Touching mercury

All about mercury, the liquid metal:

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Mercury is one of the only elements that's liquid at room temperature and it's also very dense. It's even denser than lead and is known to be very toxic, but as a liquid, it's kind of ok to touch. As long as you don't have any cuts or anything, it's not able to go through skin.


WARNING: Do not touch mercury or play with it. It is toxic and an environmental hazard and must be handled appropriately.

Nile talks about lab safety:​


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    Learn all about mercury, the liquid metal! Link in the description

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  37. SMART IDEAS A TO Z by Janaki Manoj

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    Hey it's all fake.if one touchs the mercury it causes severe death

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      Lots of other types of mercury can cause death with very little contact, just not liquid metal mercury specifically.

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      Liquid mercury metal doesn't absorb well into the digestive system, it's unlikely you'd get mercury poisoning this way. It's still best to get your mercury levels tested if you could be at risk, but you're probably okay, though you definitely shouldn't do it ever again.

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      @ZzZbrain ✓ if you are not lyeing, get a checkup and if its still in yo body u gotta do a operation/surgery ma friend take this seriously if you didn't lie you are on a life danger You probably wont take this seriously but trust me do it get a checkup

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      Usually the mercury in fish is in methylmercury form, which can be much more dangerous to ingest as it is water soluble and absorbs much easier into the body, but yeah, it's Usually in small amounts. Ingesting fish is actually one of the most common ways people get mercury poisoning.

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