggie mom sold him into the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control program where they doped unsuspecting people trying to make a "Manchurian Candidate" human weapon using hypnosis and LSD. Maybe you could look into that along with other suspected victims such as John Hinckley (Pres. Reagan assassin), Lee Harvey Oswald and Mark Chapman (John Lennon). Their amnesia & bewildered zombie faces show there could be something to it. You do mysteries -- is this one? Or just a conspiracy theory? Or both?

  73. nic pace

    nic pace

    Prije 6 dana

    By no means am i saying he's not wrong but honestly, how could he not turned out to be who he was? His own parents failed him and the system failed him too. He was one tortured soul..

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  76. Momma Needs Coffee

    Momma Needs Coffee

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    My late father said he crossed paths Manson in the medical center at San Quinten and he told me that he gave off a real dark aura and my dad didn’t believe in that “mumbo jumbo” but he said he made the hair on his arms stand on end

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    Natalie Jenkins

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