New life discovered under Antarctica ice sheet

Researchers say they found new life under the ice shelf, and the discovery was an accident.
Dave Osterberg explains in this edition of Dave O, Science Pro
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  1. HawkeyeNextGen


    Prije dan

    At the Mountain of Madness anyone?

  2. Vantazzy


    Prije 2 dana

    Plus, the closer you get towards the center of the Earth is always warmer.

  3. ThereCitizen


    Prije 5 dana

    Before I even watch this video : I know I'll never get these minutes back in my life. But.......(gun shot sound) here I am again. I think before I watch another one in my life , I'll just consider having the domino's pizza dude just haul off and slap me. Til then... Let's see what's so amazing about crap I got floating in my aquarium that just got celebrity status from being viewed in ( wooooo- ing sound) Antarctica. " Shoot me now!"

  4. Anonymous


    Prije 8 dana

    With that being said we definitely sure that life is in one of Saturn's moon

  5. Chris Kelley

    Chris Kelley

    Prije 10 dana

    Looks like a fully intact dinosaur head to me and the rest of the body is under more ice.

  6. Twinny Ate

    Twinny Ate

    Prije 12 dana

    GOD: Here, let me show u sumn... Now do u believe in me? Man: Life in a freezing cold dark place away from any sunlight or other marine biology, and we accidently found it, must have been drug in by a penguin or sumn...

  7. Cleveland216


    Prije 19 dana

    We caused the separation of the ice shelf period it’s going to help get under and discover monumental things

  8. Sulpicio Loaiza

    Sulpicio Loaiza

    Prije 24 dana

    Didn't they refuse the colonization already? What are you doing?

  9. TJ Ferguson

    TJ Ferguson

    Prije 26 dana

    who’s where for flight



    Prije 28 dana

    Reminds me of the Thing..Must be isolated and quarantined asap.



    Prije mjesec

    He said thousands of miles BELOW ICE ya right LOL thousands Brahahwhwahahahhooohahahwaaahahaha

    • Brian J

      Brian J

      Prije 6 dana

      When did he say that?

    • Prestige V61

      Prestige V61

      Prije 14 dana

      He said thousands of miles wide and half a mile deep

  12. kathy victor

    kathy victor

    Prije mjesec

    What if Antarctica was a experiment to see if ants could survive the cold or how they engage in the cold

  13. Pia & Josue

    Pia & Josue

    Prije mjesec

    Fresh water pools are under Antarctica

  14. ashyz sickbuds

    ashyz sickbuds

    Prije mjesec

    Its sponge Bob square head lives on a rock under the ice lol

  15. Quit playing

    Quit playing

    Prije mjesec

    I mean u would think thats what suppose to down there a rock .mold .seaweed .dirt of some sort smh

  16. UniqueRebel


    Prije mjesec

    We weren't ready before to find life as we weren't in the correct frame of mind and trump. Now the state of matter has changed so doors of discovery are opening

    • owner_fall


      Prije mjesec


    • Jackson R.L

      Jackson R.L

      Prije mjesec


  17. Psyche Evolved

    Psyche Evolved

    Prije mjesec

    Why so shocked? How is this amazing? Seems pretty obvious........

  18. ReverendXero


    Prije mjesec

    Wait till the actual news about what's going on under the ice is made public. 2.5 miles under the ice. It blows my mind that the thickest part of the ice down there is an astounding 13 miles and change. Everest cant even compete with that. Not even in the same league. Everest cheats and sits on a kiddie seat.

    • Zoli


      Prije mjesec

      What’s going on under there?

  19. Roberto


    Prije mjesec

    Nimos friends bathing in a rock

  20. fabio sunspot

    fabio sunspot

    Prije mjesec

    Of course there's life under the ice because it's still earth, there's no life on other planets in the solar system because it's much colder (290 degrees below zero) isn't 90 below and 800 degree Fahrenheit isn't 140, when the sun begins to become a red giant other planets will get there chance to have life like Mars and even some of Jupiter's moons, only time will tell...

    • Jewell Bell

      Jewell Bell

      Prije 19 dana

      Don't be a fool it's life on other planets noway earth is on only planet with life bro does that make sense to you

  21. robert shuman

    robert shuman

    Prije mjesec

    Dumber and Dumber,all day,24/7.

  22. O F

    O F

    Prije 2 mjeseci


  23. Tech Shabby

    Tech Shabby

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    See, here's the thing I've been mulling...there are a lot of people poking, digging, building, dynamiting, drilling into these ice caps. Has anyone considered that maybe this is contributing to their destructuion and the warming of the oceans? Ice doesn't have the same properties as rock, it is dynamic. Ice melts, shifts and changes naturally, but it does these things at a faster pace after it's been compromised. Take an ice cube whole, and another of equal mass with a hole drilled into it and see which one melts first. I get it, science. But who is overseeing science? They can do whatever they want, blast into meteors, dig into the ice caps, fly literally tons of garbage into our atmosphere with no thought to retrieving it when it's usefulness has passed, bring space samples into our planet, no idea what they may contain or release, same when digging up ancient tombs. They're cloning living creatures, maybe a human, who knows bc they don't need permission... where does it end and how does having a degree from a school give them the right to do these things unchecked and as much as they want? What if they release some ancient microbe thats been buried in the ice for thousands of years. I'm actually a serious fan of science but lately I'm concerned there are no boundaries and no consideration of what chain reactions they could spark.

  24. jimmie xiong

    jimmie xiong

    Prije 2 mjeseci


    • Kevin Mayorga

      Kevin Mayorga

      Prije mjesec

      Even Barney is real and peppa pig too

    • Yah Go'el

      Yah Go'el

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      Are you referring to demons Jimmie? 🤔 Because that’s what aliens are.

  25. Will


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I’m rly glad I’m not that sponge under the ice

  26. L L

    L L

    Prije 2 mjeseci


  27. Sheryl Speaks

    Sheryl Speaks

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Interesting, but not surprising...

    • Tony Gunk

      Tony Gunk

      Prije mjesec

      Yea his “astonishment” is a bit over the top lol.. I mean common.. we have found life living in 600f water next to thermal vents at the bottom of the ocean, should get this man Nat Geo subsc

  28. Beet


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Probably found Jimmy Hoffa”😳

  29. Sachin singh

    Sachin singh

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Europa nd Enceladus has possibly life if Antarctica has

  30. Kaycee Bexiga

    Kaycee Bexiga

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    What if dinosaurs are real or those elephants with horns or even a creature that hasn’t been discovered yet this is soo cool but scary bad

    • Stephen


      Prije 11 dana

      Wooly mammoths

    • Sachin singh

      Sachin singh

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      Where u find it.....Lol

  31. George Spalding

    George Spalding

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    "Life Finds a Way"......Famous quote by Dr. Jeff Goldblum from "Jurrasic Park 1", 1993.



    Prije 2 mjeseci

    🤣🤣 stop lying and bring the Giants out already!

    • Anthony 911

      Anthony 911

      Prije mjesec

      I say bring on the Giants. All I need is a samurai sword. Everyone knows that Giants, ghost etc can't survive the taste of cold steel. I am ready.

    • JC


      Prije mjesec

      Cue attack on titan s4 opening.

    • Adrian Flores

      Adrian Flores

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      can give a baby the whole chocolate bar

    • Brittany F

      Brittany F

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      Lol 😂

  33. Alam Rodriguez

    Alam Rodriguez

    Prije 2 mjeseci


  34. Brandenn MF

    Brandenn MF

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I'd say they probably scared off the moving life

  35. Rao


    Prije 2 mjeseci


  36. Clark Ken

    Clark Ken

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    If we can't stop the Covid yet can y'all imagine getting a new virus from there that also starts killing everyone

  37. Pixel_Geist


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    dont tell trump he'll try to kill it

    • Fernando Partridge

      Fernando Partridge

      Prije mjesec

      Yeah ..... source of what you say please? Where did you get that information from? CNN? 😂

    • DLFs PewbicSack

      DLFs PewbicSack

      Prije 2 mjeseci

      Also don't tell Biden. If it's underage he'll try to sniff it.

    • Brandenn MF

      Brandenn MF

      Prije 2 mjeseci