Why is this Antarctic Glacier “Bleeding?” | Antarctic Extremes

Did you know that Antarctica has a glacier that bleeds red? (At least, that’s what it looks like.)
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Five stories high and emerging from the Taylor Glacier in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, Blood Falls seeps into an ice-covered body of water called Lake Bonney. It’s one of the continent’s most enigmatic natural features and has fascinated scientists for decades. What makes it red? Does it always flow? And can anything actually survive near it? To find out-and see just how bizarre Blood Falls is with their own eyes-Caitlin and Arlo travel to the Dry Valleys, about 60 miles from McMurdo Station. There, they meet with microbiologist Jill Mikucki and hydrogeologist Peter Doran to investigate why this glacier looks the way it does, what lives there (spoiler: CHARISMATIC MICROBES!), and what clues it holds for finding and understanding life on other planets and moons in our solar system, like Mars, Jupiter’s Europa, and Saturn’s Enceladus. Answering these questions, it turns out, requires lots of probes, cameras, and even a massive sensor hanging from a helicopter.
Life Under the Ice photography Courtesy of Ariel Waldman. Produced with support of the National Science Foundation and the National Geographic Society. For more images check out lifeundertheice.org/
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    CORRECTION: This video incorrectly states that Enceladus is a moon of Jupiter. It is a moon of Saturn.

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      I can’t believe this comment caused so many religious people to start arguing about science. People need to relax and not force their beliefs on anybody, for BOTH sides.

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    Your showing me brown ice and keep saying its a beautiful red. Thats science too, you're told how beautiful the red is so when you get there you have the color programed into your subconscious already and that is what your mind tells your eyes its seeing.

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    hrgreen.info/pack/gZdsbpdwh9CyiZE/video.html&ab_channel=HistoryoftheEarth could this be sutch old ice that its full of ironoxide from this time?

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    its the same process that happens when you first dig a well or turn on a faucet in a house that has previously had the water turned off and it comes out brown.. that's iron oxide

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    A Youtube Channel

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    There’s so much evidence that life forms can survive and beyond extreme temperatures. Imagine life forms living on the sun. I mean there’s been allot of discovery that debunks allot of theories.

  91. Roger Roberts

    Roger Roberts

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    Just had an idea while looking back over these comments: would someone either point out a video (that is the "source of informat" you seem to agree on) coveting how the population if this planet came to disagree on measurement(s)? Or, If there is no video, one should be developed.

  92. Evolution Is The biggest pile of bullshit

    Evolution Is The biggest pile of bullshit

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    Just when you didn’t think Antarctica could not be any weirder

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    Its not really red if you ask me, more like brown obviously rust not blood

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    Oh my god. I said to myself I wanted to taste the water to see how salty and bloody it would be. And when I heard the salt part I was blown away that I realized that. Edit: I also just realized would it be archaebacteria( extreme backteria that is normally completely harmless to us)or eubacteria( the normal bacteria you would come across daily) because would it be in between because it’s feeding on animals blood? Could it be extremely dangerous to us if ingested? I would try to see if there is bacteria and if there wasn’t try to not get any on me because it might try to eat my blood.

    • Yuuup


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      @ASoggyCracker weird.

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      Yuuup and the illnesses that might occur might be the rust... if ingested.

    • ASoggyCracker


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      Yuuup lmao I was trying to get people who didn’t watch the video. That would be so silly. Like they wouldn’t be touching it it if it were dangerous because those animals may have some old illnesses. Sorry lmao

    • Yuuup


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      Did you miss the part that it's iron oxide (rust) and not blood? It could be remotely conceivable that the iron oxide is from blood but then there would probably be a really nasty stench that would be hard to deal with and would point to a colony of animals that live underground and bleed into this aquifer. "Blood" falls is just a name

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    • Arlo Perez

      Arlo Perez

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      Feel free to check out our episode about volcanoes in Antarctica: hrgreen.info/pack/qNqtrIaHl9Czc2g/video.html